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The Rebel Kind – A Collection Of Contemporary Garage Rock And Psychedelic Bands (1983)

V.A. The Rebel Kind – A Collection Of Contemporary Garage Rock And Psychedelic Bands (1983)

Some amazing music on this Frenchie release from 25 years ago.

The Rebel Kind was a 1983 French 14-track compilation LP featuring some of the finest contemporary garage/psyche bands around including The Nomads, Fuzztones, Plasticland & The Long Ryders amongst others.

A compilation of neo-psychedelic garage-rock, this collection was one of the best of its kind at the time of its release. There were a few bands such as the Fuzztones that had reached some level of underground currency already, but most acts – highlights include Plasticland, Long Ryders, and Plan 9 – were relatively unknown.

At the time, psychedelic music was considered strictly past-tense in most indie radio circles even though some blurry sounds were being heard between the lines from bands like Wall of Voodoo, Green on Red, and REM.

By showing that psychedelic music was indeed ‘contemporary’, it also allowed a great many 60’s psychedelic bands to again become relevant and playable in a punk context. This subsequently forged the path toward commercial acceptance of the so-called ‘Seattle Sound’, when it was recognized, including the advent of Nirvana much later.

Released on the Lolita label in France, this was available as an import.


1. LSD – The Sickidz!
2. Invisible People – The Slickee Boys
3. 7 Come 11 – The Viceroys
4. From Here – The Shout
5. Have Love Will Travel – The Nomads
6. Shadows Of Rainbows – United States Of Existence
7. Ward 81 – Fuzztones
8. No Apology – The Unclaimed
9. All My Life – The Point
10. Elongations – Plasticland
11. Infected With You – The Miracle Workers
12. And She Rides – The Long Ryders
13. What Is In There – The Last
14. Lucifer Sam – Three O’Clock

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