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Red House Painters – Early Demos 1991/1992 (1992)

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Red House Painters – Early Demos 1991/1992 (1992)

“The elusive chemistry was there from the first note”

Here’s a rare 2-CD-set called “The Early Demos” by Red House Painters. do like a bit of Red House Painting from time to time. At their best, RHP created musical moments of wonderful forlorn fragility.

Of course there is no more Painting of Red Houses going on since the group disbanded a few years back. Every silver lining has a cloud however and Mark Kozelek and the boys are back on the scene under a different guise, Sun Kil Moon, who we really like too and more of whom can be found here: SunKiller

As for this bootleg, yes these are are really the original demo’s that Mark sent to 4AD Records and music journalists back in 1991 /1992. The quality’s perhaps a little ragged but the template and the songs are there. Many of these would soon see light of day in different form, mostly in the debut RHP album.

In short, this bootleg of unreleased demos is a must-have for any Kozelek fan.

I’d like to come home to see you

And to catch your sickness by the bedside

But then you’d know how much I really need you

“Imagine what it was like for 4AD chief Ivo Watts-Russell the first time he listened to the Red House Painters’ demo tapes. Demos, by nature, are rudimentary things, often suggesting promise but rarely realising it. Most demos are excruciatingly bad – the kind of unlistenable things you play for bemused friends so they, too, can wonder why the potential musician ever bothered in the first place. Red House Painters were luckier. The elusive chemistry was there from the first note.”



  1. 24
  2. Evil
  3. Waterkill
  4. Medicine Bottle
  5. Down Colorful Hill
  6. Uncle Joe
  7. Japanese to English


  1. FunHouse
  2. Heart Attack
  3. HeadSore
  4. The Bridge
  5. Million + 8 Things
  6. Strawberry Hill
  7. Lord Kill The Pain
  8. Michael
  9. 21
Here be some lighthearted sing-along ditties!;

Enjoy, you miserable mofos !

(Warning – Not to be listened to anywhere in the vicinity of razor blades!!)
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All thanks to the great & Zeni

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