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Mugshots of Bush Regime Criminals @ NY Public Library

Yes, great news folks! Simian dullard GW Bush has finally been brought to task for his unspeakable atrocities and thievery! And dumbness!

If only!

In a fair world, there would be real mugshots of these, and other, crooked, criminal, war-mongering cunts!

But I just checked with a guy whose entire family died while waiting for his evil tyrannical, Government to provide basic aid after the recent horrific cyclone in Myanmar, and he told me the world ain’t fucking fair!

In fact, these are from a series of six black and white prints that were recently on display in an unassuming corner of the New York public library – quite out of keeping with the dark, marble-lined corridor in which they are hung! – which sparked serious controversy.

Each of the “suspects” in Line Up, as the display is called, carry placards bearing a date. The artists, Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, have chosen the dates to refer to key speeches in which they believe the politicians incriminated themselves in front of the American people.

More details below.

There is a playful side to the artists’ work. The slide show ends with the US President delivering his famous Bushism from 2004:

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we”

from Line Up by Ligorano/Reese

Library Makes an Exhibition of Bush Regime [Original]

A series of six black and white prints on display in an unassuming corner of the New York public library have sparked controversy on the airwaves and blogosphere quite out of keeping with the dark, marble-lined corridor in which they are hung.

The prints show the mugshots, in the style of police arrest photographs, of main members of the Bush administration in the first few years of his presidency. There is President Bush himself, scowling into the camera, and a fierce, finger-pointing Dick Cheney.

Each of the “suspects” in Line Up, as the display is called, carry placards bearing a date. The artists, Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, have chosen the dates to refer to key speeches in which they believe the politicians incriminated themselves in front of the American people.

An audio tape runs beside the prints and plays the speeches as the prints come up in a slide show.

On January 28 2003, weeks before the invasion of Iraq, Bush makes what is now known to be the false claim that “the British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa”.

Cheney is heard in January 2001 insisting that there is not a “single shred of evidence” that he used government contracts to favour his old firm, Halliburton.

Among the other subjects are three former officials – the White House chief of staff Karl Rove, defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his assistant Richard Perle – and Condoleezza Rice.

Colin Powell is heard telling the United Nations in February 2003 that on Iraq, “every statement I make today is based on solid sources. We are giving you facts based on solid intelligence.”

Despite its unassuming location on the third floor of the library, word of the exhibition’s sharp political tone quickly got on to the blogosphere.

Conservative commentators have decried the fact that a public institution had showcased the prints.

“What is disgusting about these doctored photos is the place of prominence the library has given them,” one blogger wrote. “I am shocked and angry that a public library would stoop to this level.”

Tammy Bruce, a rightwing radio talkshow host, said: “At first I wondered who put al-Qaida in charge of the New York public library, but then of course remembered the American left is doing their bidding for them.”

A spokeswoman for the library told the Guardian that the reaction had taken the prints out of context. They were part of a larger exhibition of 23 different printmakers.

The library was making no political statement, she said, pointing out that “printmaking has been a popular medium for artists’ commentary on current events of their day, among them Hogarth, Goya, Gillray and Daumier”.

Ligorano and Reese originally produced the mugshots as a series of 5,000 sets of postcards, which they sold outside the Republican party convention in New York in 2004. Copies can still be bought on the internet for $6 (£3) a set.

They have said little about the current controversy, allowing the prints to speak for themselves.

There is a playful side to their work. The slideshow ends with the US president delivering his famous Bushism from 2004:

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

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A Shhmooke and a Pancake!

Would you like a Shhmooke and a Pancake?

Flapjack and a shigarette?
Shigar And a waffle?
Pipe and a Grape?
Bong and a Blints?

Steve Mc Laren seems to have been watching too much Austin Powers lately!

Seems like he’s maybe been partaking too much of the Bong and a Blints too!

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Steve McClaren is Masshiff Dutch – Brolly Wally becomes Dutch in 6 weeks!

