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Ronny and the Trannies !

He scores. He doesn’t shoot!!

This is a very strange story concerning one Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima !

Yes, the once-great Ronny. I was in in Old Trafford to see him almost single handedly demolish Man Utd with Real Madrid a few years back, a night on which the United fans even applauded his brilliance!

Anyway, Ronny had a date with his GF last Monday. Normal enough.

But then, having dropped her home, Ronny decided – as you do! – to pick up a few street whores! Three of em in fact. That’s quite normal in Brazil, apparently!

He took them to a fleapit motel, only to find shockingly, once ensconced inside, that the three big, ugly, fiveoclock-shadowed blokes in garters were actually three big, ugly, fiveoclock-shadowed men in garters!

I saw one of them on the news. Fucking scary! Unless Ronny was as messed up on meds as Brittney Spears, he surely must have known when he picked them up what they were.

Anyway, later, after Ronny tried to kick em out of the motel room, some problems arose, as described in the article below!

Ronny later told the police that he was having psychological problems linked to his knee injury! Really!

This is a salutary warning kids. If you hurt your knee, be very careful! Next thing you know, without your knowledge, you’ll find yourself in a cheap motel with three huge semi-naked women with stubble!

Ronny needs to stop listening to too much Lou Reed! I think Lou’s sordid tranny ditties have corrupted his little brain!

I believe Ronny’s GF has been delighted with the news and they are set to wed next week!

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Ronaldo in Transvestite Scandal

Brazilian AC Milan striker Ronaldo

The AC Milan footballer has been recovering after surgery in Brazil

Brazilian football star Ronaldo has been caught up in a sex scandal with three cross-dressing prostitutes.

Having dropped off his girlfriend at her house in Rio de Janeiro on Monday night, the 2002 World Cup winner picked up three prostitutes.

When they all booked into a motel, the AC Milan striker discovered that the prostitutes were in fact men.

According to Rio police, he alleges that the transvestites then tried to extort money from him.

Local press reports quoted one of the prostitutes, Andreia Albertine – otherwise known as Andre Luiz Ribeiro Albertino – as saying that Ronaldo had threatened to hit him, on discovering that he was a transvestite.


Ronaldo “reported that Andreia had taken his car documents and demanded $30,000 [£15,000]”, said Rio police superintendent Carlos Augusto Nogueira.

Transvestite André Luis Ribeiro Albertino, also known as Andreia Albertine

Albertino is accused of taking the footballer’s documents

He added: “Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that’s not a crime. To pay to have sexual relations isn’t illegal.

“There’s a strong chance that Ronaldo has been the victim of extortion.”

When the footballer refused to pay the prostitute, the latter claimed that Ronaldo had taken drugs, and had threatened to hurt the three transvestites.

Under Brazilian law, while pimping sex workers and running establishments where sex is sold are illegal, prostitution itself is not.

In a statement Ronaldo is reported to have denied ever using drugs, and reiterated that he was a victim of extortion.

The three-time Fifa world footballer of the year is in Brazil recovering from knee surgery.

He told police he was having some psychological problems linked to his injury.

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