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Top BBC stars canned – Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

Lots of brouhaha in Britland about this one! A surprising and quite nasty event in the generally revered annals of British radio broadcasting.

Is one-time bastion of decorum, the BBC going down the toilet? Nah … it’s been in the toilet for years now!

This basically was a braindead skit that got out of hand. An improvised skit that suddenly exploded into very unsavoury territory, kicked off by Ross’s screaming into the phone “he fucked your grand-daughter!”

Basically two assholes goading a 78 year old granddad in very explicit terms about one of them having fucked his grand-daughter and leaving antagonistic messages on the the private phone of an innocent civilian.

Although there may have been a few moments of comedy in the episode, and although the original intent may not have been as nasty as what actually transpired, the event really stepped over the boundary.

It’s just like some psychopath calling an elderly neighbour and goading him about fucking his granddaughter. But magnified to the nth degree by being on public radio and the abuse being heard by millions of people!

I know if these cnuts called my granddad with something remotely like this, they would be in a world of fucking pain right now.

Of course, too, these wimps would never call up someone the likes of, say Vinnie Jones, and goad him about fucking his daughter!

What’s worse, the perpetrators work for a national broadcasting company and earn vast sums of money. And who pays these vast salaries? Yap, the British public! That’s why Wossy and Wussell needed to be brought to task for their actions. But not only them. Whoever allowed them leave messages on a private phone, and whoever authorised the subsequent broadcast, really do need to be swiftly and unceremoniously despatched!

Saying that, we do admit to generally liking the normal TV work of Jonathan Ross. Wossy is a wild maverick, unpredictable but often very funny! People thought he’d tempered his maddest moments! But no, oh no!

Now Wossy’s going to be a much poorer maverick!! At least 2 million pounds less! Maybe lots lots more! OUCH!!! we are fans of Russell too – well, in terms of his stand-up comedy, at least.

If Wossy is a wild maverick, then “S&M Willy Wonka” Brand is like a fucking crazy catherine wheel filled with nitroglycerin!

Hilariously and sometimes shockingly (well, for some people!) funny quite often and very surreally off-kilter at all times!

Russell is as uncontrollable as a mad monkey on crack!

He’s had a very fucked up childhood and seems to have inherited an army of demons as a result!

Brand is a former heroin junkie, a former sex addict and a former alcoholic (the adjective former is true as far as is publicly stated!) who has had numerous run-ins with the police, having been arrested at least 11 times! He also suffers from bipolar disorder and has the past suffered from bulimia.

In his very frank autobiography My Booky Wook, Brand explained the genesis of his sex addiction. Therein he says, “Sex provides a breathing space for me, when you’re outside of yourself and your own head. At one point I had a harem of 10 women who I would rotate in addition to one-night stands and random casual encounters. I was pursuing hanky panky like it was a job, like there was a league table that I had to be at the summit of. I was on the brink of becoming sufficiently well-known for my carnal over-indulgences to cause me professional difficulties.”

The root of the Brand’s sex affliction seems to stem from a very bizarre holiday incident when still a teenager. The comic’s father paid for a prostitute for his son while he himself had sex with two further hookers in the same room! Brand recalls, “The episode that defined my relationship with women occurred in Hong Kong with my dad. I was 17. On day one we went to some sleazy dive. Before long I was sat on a bar stool with a Filipino called Mary-Lou. Then we were leaving in a cab with three Asian prostitutes my dad was drunkenly herding. Back in the hotel my dad set about unwrapping his two prostitutes. I sat on the edge of the other twin bad. She must have known I was a virgin as soon as the bungling encounter commenced.

The following day his father was keen to hear the details! Brand says “The next morning my dad said, ’Did you wear a condom with that bird last night?’“I said I didn’t. In the course of that holiday I had sex with loads more prostitutes, never wore a condom and never fell in love. As my sexual appetite grew, I found myself engaged in an increasingly desperate quest to satisfy it.”

