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Hot NeoHappyGirls play soccer dressed in Lingerie!
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Forget the lingerie bowl, Japan has the NeoHappy girls

In the US, they have the Lingerie Bowl where teams of models wearing lingerie play American football. Japan’s equivalent is TEAM DOS made up of the NeoHappyGirls (NH系教育テレビ models from late Late Night Japanese TV show NeoHappy 系教育テレビ) who play soccer dressed in lingerie.

In the Lingerie Bowl, both teams are models but TEAM DOS has to play against real soccer players.

The models in on the team are: Yuki Rina, Koi Saya, Mursaki Shinju, Kouda Lili, Nakayama Rio, Amami Haruka and Nagasawa Tsugumi.

Team DOS Soccer Videos;

Introducing TEAM DOS

Playing Outdoors

Playing Outdoors 1

Nice work ladies!

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