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Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde – Karajan (Milan 1959)

Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde – Karajan (Milan 1959)
classical:opera | 3CD | Ape+cue | 610MB | complete scans
Live, Teatro alla Scala April 4 1959 | Cond.: Herbert von Karajan

Mad proto-Nazi, perhaps, but Dicky Wagner sure scaled some musical heights.

This one conducted by the great Herbie von K!

Tristan und Isolde – Conducted by Karajan (Milan 1959)

TRISTAN – Wolfgang Windgassen

ISOLDE – Birgit Nilsson

BRANGÄNE – Hilde Rössl-Majdan

KURWENAL – Gustav Neidlinger

KÖNIG MARKE – Hans Hotter

MELOT – Claude Heater

JUNGER SEEMANN – Anton Dermota

STEUERMANN – Costantino Ego

Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala, April 4, 1959

Herbert von Karajan

Wonderful performance but sound could be better (3CD ADD MONO)

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