“I say I think we are not just what you call, Unterdocks … but masshiff Unterdocks …

Brolly Wally Steve McClaren has spent a few weeks managing FC Twente in Holland and already he is fully Dutch!

Or perhaps as he might say himself, … I say I think I am not just what you call, Dutch … but masshiff Dutch !”

Now, Steve’s a former manager of England. Therefore, by definition he’s a useless moron!

But check him out now in this recent Dutch interview!

“… I thought maybe one of them we would draw …”!!
Fucking hell! He sounded dumb enough when he used to try to speak in his proper accent, let alone this gibberish-filled, confused Anglo-Dutch hybrid speak!!

“Everything issh there for a surprise.”

I know I should feel sorry for this guy given the level of media hounding and harassment that goes on against him by the scum British media (who, despite 4 decades of evidence to the contrary, still believe England have a good football team!) And I know he did a marvellous job with Manchester United as Assistant Manager when we won the Treble in 1999. … BUT!!. … But he really does bring a lot of these shitstorms upon himself!

“Already my phone has not stopped from English media ..”

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Bono makes More Crap – South Park S11E09 – (HQ Video)

Watch King of crap Boner as he visits the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zürich!

The South Park boys sure love Boner!

“More Crap” is episode 1109 (#162) of Comedy Central’s South Park and was originally telecast on October 10, 2007. It parodies The King of Kong, a documentary about an underdog who is attempting to beat Billy Mitchell’s infamous Donkey Kong record. Bono’s personality in the episode is much like Mitchell’s, including how he is allowed to play by different rules than other world score competitors.

The episode is one of very few where neither Cartman, Kyle, Kenny or any of the other children appear, except for Stan who has a minor role. The plot revolves primarily around Randy Marsh and the other adults in South Park.

When Stan’s father, Randy Marsh, makes a turd of record-breaking weight after some weeks on a P.F. Chang’s China Bistro diet, the previous record-holder, U2’s Bono, declares that he has re-claimed his record, citing a photograph. Marsh’s friends convince him to try to break the record again, while his wife Sharon, like every other woman in the world, just doesn’t understand it and considers all the matter as a really stupid thing.

While he prepares eating only at P.F. Chang’s again, Stan visits Bono and tries to convince him to let his father have the record. Bono hysterically declares that he will never settle for being “number 2” and sends him out, but his butler takes Stan and tells him the truth: Bono doesn’t hold the record, he is the record.

They explain further when they arrive at the record keepers’ office (the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zürich), where Marsh and the record keepers are waiting. Bono tries to stop them, but a record keeper comes forward: he is Bono’s father, and it was he who took “the world’s largest crap” making what would grow up to be Bono. He offers Bono his nipple, which he explains is what made Bono grow.

Randy Marsh then squeezes out a turd whose size dwarfs him and Bono. He receives his award, an Emmy trophy pulled right from what had appeared to be the station overlay announcing South Park’s recently-won Emmy Award.

TV Squad gave the episode an overwhelmingly positive review, stating that “it’s low taste but it’s South Park low taste, which makes it funny,” and that “they [Trey Parker and Matt Stone] are on a roll. Possibly a toilet paper roll.”

IGN had mixed feelings about the episode, calling it “amusing, but not terribly so”, giving it a rating of 7.4. The episode currently has a score of 8.0 on, as voted for by viewers.

P. F. Chang’s spokesperson, Laura Cherry, responded positively to the episode, saying that “It’s the third or fourth time we’ve appeared in many of their episodes”. She also stated that the creators themselves enjoy eating there.

Here be Boner

>> Download Part 01
>> Download Part 02

Big thanks to the original poster

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The Bibles -internets edishun by fleet21

by fleet21

Lmao the world, God decreed.
N den there was lol.

Man check this garden of Edam shit.
Naked dude n girl.
And a snake (no planes).

“LOL Boobies” sed Adam to Eve.
“Take the apple faG,” Snake hissed like
some camper.
“Yum” Sed Eve.
“OH NOES!” Adam
“Pwned,” rofled snake.

