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Fun with mad Rog and Rafa

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February 5, 2009 Posted by | Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Tennis, Tiger Woods, _CARTOON, _SPORT | Leave a comment

Fun with Rog and Rafa !

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February 4, 2009 Posted by | Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Tennis, _CARTOON, _SPORT | Leave a comment

Another F*ckng Federer Failure

Tennis is not a sport we usually have much truck with. It’s kind of boring, kind of stupid and, erm, kind of gay!

But we do like a wager and seeing that “Roger the (title) dodger” was available at 5/2 before the Aussie Open while Andy Murray – totally insanely – was favourite at much shorter odds, we had to have a little punt.

And all was hunky dory as we approached the final against Steroid-Boy Nadal, where the odds on “Roger the (title) dodger” had dissolved into 4/7, while Nadal was almost 2/1.

We’re thinking this is the ideal way for Fed to show he’s still “the Man” and take a big step on the road to getting his World Number One ranking back. Also, Fed’s form has generally – aside from Round 1 – been excellent in the tournament while the surface was much more to his liking than Nadal’s. Furthermore, everyone’s assuming that Nadal’s Semi-final epic – which ran for about 10 hours or something – would have taken its toll! So the bet’s looking good now!

Yap, looking very good! Until, a few hours before the final, when a crazy interview with “Roger the (title) dodger” was broadcast!

Now, we’ve seen numerous interviews with Fed down the years and in these he generally seemed calm and reasonably intelligent. But not today! Not today!

So in this interview, Rog starts going on about how for years he has been the greatest in the game, the equivalent, he said, of the likes of Tiger Woods in golf, Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 and Valentino Rossi in MotoGP!

Erm … fair enough, you were! – maybe will be again – but you don’t go saying that in interviews! When the hell do you hear Tiger Woods saying he’s the Michael Schumacher of golf and in a different league to the rest? Of course he is, but he doesn’t go shouting about it!

And it didn’t stop there! No, no, no! Mad Rog then starts to list players he’s come up against in the past – and some players he still comes up against, now – rattling off a series of names such as Henman, Djokovic, Blake and Roddick, amongst others, and dismissing them as not ever being real challengers to his superiority! This is not only arrogant, not only stupid but incredibly insulting to those players, some of whom he will be encountering in various important matches in the coming season! We really hope these ‘sub-Rog’ players whip Fed’s ass when that happens!

Rog then goes on to describe how happy he is to have a real challenger in the shape of Nadal! What? So he likes being outclassed consistently on all surfaces – even on his grass bastion of Wimbeldon – and being kicked off his world number one spot?

Also he goes on about how much he likes Rafa in and outside the tennis court! What the fuck does that mean? You’re not supposed to like your competitors, especially not in the forum of battle!

Man, we knew there and then that the jig was up for this arrogant and addled ass, and that we wouldn’t be collecting any readies from Mr. Bookie!

How true that turned out to be!

What’s more, Federer not only let himself down on the court, but again later at the presentation ceremony, crying like a little bitch! He must’ve been through hundreds of such presentations but he was acting like he was a sixteen year old girl at the first!!

The clear problem Rog has, and this has melted his lil brain, seems to be an obsession, sexual or otherwise, for Steroid boy!! Ok, just bang him and get it over with, so you can get back to winning Tournaments!!

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February 3, 2009 Posted by | Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Tennis, _CARTOON, _SPORT | Leave a comment