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Papa M – Whatever, Mortal (2001)

Papa M – Whatever, Mortal (2001)

These days it seems the low-fi guitar channels are jammed full of multiple-monikered American talent. Papa M is Dave Pajo, one-time Tortoise experimentalist and guitarist with revered Louisville noise-peddlars Slint.

‘Whatever, Mortal’ sees Pajospringboard from his days of compositional craziness into a pool of muted, gentle tones.

‘Over Jordan’ lulls us into mellow territory before upping the tempo on ‘Belloved Woman’. ‘Roses In The Snow’ and ‘Sarah Jane’ are classic country ballads with a twist.

The amazing ‘Many Splendored Thing’ is a beguiling ode to love, with its melancholic harmonies. ‘Glad You’re Here With Me’ is a plea to a disgruntled lover underpinned by a soft combination of guitar and melodica.

The great eccentric, Will Oldham co-produced this album and his influence is palpable throughout. ‘Whatever, Mortal’ discards the dark broth of Bonnie Prince Billy in favour of a warm, seductive brew.

Pajo draws on his diverse musical background to create a wonderful collection of taut, fragile tunes.

Reviews for this were positively ecstatic!

  • Uncut (1/03, p.97) – Ranked #51 in Uncut’s “100 Best Albums of the Year”
  • Alternative Press (2/02, p.78) – 7 out of 10 – “… A memorable slice of psychedelic country that never disappoints…”
  • Mojo (Publisher) (1/03, p.75) – Ranked #24 in Mojo’s “Best Albums of 2002”
  • Mojo (Publisher) (2/02, p.97) – “…Excellent…”
  • NME (Magazine) (2/23/02, p.35) – 8 out of 10 – “…It’s wild and uneven stuff, and as Pajo dips his finger into the darker corners of folk music, he’s leaving the normal world far behind. For the few, the brave and the geeky, this is a thing of monstrous beauty…”


1. Over Jordan
2. Beloved Woman
3. Roses In THe Snow
4. Sorrow Reigns
5. Krusty
6. Lass Of Roch Royal, The
7. Many Splendored Thing
8. Glad You’re Here With Me
9. Tamu
10. Sabotage
11. Purple Eyelid
12. Unquiet Grave, The
13. Northwest Passage

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