Then some people made sum drama:
‘wah wah, wahburger and cries!” shouted some
lollers from the sex pits
boning some big titted girls.
Sodom and Gamorah wuz where
that shit wuz at!

God smoted right den.
OH shit! FLOOD! Man, that God
just upped and drowned all the bitches!
Cept Noah, the pimp mack daddy of cool n his animal
house party in a boat. (Snakes on a boat! LMAO!)

Ok so den sum dude ran between the
sea with a bush on
fire (STDS!!!!) Man that moses, some kind of
superhero. Smashed a load of rocks and
killed egyptians. Cheeky jews.

Man, some plagues were going down,
and God was chillaxing in heven. Then he saw
that moses guy who sat on a mountain n died.
‘Gg dawg, nextmap’ sed God givin propz.
‘Werd’: moses.

Man then this little kid called david
picked up a stone n chucked it.
‘Shit’ sed this Goliath dude n
got killed cos of a stone. Man
david must have been on steroids or sum shit.
Goliath wuz fucking massive, na’mean.

Ok then some stuff happened with religion
n people. Blood n fighting n shit.
Lols. It wuz violent then.

This King Herod fogel wuz all
‘fuck this diet – tyme to kill kids!’ Cos
a witch told him he wuz goin to die
becoz of a kid or sumthing.

Mary lolled at some joseph guy n Jesus
da kid wuz born in a bunch of hay, Shit what wuz that
all about? The horses n animals all braying, and a star on
the night.

Three dudes with a few presents did some stuff.
Then a bunch of stuff with some kings and a few hebrews.
Sea all up in this ocizzle and kings getting killed.
Bloody old times, na’mean?

Den Jesus, mah homedawg entered da scene.
‘Sup’” sed god’s son.
“nm, u?” sed da world.
“nm” sed Jesus.

Jesus talkeda buncha, hebrews and aborigines listened
and this led to some kind of rebellion with a load
of rocks.
All the olden peoples used rocks n shit
when they wuz having fights.

Sum john guy sat in rivers
and tried to put peeps heds in the lake.
Man, he weren’t drowning no one.
Just baptiding them with water on the

Sum bread n fish made a dinner for a crowd.
Water got some dudes drunk, cos of Jesus. He
wuz all like ‘Dudes, check out my powaz!’
N the water was wine.
(wine lollin!)

Lazarus! This dude got all deaded
n Jesus sed ‘No way dude, u r 2 kewl’
Felt him up and the guy
wuz all walking around with robes on.

Sum dudes started fishing with Jesus.
“Sup,” sed Peter.
“Lets go teach,” sed Jesus.
“kk boss,” sed the gyse. They all named
disiples n followed Jesus around.

People watched Jesus chattin about
things. Jesus wuz like
‘Meek gyse are taken the
earth, ok?”
N everyone sed “Fo sho jizzle.”

“Dudes!” sed Jesus. “Lets build a church, k?”
“lolwhat?” sed The disiple.
Jesus rofled. “U gyse listen. A place where
all these dudes listen about shiznit.”
“Man, that is gewd.” said Peter.
Jesus Church Pimp pad wus built n
people all visited that heezy

Man, them romans started getting pissed.
“Leethax” sed Jesus in some temple.
Coins all over the flizzle!
I’d have picked that shit up.
Dollaz for ho’s, namean.

‘O shit!’ sed Jesus, n dis Judas guy kissed his face.
‘Lolfag’ sed Petre.
N den jesus wus tekn n stripped.
Man, lotsa crying from the gyse in gefsamany
(another garden LOL)

Man, den Jesus died on some wood in the air.
Judas fell off a chair
and Peter sed sumthing about a pot.

It was the end, till Marian Magdalana spoke
sum words the bible
was free.

N den Jesus floated on water n went
to hevan.
Moses n God greeted him.
“Rofl” sed jesus.
“U done well dude” God sed.

