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Brian Eno (with Robert Fripp)- New Depression Music

Brian Eno (with Robert Fripp)- New Depression Music

Vinyl rip (not my work) @320

Not too much info on this interesting work.

Most tracks are undated mid-70’s demos (featuring Robert Fripp on some tracks), originally issued as ” New Depression Music – Music For Fans Vol. I”

Notes on individual tracks from the compiler are below with the tracklisting.

gamilan says;

I own this piece of vinyl. Not very good sounding one, but a fair rarity now. I’m thinking about putting it on e-bay some day!

Not a deadly sure, but I think most (if not all) of the tracks from EP were released on Instrumental Box and later on “half re-release” of Music for Films Vol. 2 under the title More Music for Films in the series of Eno’s remastered albums in 2005. Sadly, not all tracks from Music for Films Vol. 2 were included on that re-issue. Maybe sometime in the future there will be another release perhaps entitled Some More Music for Films omitting some completely different tracks for collectors’ enjoyment.


1. Deep Waters*

2. Untitled*

3. The Last Door*

4. Chemin Der Fer*

5. Dark Waters*

6. Melancholy Waltz*

7. Shell*

8. Empty Landscape*

9. Reactor*

10. The Secret*

11. Don’t Look Back*

12. Marseilles*

13. Untitled*

14. Untitled*

15. Part I#

16. Part II#

17. Untitled^


* – Eno – Undated mid-70’s demos (featuring Robert Fripp on some tracks).

Originally issued as ” New Depression Music – Music For Fans Vol. I” 10″

Sounds like an early prototype for the Music For Films Vol. 1 LP.

Some tracks have different titles to the ones they eventually received (although many of them are totally unreleased in any form), but in the spirit of the original bootleg I have left them listed as is.

# – Fripp & Eno – Top Gear, BBC Radio 1 November 1973. Transferred from vinyl LP “Music For Fans Vol. III” – Part II has three minutes of ticking at the beginning I do not have the tools to remove (sorry!)

^ – Robert Fripp – Untitled piece from first Frippertronics performance, broadcast August 18th 1979. Tranferred from “Music For Fans Vol. III” LP.

Here be Eno;

Must have both files to unpack.

NOTE: If WinRAR asks for a password though no password has been specified in the post, chances are that you did not download the file properly. Through some annoying fucking quirk in WinRAR, it throws up a password request when the file has not been downloaded properly. So Download again before moaning at me!!

Big thanks to the original posters

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