Not exactly the CV of a staid BBC broadcaster!

Nevertheless, BBC gave Brand his own radio show! The same Brand who was sacked from MTV after coming to work dressed as Osama bin Laden the day after the September 11, 2001 attacks! The same Brand who was sacked from Indie Rock station Xfm after reading out pornographic material live on-air! The same Brand who only a few months ago, during a stand up performance in Northampton, made a hoax call claiming he had spotted a man responsible for a series of assaults! (Brand later issued an apology for his actions, but Northamptonshire Police have not yet announced whether any charges will be brought.)

So the biggest shock out of this whole affair was the fact that Brand was ever employed by BBC! Did these moronic suits realise that this guy will never be turned into some staid BBC zombie!!

It’s like Lenny Bruce being contracted to host the “Tonight Show” back in the sixties! Very strange things are bound to happen!

Ross and his co-host Russell Brand provoked a furore after making a series of abusive remarks as part of a broadcast BBC radio show. Following more than 18,000 complaints from members of the public and politicians including the Prime Minister the pair were suspended by the Corporation.

Ross and Brand left a series of obscene and abusive messages on the answering machine of 78 year old actor (yes, that’s 78 years old) Andrew Sachs when they could not reach Mr Sachs, for a pre-arranged phone interview.

Incomprehensibly, each message was later aired on October 18 after senior BBC producers somehow authorised the programme for broadcast!

The messages contained very explicit and nasty jibes about how Brand had “fucked” the actor’s young grand-daughter, 23-year-old Georgina Baillie.

Further transcripts of the programme have actually emerged in which Ross and Brand joke about breaking into Mr Sachs’ house and performing a sex act on him by way of apology!

Mr Sachs’s granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, has said the family was considering a formal complaint to police – a move that could lead to the presenters facing legal prosecution for making nuisance calls.

Baillie said: “What is funny about humiliating a lovely old man who has never harmed anyone in his life? We’re very close and I can’t tell you how much it hurts to know they were so unkind to such a sweet person. They should at least pay for what they’ve done with their jobs.”

Ms Baillie – a performer known as Voluptua who dances with the burlesque troupe The Satanic Sluts – said they also telephoned her in an attempt to cover their tracks.

She confirmed she slept with Brand three times in late 2006 but said: “It was never going to be a serious relationship but I felt I could trust him as a friend. I feel utterly exposed and betrayed.

“What happened between us was supposed to be private but he is clearly no gentleman. What girl would ever want to have to tell their granddad who she slept with? He hasn’t asked me about it because he is too much of a gentleman – unlike Russell Brand.”

She added: “It was bad enough that they recorded these things on my grand-father’s answer machine but astonishing the BBC saw fit to broadcast it when they could have stopped it.”

She revealed Brand left a message on her mobile apologising for the programme.

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross – The ‘Abusive’ Phone Calls (UNCUT)

Assuming this controversy does not escalate, this debacle will probably do Brand no real harm. In fact, it will only gain him more publicity as he’s on the crest of becoming a big movie star in the States! (we have no idea how the fuck that happened!)

However, this little skit could well cost Wossy pretty dearly! Proves you can’t teach a mad old dog new tricks!

A further unsavoury aspect is how Baillie seems to be milking the situation so much in the past few days! How many newspapers has she been in now? How much exposure (no pun!) has she deliberately obtained out of this?

Here’s an”apology” by Wossy and Brand for their harassment!!

I said some things I didn’t have oughta
like I had sex with your grand-daughter
but it was consensual
and she wasn’t menstrual

Am I crazy or do I get the feeling that this isn’t a heartfelt genuine apology!!

Wossy’s pal Ricky Gervais on Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand Suspension

Russell Brand on David Letterman Show – May 15 2008

It’s like being beaten over the head by a rainbow

LONDON, England (CNN) — The BBC’s highest-paid celebrity has lost more than $2 million after being suspended without pay for a series of abusive telephone calls made by himself and another of the broadcaster’s stars.