“KK tyme to kill the world,” sed God.
“man what?” sed Jesus
‘Hell is goin to be hitting up
that world, dude! Revelations.”
“awwwww hell naw,” Moses seded.

Da end

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SuperBimbo Keeley Hazell saves the planet!

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It’s sunny one minute and the next minute it’s raining!

SuperBimbo Keeley Hazell saves the planet by her booby conservationalism!! Hurrah!

Surprise, surprise, this is SKY News!

You’d never guess that SKY News is the daddy of FOX News!

What the fuck is this shit doing on the news?!

Methinks Keels should stick to taking out her giant bazookas and keeping her lips stuck together (except in the bedroom, of course!)

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George Carlin on Comedy

George Carlin on Comedy

released 2002 / 69 minutes / 32 MB / MP3 fascinating insight into the mind of late great comedian George Carlin.

This CD provides an intimate portrait of one of America’s best humorists and the interviewer Larry Wilde takes Carlin down avenues many interviewers would not tread!
For this exclusive interview, the legendary stand-up recounts his early days and discusses some of the methods behind his madly successful comedy career


1. First Time Funny
2. Early Influences
3. Burns & Carlin
4. Standing Alone
5. The Vegas Incident
6. Lenny Bruce
7. The Writer
8. The Big Change
9. Writing Techniques
10. Politics
11. The Laughter Reflex
12. Trying Stuff Out
13. Structuring the Act
14. Physical Carlin
15. Respect
16. Words
17. Regional Differences
18. Point of View
19. Timing & Delivery
20. Comedy and Pain
21. Prerequisites
22. The Business of Comedy
23. Comedy’s Evolution
24. Advice

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

– by Mike Keefe

Here be comedy;

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George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words!

“ Shit, Piss, Cunt, Fuck, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits. ”

— George Carlin

Relax! … Georgie isn’t suffering a severe bout of Tourette’s Syndrome here!

It’s so bizarre that a few little everyday words like these could have caused such a fucking furore!

Damned fucking hypocrisy!

Yet these so-called Seven Dirty Words are one of the chief reasons George Carlin will continue to be remembered! His lasting legacy!

So, what was this all about?

Glad you almost asked!

Well, the seven dirty words are seven English words which comedian Carlin listed in his monologue “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television“, released in 1972 on his album Class Clown.

At the time, the words were generally considered highly inappropriate and unsuitable for use on the public airwaves in the United States, particularly on over-the-air television and AM/FM radio stations. Current practice is to allow the statement to stand but bleep censor the actual word.

On his next album, 1973’s Occupation: Foole, Carlin did a similar routine titled “Filthy Words,” dealing with the same list and many of the same themes. This version was broadcast uncensored by Pacifica radio station WBAI, which eventually led to a Supreme Court case, FCC v. Pacifica Foundation (1978), that helped define acceptable free speech limits on broadcast television and radio in the United States.

In 1972, Carlin was arrested for disturbing the peace when he performed the “Seven Dirty Words” at a show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1973, when Carlin recorded the monologue known as “Filthy Words” containing seven obscenities, the Pacifica radio station WBAI-FM broadcast it uncensored on October 30 1973! John Douglas, who was driving in the car with his son heard the broadcast and complained to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because he was unhappy his son had heard it.

Following the lodging of the complaint, the FCC proceeded to ask Pacifica for a response, then issued a declaratory order upholding the complaint. No specific sanctions were included in the order, but WBAI was put on notice that “in the event subsequent complaints are received, the Commission will then decide whether it should utilize any of the available sanctions it has been granted by Congress.”

Pacifica appealed this decision, which was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The FCC in turn appealed to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the FCC, see: FCC v. Pacifica Foundation 438 U.S. 726 (1978) and First Amendment Library entry on the case.

This decision formally established indecency regulation in American broadcasting. In follow-up rulings, the Supreme Court clarified that the words might be acceptable under certain circumstances, particularly at times when children would not be expected to be in the audience.

