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Rihanna (Feat. Justin Timberlake) – "Rehab"


“Rehab” is seemingly uber hotty Rihanna’s 31st single from her insanely successful 2007 album, “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

If there’s one thing we like round here, it’s a Good Girl Gone Bad! Or a Bad Girl Gone Badder! (and we don’t know no grammar neither!)

“Rehab” is not to be confused with junky skank Amy Winehouse’s, multi-platinum, multi-award-winning song of the same name.

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Mark Lamarr’s Ace Is Wild: 26 Hot Rockin’ Hit Picks from the Vaults of Ace

Mark Lamarr‘s Ace Is Wild: 26 Hot Rockin’ Hit Picks from the Vaults of Ace – Various Artists

Ace Records of Jackson, Mississippi is the imprint that graces many of the undisputed classics of R & B and Rock & Roll.

Brit Broadcaster – & so-called Comedian (WTF?) – and, avid collector of this music type – Mark Lamarr has combed the Ace vaults to bring you two-dozen-and-two of his favourites from the label.

Get ready to Rock mofos ! !


1. Don’t You Just Know It – Smith, Huey ‘Piano’ & The Clowns
2. Please Don’t Tell ’em – Blue Dots (1)
3. Walking With Frankie – Sims, Frankie Lee
4. My Love Is Here To Stay – Myers, Sammy
5. High Blood Pressure – Smith, Huey ‘Piano’ & The Clowns
6. Josephine – Ferguson, H-Bomb
7. Don’t Leave Me Here To Cry – Supremes (2)
8. Cut It Out – Tex, Joe
9. Is Everything Alright – King, Earl
10. That Moves Me (Things I Don’t Like) – Dixon, Floyd
11. She Likes To Boogie Real Low – Sims, Frankie Lee
12. Roberta – Ford, Frankie
13. Saturday Night Fish Fry – Blue Dots (1)
14. You Can Fly High – King, Earl
15. You Little Baby Faced Thing – Tex, Joe
16. You Can’t Stop Her – Marchan, Bobby
17. Rock ‘n’ Roll Bells – Seacrest, Eddie
18. Let’s Get It On – Almond, Hershel & Al Good Orchestra
19. I Love My Baby – Phaetons
20. Lookin’ For A Woman – Almond, Hershel
21. Love Me – Ray, Danny
22. I Love You Baby – Almond, Hershel
23. Baby It’s Love – Angel, Johnny
24. Cheatin’ Woman – Ford, Frankie
25. Dearest Darling – Smith, Huey ‘Piano’ & The Clowns
26. I Kneel At Your Throne – Emeralds

Here’s Markee mooning;

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