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Stunning Princess Sahar

Another wonderful piece (and exotic babe!) from the great

This time, the stunning Princess Sahar!


Ethnicity: Iranian & Navajo
Hometown: Sierra Vista, CA
Measuremments: 34C-27-36
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Brown


What is your full name??
My full name is Sahar Khadjenoury

And where are you from?
Originally hailing from the Sunny state of Arizona, I still like to call PHX home.

I lived in is that town?
It’s not a town it’s a state silly and I loved it! Who can resist
warm weather, skimpy attire, and amazing restaurants.

Iono bout you but AZ is weakkkkk!!! Hahah..JK..its cool .. so like what did you do for fun out there?????
Are you kidding?? AZ has some of the hottest nightclubs right now. If you are an outdoorsy partier you can hit up the Gila River and raft yourself into a
tipsy sunburned mess too!

So like your Persian and stuff right?? Ever see that movie 300? 😡
Yes I’m half Persian and yes, I have seen 300…let’s not get into that, shall we?!

Do you have any pets?? And what are their names?
I know phil is one HeHe, Yes, i have a pup named Max, this chub-a-dub is an English Bull Dog, not to mention a Pee machine!!

How do you like Go-Going?
I love gogoing, what can I say, I’m a Performer by heart.

So explain your nationality ? What the hell happened to get that mix?
So, I am half Persian and half Navajo(for those of you who didnt pay attention thats a Native American tribe that resides in the Four Corners). My parents met in college, my father was the “Cat’s Meow” and my mother is the 5’11 version of Pochahontas. Bada-boom-bada-bang..little Sahar was born.

Is there anyone out there would u like to thank?
I’d like to thank VIP Auto Salon and Models in the Trunk for setting up the shoot, I’d also like to Status Auto Design for providing the location. Thank you to the loyal fans of MITT and a special thank you to Mr P Cambe.

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