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Richie Havens x 2 – Richard P Havens and Collection

Two great LPs from the legendary Richard Havens!
Fatfuckfrankie adds;

I guess he’s also been known as Dick Havens.

Not to be confused with the gonzo porn movie of the same name I’m now making in Manila!!

There are some amazing Dick Havens in Manila!

Richie Havens- Collection @ 320

1. Woman
2. What’s Going On
3. Younger Men Grow Older
4. What About Me
5. There’s A Hole In The Future
6. Fire And Rain
7. It Could Be The First Day
8. Minstrel From Gault
9. Tightrope
10. Open Our Eyes
11. Prayer
12. Missing Train
13. I Started A Joke
14. Teach Your Children
15. San Francisco Bay Blues
16. High Flying Bird
17. Here Comes The Sun

Here be Richie:



1. Stop Pulling and Pushing Me
2. For Haven’s Sake
3. Strawberry Fields Forever
4. What More Can I Say John
5. I Pity the Poor Immigrant
6. Lady Madonna
7. Priests
8. Indian Rope Man
9. Cautiously
10. Just Above My Hobby Horse’s Head
11. She’s Leaving Home
12. Putting Out the Vibration and Hoping It Comes Home
13. Parable of Ramon
14. With a Little Help from My Friends
15. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
16. Run Shaker Life/Do You Feel Good

Here be Richie:


Big thanks to shakthecat

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