Jonathan Ross, left, was suspended for 12 weeks Thursday; Russell Brand resigned Wednesday.
Jonathan Ross, left, was suspended for 12 weeks Thursday; Russell Brand resigned Wednesday.

Talk show host Jonathan Ross, 47, and comedian Russell Brand, 33, have been at the center of a row after they attempted to contact comedy actor Andrew Sachs for an interview on Brand’s weekend Radio 2 show this month.

Ross, who the UK’s Press Association reports has a £6 million ($9.7 million) contract with the broadcaster, was suspended from all broadcasting for 12 weeks Thursday after the BBC Trust, the sovereign body of the organization, met to discuss the calls.

“[Ross] will not be paid by the BBC during this period. The fees that would have been paid will be deducted from his BBC contract,” Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, said in a statement.

The suspension will cost Ross £1.5 million ($2.43 million). He is now believed to be in Wales with his brother Paul, a fellow broadcaster.

Thompson added, “Jonathan Ross’s contribution to this edition of the Russell Brand show was utterly unacceptable and cannot be allowed to go uncensored or without sanction.”

Earlier Thursday, Lesley Douglas, controller of BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and Popular Music, stood down from her role and offered a “personal apology to Sachs and his family and to the audience for what has happened,” the BBC said.

The prank calls row has also claimed the scalp of Brand, who resigned Wednesday.

Ross and Brand called Sachs — who played a Spanish waiter in John Cleese’s 1970s TV comedy “Fawlty Towers” — but when it dawned on them that he was not around, they left a series of messages on the veteran actor’s phone, joking about Brand’s sexual relationship with Sachs’ granddaughter Georgina Baillie, 23.

During the series of phone calls, made October 18, the pair also joked that Sachs might kill himself on hearing the news — then attempted to apologize with further abusive calls.

Ross also has his own weekly radio show, hosts a late-night chat show, presents the broadcaster’s main movie review program and comperes the BAFTAs, the UK equivalent of the Oscars.

In a statement Wednesday Brand said that he was resigning and that he took “complete responsibility,” adding, “as I only do the radio show to make people laugh I’ve decided that, given the subsequent coverage, I will stop doing the show.”

Brand came to international attention this year playing a rock star in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which took more than $100 million worldwide. His next film, “Bedtime Stories,” in which he stars with Adam Sandler, is released in the U.S. on Christmas Day.

In September, Brand hosted the MTV Video Music Awards, during which he called President Bush a “retarded cowboy” and joked about boy band the Jonas Brothers losing their virginity.

By Thursday, the BBC had received more than 35,000 messages of complaint, PA reported, although the BBC said it only received two complaints at the time of the original broadcast.

In a statement Wednesday, Thompson offered an unreserved apology to Sachs, his family and the British public for what he termed a “gross lapse of taste” and a “severe offence.” The media watchdog Ofcom is also investigating the incident.

The BBC Trust has also ordered the to make an on-air apology for what it called “serious and deliberate breaches” of the broadcaster’s guidelines.

Baillie, who is a member of a dance troupe called The Satanic Sluts, commented on the pair’s suspension to The Sun newspaper: “I’m thrilled because justice has been done.”

The row is the latest to hit the state-funded BBC, which is supported through an annual fee paid by TV owners and often comes under scrutiny from other sections of the media.


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Fishing is slightly less boring than we thought, shocker!!

one-eyed cat peeping in a seafood boat !
Stumbling home Friday night after one too many beers – well, after one crate of beer too many!- through an extreme thunderstorm so insane that we saw some mad pervert in a boat collecting pairs of animals he wanted to breed with, screaming “the end is nigh! the end is nigh!”

Come to Papa, bitches!

After doing the backstroke for 2 miles, we find ourselves home, feeling like that guy from that soap opera Dallas who was really half fish!

