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OCEAN OF SOUND (1996) [2 Discs Various Artists]

OCEAN OF SOUND (1996) [2 Discs Various Artists]
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This is a stunning eclectic collection of marvellous music I bought soon after it came out and thoroughly enjoyed!

Until some bimbo I was dating back then, borrowed the CD and lost it!

Subtitled; “A Collection of Music to Accompany David Toop’s book, Ocean of Sound,” this two disc set is like no other music collection you’ve ever heard!

We are grateful to isupplythecountrywithbutter

David Toop (born 5 May 1949) is an English musician and author, and as of 2001 was visiting Research Fellow in the Media School at London College of Communication. He was notably a member of The Flying Lizards. He was a prominent contributor to the British magazine The Face. He is a regular contributor to The Wire, the U.K. based music magazine.

Toop published his pioneering book on hip hop, Rap Attack, in 1984. Eleven years later, Ocean of Sound appeared, described as Toop’s “poetic survey of contemporary musical life from Debussy through Ambient, Techno, and drum ‘n’ bass.”

Since the 1970s, Toop has also been a significant presence on the British experimental and improvised music scene, collaborating with Max Eastley, Brian Eno, Scanner, and others. In 2001, Toop curated the sound art exhibition Sonic Boom, and the following year, he curated a 2-CD collection entitled Not Necessarily Enough English Music: A Collection of Experimental Music from Great Britain, 1960-1977.

The rather scholarly Toop, back in the mid nineties, produced a wonderful book on the origins and diaspora of modern music – focusing on ambient/ minimalist music – and also complied a masterful music collection to illustrate his themes and concepts. describes Toop’s amazing book as;

“A member of a radical editorial collective on the cutting edge of British music criticism in the 1970s, later a critic for more standard papers, including the Times, David Toop’s second book covers a vast expanse of music. His tour-de-force survey describes a dissonant and invigorating clash of music and noise from western classical to Javanese gamelan, from Claude Debussy to Miles Davis to Brian Eno, from disco to techno to ambient. He discusses the changes in our sound world caused by the global reach of radio and recordings, and shows himself a rigorous pluralist, open to all styles and forms, but unafraid to offer robust criticism in any musical sphere.”

Altered States iii, Crystal World excerpt

In their search for absolutes, a number of music critics have looked to Riley as the definitive starting point for various trends: minimalism, extreme repetition, all-night trance improvisations and tape-delay systems.

Pieces such as In C, A Rainbow In Curved Air, and Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band were important in their time because they signalled two important changes in the way the worlds of music and comerce worked.

One: a composer was writing pieces which had grooves and improvised around modes (just like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and half the rock bands in Psychedelia), which sounded as if psychotropics had been involved at some stage of the compositional process, which explored new technology and studio processing. Two: the albums were packaged by Columbia as rock albums, despite being on the Masterworks series, so implying that the razor wire dividing so-called classical, rock, jazz, art and commerce had been cut in a few places. Never mind the embarrasing occurence of hippie-speak on the In C sleevenotes – ‘No preconceptions, you just dig it’ – the sort of thing that Oliver Stone might exhume for another chapter of his Sixties revisionism.

The music, as musicians and sleevenote writes love to say, spoke for itself. Essentially modest, Riley downplays all of this. After all, his contribution to the late 20th Century mix emerged out of collaborative work and improvisations with La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros and Chet Baker.

After the first flush of enthusiasm for minimalism and systems music, Riley and Young tended to be dismissed as old hippies, past their peak, while Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Adams and Michael Nyman slid with varying degrees of compositional credibility into a new orthodoxy of avant-garde populism.

But as Riley says, life goes in cycles. Suddenly, the open works of Riley and Young seem more expansive, more useful to the fractured nature of music in the Nineties than all that knitting machine repetitiveness and it’s mutations.

— David Toop excerpt from his book “Ocean of Sound” published by Serpents Tail

Like the book, the discs cover an incredible array of sound and music. From Erik Satie to John Cage, to Ornette Coleman to Les Baxter to My Bloody Valentine to The Velvet Underground to Aphex Twin to Miles Davis to Brian Eno ! And loads more wonderfully eclectic music!

All your common or garden left of field “weird” music (well, weird to Robbie Williams fans anyway!)

But then there’s the really weird stuff!

Yap, we also get some strange but compelling stuff – sounds of Bearded Seals, recordings of Howler Monkeys (not a band, like the awful Arctic Monkeys! In fact, not a band at all!), sounds from a Buddhist Ceremony ….. you name it, it’s here!

Rather strangely, Howler Monkeys sound far better than Arctic Monkeys !!!

Track Listing

Disc 1

King Tubby – Dub Fi Gwan
Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance
Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath
Jon Hassell – Empire III
Ujang Survana – Sorban Palid
Claude Debussy – Prelude A L Apres ‘Midi D Un Faune’
Les Baxter – Sunken City
My Bloody Valentine – Loomer
Brian Eno – Lizard Point
Shunie Omizutori Buddhist Ceremony
The Vancouver Soundscape – The Music Of Horns And Whistles
Howler Monkeys
Peter Brotzmann Octet – Machine Gun
Harold Budd – Bismillahi ‘Rrahmani Rrahim’

Disc 2

Miles Davis – Black Satin
Terry Riley – Extract From Poppy Nogood “All Night Flight”
Detty Kurina – Coyor Panon
Ornette Coleman – Virgin Beauty
John Zorn/David Toop – Chen Pe I Pe I
Paul Schutze – Rivers Of Mercury
The Velvet Underground – I Heard Her Call My Name
Bearded Seals
Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers – Boat-Woman-Song
The Beach Boys – Fall Breaks Back Into Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)
African Headcharge – Faraway Chant
Sun Ra – Cosmo Enticement
Music Improvisation Company – Untitled
Deep Listening Band – Seven-Up
John Cage – In A Landscape
Erik Satie – Vexations
Suikinkutsu Water Chime

Here she be:

Rapidshare Download Disc 1

Rapidshare Download Disc 2

All thanks to the great isupplythecountrywithbutter

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