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Public Image Ltd. – Plastic Box (4 CD) (1999)

Public Image Ltd. – Plastic Box (4 CD)(1999)

A wonderful collection from Lydon’s seminal post-Pistols outfit!

Some amazing music here. And so fucking influential!

This is a limited Edition, Four CD, Definitive Collection! It contains great Album Tracks, Rarities and Unreleased BBC Tracks. the liner notes of PiL’s Plastic Box compilation, Lydon remarked that:

“In some ways Album was almost like a solo album. I worked alone with a new bunch of people. Obviously the most important person was Bill Laswell. But it was during the recording of this album in New York that Miles Davis came into the studio while I was singing, stood behind me and started playing. Later he said that I sang like he played the trumpet, which is still the best thing anyone’s ever said to me. To be complimented by the likes of him was special. Funnily enough we didn’t use him…”

THE PLASTIC BOX is the four-disc collection of the best of the music tracks from the Public Image Limited (a.k.a. The John Lydon Band). The first two discs are the best of the bunch (when they still were a collective unit). Disc three and four are best used as coasters (unless you love the John Lydon version of P.I.L.). Instead of searching out for the first three albums, you can get them all collated in this box set. The plastic box also comes with a nice booklet with pictures and thoughts from John Lydon.

If you love Public Image Limited (either versions) then you must seek out this set. You wont be sorry.

Highly recommended.

By Joseph P. Ulibas

Essential 4-disc retrospective of PiL’s 14-year career. Along with many tracks culled from the studio albums, the set includes B-sides, 12” versions, a few alternate mixes, a selection of radio session performances other rarities to round out the collection of the serious PiL enthusiast. Highlights include an instrumental remix of “Fodderstompf,” the outtake “Pied Piper,” the B-sides “Question Mark” and “Selfish Rubbish,” and “Criminal,” from the “Point Break” soundtrack.

Unfortunately, this set fulls short of being definitive. Nothing from the two live albums is included (which most people would regard as a good thing). There’s also nothing from “Commercial Zone” (except “Blue Water,” which was an official B-side), and B-sides/remixes from the latter era of PiL are almost non-existent (the 1987 remakes of “The Suit” and “Religion” would have been perfect inclusions as they were only ever released as 12” vinyl B-sides, and never on CDs).

Practically every track from the first five studio albums (1978-1986) is included, and then selected material from the final three (1987-1992) is squeezed onto the last disc, which reinforces the (false) perception that the LA-based PiL was something of a write-off. In the absence of a fifth disc, deleting tracks from the earlier albums – to allow room for more songs of the later PiL – would have resulted in a more balanced set (it’s annoying that great, underrated material from “Happy?” and “9” is absent to provide room for dead weight from “Flowers Of Romance” and “This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get”).

No matter though – despite its shortcomings, “Plastic Box” proves what a damn good band PiL in all its various permutations was (John Lydon’s frank and informative liner notes rate a mention too). Collected sets rarely get much better than this…

By The Drainpipe (Australia)


Disc 1

1. Public Image
2. Cowboy Song
3. Theme
4. Religion (1)
5. Religion (2)
6. Annalisa
7. Low Life
8. Attack
9. Poptones (previously unreleased)
10. Careering (previously unreleased)
11. Chant (previously unreleased)
12. Death Disco (12″ remix)
13. 1/2 Mix Megamix
14. No Birds Do Sing
15. Memories

Disc 2

1. Another
2. Albatross
3. Socialist
4. Suit
5. Bad Baby
6. Radio 4
7. Pied Piper
8. Flowers Of Romance
9. Four Enclosed Walls
10. Phenagen
11. Track 8
12. Hymie’s Him
13. Under The House
14. Banging The Door
15. Go Back
16. Francis Massacre

Disc 3

1. This Is Not A Love Song (12″ remix)
2. Blue Water
3. Question Mark
4. Solitaire
5. Tie Me To The Length Of That
6. Where Are You?
7. Pardon
8. 1981
9. Order Of Death
10. F.F.F.
11. Rise
12. Fishing
13. Round
14. Home
15. Ease

Disc 4

1. Seattle
2. Angry
3. Body, The (US 12″ mix)
4. Selfish Rubbish
5. Disappointed
6. Happy
7. Warrior (12″ extended version)
8. U.S.L.S. 1
9. Don’t Ask Me
10. Criminal
11. Luck’s Up
12. God
13. Cruel (previously unreleased)
14. Acid Drops (previously unreleased)
15. Love Hope (previously unreleased)
16. Think Tank (previously unreleased)

All thanks to Milton! Great work mate!

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