Anyway, after a long shower, we stumble across this weird fucking Ozzy TV show called Ultimate Fishing Show.

The initial urge to change channel is negated by the crappy remote running out of battery power, so we watch and find some Ozzy chav idiot on a boat spouting about the excitement of fishing! However, this dumbness is miraculously saved by his being accompanied by two stunning bottled-blonde, bimbo hotties clad only in teeny weeny bikinis reeling big fish into a speedboat!

Fucking hell! Like everyone else vaguely normal, we’d always considered fishing an extremely dumb activity for extremely dumb people (a little like the correlation between moose hunting in Alaska and retarded Governors!)

But this almost made fishing a teeny weeny bit less boring! Almost!!

However, we really could’ve done without scenes where the two stunning hotties clad only in teeny weeny bikinis are trying to extricate hooks from the desparate mouths of manically wriggling fish and then bloodingly slitting said unhappy fish right open and, while still flapping around, ripping their guts out with their bare hands!

Talk about aversion therapy! We felt a little like Alex in Clockwork Orange! An overdose of this and we’re likely to turn into George Michael!

Of course, we’re not really surprised by anything on Ozzy TV!

Ozzyland is one of the strangest countries on the planet! Way too close to Japland and other insane Asian countries for it’s own good!

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Lucky Bastard !

Threesomes with two 7-foot tall amazons!

This is one lucky bastard!

They may be half-robot and evil destroyers of humanity, but still, Gaius Baltar’s one lucky bastard!!

Although, I guess he needs to use a step-ladder!

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Who the hell hasn’t imagined a threesome with lovely and ?

I imagine it every waking moment!

Man, I miss Galactica! When’s the second half of season 4 due?

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Every Simpsons Couch Gag

Every Simpsons Couch Gag! D’OHHHH!

Here’s every couch gag done on The Simpsons up until now. OK, there’s actually about 6 of them missing from 230 something.

Big thanks to the original poster

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Crackhead Tatum O’Neal

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A New York judge on Wednesday sentenced former child movie star Tatum O’Neal, pictured in June 2008, arrested in early June for trying to buy crack cocaine, to two days treatment and a 95 dollar fine, local news media reported.

This chick plays a crazy addicted mad American-Irish bitch in “Rescue Me”. I guess she didn’t need to act much!

The self-same chick who apparently had makeout sessions with Michael Jackson back in the day! I think that if you look up the phrase “Crazy Bitch” in the dictionary, it’s defined as “female who willingly has makeout sessions with Michael Jackson”!
Allegedly, on June 1, 2008, she was arrested for allegedly buying crack cocaine near her Manhattan apartment building. When police searched her, they allegedly found two bags of drugs – one with crack, one with regular cocaine – and an unused crack pipe. She was charged with a misdemeanor, criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The sentence was “two days treatment and a 95 dollar fine“! What the fuck! If she was some crack ho from the ghetto, she’d be locked up for at least six months!

US Justice is whatever you can afford to pay for!

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MILF and Cookies? Yes Please!

MILF and Cookies
by operative274

A tribute to Lois Griffin – surely the most sought after cartoon hotty ever!

Hey nerds …… she’s not real!

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Hell is Uber-fake-Boobed Uber-Bitch Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort and Uber-Cnut Piers Morgan and the Trumps

Here’s the strangely named Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort, a two-time participant on awful Donald Trump’s awful television reality show The Apprentice. A two-time loser there too!

Seeing her briefly on that show today (some repeat from March, apparently) with her horrid silly cones – along with the smug, obnoxious Trump and his obnoxious (but cute in a wierd, S&M way) daughter, gave me quite a headache!

But I was hungover and the tv remote was at the other side of the room, so I watched the show – the first and last of this garbage I will endure!

Having that Brit scumbag, Piers “Morgan” Moron on there didn’t fucking help either!