The words are (with examples):

1. Shit – There is bird shit on the statue.
2. Piss – I have to piss like a race horse.
3. Fuck – Fuck you.
4. Cunt – She has a beautiful cunt.
5. Cocksucker – Go to hell, you cocksucker.
6. Motherfucker – You are a motherfucker.
7. Tits – I want to touch your massive tits.

Later, Carlin referred to three additional “auxiliary” words:

1. Fart – I farted.
2. Turd – Who dropped a turd in the urinal?
3. Twat – Shave that hairy twat.

In his comedy special Again!, Carlin commented that at one point, a man asked him to remove “motherfucker,” since as a derivative of “fuck,” it constituted a duplication. He later added it back, claiming the bit’s rhythm doesn’t work without it. Carlin didn’t believe that “tits” should be on the list because it sounds like a nickname or a snack (“…corn tits, ‘n’ cheeze tits, ‘n’ tater tits”). 1983’s Carlin at Carnegie comedy special, Carlin expanded the list even further, reading a newly compiled list of over 200 dirty words from an oversized scroll!!

Those words on Carlin’s original list that are not directly related to sexual intercourse or sex have since been used to some degree on broadcast television in the United States.

The word “tits” was uttered on the first episode of The Trials of Rosie O’Neill in 1990, sparking some controversy. The word “piss” (usually used in the context of the phrase “pissed off”) has been commonplace since the 1980s.

The word “shit” has been heard on rare occasions, such as an episode of Chicago Hope, the season eight episode of ER in which Dr. Mark Greene dies, and, perhaps most prominently, in the South Park episode “It Hits the Fan”.

Producers have often implied the word “fuck”, although usually obscuring the word with a background sound effect.

One of Carlin’s later additions to the list, “fart,” is also used frequently. “Turd” is regularly used both on Network and Cable TV, though in performance Carlin explained you can say it “but who wants to?”.

– thanks to

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French president Nicolas Sarkozy drunk at G8

Wasted Waster

Here’s that twat Sarkozy even more slappable and laughable than normal!

I was drinking down the ‘Emergency Room’ gogo bar for 10 hours last Saturday night, and was nowhere near as wasted as this!

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Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homestyle Blues Buffet

“Its Alright Ma I’m Only Eatin”


Bob – ‘I provided the soundtrack for a generation. Now I want to provide the soundtrack for your dinner!’

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Orson Welles Drunk Outtake

I don’t know if this is sadder than it is funny, or funnier than it is sad.

The genius giant of cinema Orson Welles, down on his luck, hacking some Paul Masson piss, while drunk out of his skull!

Well, he had to taste the Paul Masson piss before giving an opinion! It’s only professional! Being a perfectionist, Orson probably swallowed a crate of the stuff!

How can the guy and chick next to Welles keep such a straight face though??! They must be magnificent actors!!

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Anti-Piracy Ad from The IT Crowd

A manificent moment from the magnificent IT Crowd (OK … we won’t speak of the first 2 episodes, which were too bad to be true!)

“You wouldn’t shoot a policeman.

And then steal his helmet.

You wouldn’t go to the toilet in his helmet.

And then send it to the policeman’s grieving widow.

And then steal it again!!

Now boys and girls, piracy is bad! OK?!

Of course, I mean piracy where you feel like something large and slow is creaking up alongside you and then strange smelly psychotic men swing towards you on ropes with cutlasses between their false teeth all ready to kill anyone who moves and to steal everything in sight. This is a weekly occurence on the North Side in a fucking dump of a club where I find myself sometimes, called, ironically, Posh.

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Japan TV Show – Monkey Kiss Girl

No. Contrary to popular belief, Japan is not wierd.

I’ve been there a few times. Japan is not wierd.

No, it’s totally fucking bonkers crazy!!

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Holding your own boobs – Sarah Michelle Geller

Man, I wanna hold Buffy’s boobs (even thought they’re kinda little)!

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