Sartre was right when he said “Hell is Other People“.

However, if J.P. was more specific, he might have said “Hell is Uber-fake-Boobed Uber-Bitch Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort and Uber-Cnut Piers Morgan and the Trumps …. and any other cnuts on that dumb show!

Back to Brit scumbag, Piers “Morgan” Moron, a former editor of nasty and dumb British tabloid rags the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, he’s had a rather colourful and nasty career.

Not only responsible for regularly ruining peoples’ lives via his army of paparazzi scum, but also found guilty of breaching the Code of Conduct on financial journalism for dodgy purchases of shares and other accusations. Of course, he was sacked a few times too!

Rather hilariously though he was filmed last year falling from a segway and breaking his ribs! That’s just the beginning of proper karma for this asshole, I hope!

The moron, hilariously too, had previously commented in 2003, in the Daily Mail, after U.S. President George W. Bush fell off a Segway, that “You’d have to be an idiot to fall off, wouldn’t you, Mr. President?”
Before and after silly cones, she’s still the same cnut!

Back to Miss Silly Cone, according to her official contestant bio for The Apprentice, Manigault-Stallworth was “a former political appointee in the Clinton-Gore White House.”In April 2004, People Magazine broke the story of Omarosa’s unstable tenure in the federal government, noting that she had been “banished from four jobs in two years” at least in part due to her inability to “get along with people”.

All in all, what a lovely cast of characters!

It really reminds me of one of Dante’s circles of Hell!

Imagine being stuck with these cnuts for eternity! Well, even for two minutes!!

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You always feel smarter after a few beers !


In one episode of ‘Cheers’, Cliff is seated at the bar describing the Buffalo Theory to Norm.

This sounds so scientific, I almost believe it!

But I have been drinking though!! Hic! Hic!

‘Well you see, Norm, it’s like this . . . A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the heard is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first.

This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells.

Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.

In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.

And that, Norm, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers.’

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Kari Byron Bends Over and Takes one for Science!

Adam: I’m looking forward to spanking it!

Yes, the lovely and intelligent and hot Kari Byron from Mythbusters bends over and takes one for Science!

This babe is so very conscientious!

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Kari Byron – One reason to Bust a Myth .. or a Nut !
OK. I do love Mythbusters!

But I’m not a nerd! Ok?

Actually, Mythbusters is one hell of a show. Intelligent, funny, interesting, wonderful.

It’s not a moron-friendly show though! That automatically rules out over 90% of their potential audience right away!!

And it’s got one hell of a babe on the presenting team!

Yes, the lovely and intelligent and lovely (did I say that word already?!) Kari Byron.

Now, there are flocks of nerds going psycho over this babe. Just check the web and forums!

That can’t be good news for lil Kari!

There must be armies of little nerds camping out near her home, sitting snivelling, complaining about the cold and crying for their mummies!

Some of em must’ve gone into overdrive after the famous episode where Kari, clad only in skintight spandex, had a mould made of her ass (very pert and peachy it was too!) on one of last year’s episodes!!

I wonder how many billions of times that tiny snippet got played back again later (over and over and over and over!) by nerds?! I wonder how much Kleenex was bought!!

You haven’t seen it? Tut tut! OK then, read this Post! kari bends-over

Rather surreally though, FHM placed the lovely Kari her at number 69 (phnarr phnarr!!) in their One Hundred Sexiest Women!

Now, that is way beyond nonsensical! She may be pretty hot. But she’s not that fucking hot!

Maybe everyone working at FHM is a total nerd and has been camping out near her home, sitting snivelling, complaining about the cold and crying for their mummies!!

There are some nice shots from FHM, though. See below and above!

Kari Byron
New Entry

A first timer on the 100 Sexiest, this brainy beauty can regularly be seen on the popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters as a part of their construction team. In addition to being a professional myth debunker, the 32-year-old is a successful sculptor and photographer.


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