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Roy Keane – Tony Cascarino & Stan Collymore give their cent’s worth!

Controversy-stoking chancer Tony Cascarino gives his one cent’s worth on the latest chapter in the unending Keane saga!

In typically melodramatic fashion, he comes up with the ridiculous conclusion “this is the end for him“!

Anyone who knows anything about Keane, and indeed about the esteem in which he is held (totally opposite to Cas!) throughout the world of football – across the world – would realise how dumb that statement is!

As an aside, we’re amazed that Cascarino crazily has some reputation as a writer, when his Times column is ghost-written, as was his autobiography (written by former cyclist Paul Kimmage – who is a very decent writer)! We’re actually not sure Cas could even write his autograph himself!

The more intelligent and less reactive Stan Collymore is far more sensible saying I feel that the story isn’t finished with Roy Keane.”

This resignation will be considered a significant personal defeat by Keane – and we all know defeat is something that never sits well on his proud shoulders. This setback will only fire him up even more and drive him on to make a return
very very soon.

He will learn a lot from this, his first managerial stint! Yes, remember this is his first managerial appointment! And remember Roy did do an amazing job taking Sunderland from bottom of the Championship to runaway Championship winners – and then on to a satisfactory Premiership campaign and Premiership survival last year. Realise too that even now, after a truly horrific string of results, Sunderland are only 2 wins away from the top half of the Premiership table!!

Many of those players that Keano spent a fortune on lately, need to have a close look at themselves. Polar opposite to how perfectionist and born winner Keane was as a player, Roy’s greatest difficulty has been trying to deal with lazy losers and pussies like these! However, it is critical that Roy does learn how to deal with these over-rated, over-pampered multi-millionaires before success at the top level as manager will come his way, as there are increasingly more of these types in the modern game.

Tony Cascarino believes former Republic of Ireland team-mate Roy Keane has taken the easy way out and will never manage again after resigning as Sunderland boss.

Former Manchester United captain Keane quit as Black Cats manager on Thursday, with reserve-team boss Ricky Sbragia in temporary charge after chairman Niall Quinn failed to talk Keane out of quitting.

And Cascarino told talkSport: “He’s taken the easy option.

“He’s not rolled up his sleeves and even with as much courage as Roy Keane says he’s got, this is the end for him.

“He’ll not manage again. No-one will give him the opportunity to manage a football club because they won’t trust him. That’s the bottom line.

“Up until the last few weeks where it’s gone pear-shaped and he’s not had the results, I thought he’d done a good job.

“But they are only two wins away from mid-table.

“You’re going to have bad results in your management career as you do in your playing career. But you don’t just walk away.”

Cascarino also doubts Keane ever united the dressing room, citing what he believes is the former Manchester United’s lack of communication.

“What amazes me about Roy, and I’ve shared many dressing rooms and played lots of matches with him, is that he would be very insular about the way he felt and very rarely said things like he says via the media, and that’s very strange for someone who says they are very honest.

“He never said things in the dressing room, very little came from Roy, he didn’t have friendships, he didn’t care and ultimately his dealing with people has been his downfall.

“Knowing Roy, he’s never had a dressing room.

“He’s never had anybody on his side because he wouldn’t get that close to people.

“He would have them at arm’s length all the time and if you look at his signings, he’s churned players over at an incredible rate.”

But speaking on the same station, Stan Collymore said: “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him at Manchester United in the next five or six years in some capacity.

“I think that when Roy Keane took over at Sunderland he had a game plan to get them in the Premier League and he got them there earlier than expected.

“There are two ways of looking at it [Keane’s resignation]. He’s either thinking he wants to preserve his legacy at Sunderland or he genuinely feels he has taken the club as far as they can go.”

Asked by Alvin Martin if he felt Keane could manage United after walking out on a struggling Sunderland, Collymore said: “Manchester United and its directors, the David Gills of this world, would know Roy better than most people in the game.

“They know what his qualities are and maybe in a year or two years’ time when Sir Alex finishes, his legacy as a player and the goodwill he would get from the United supporters and the United board would not be lost on them.

“I feel that the story isn’t finished with Roy Keane.

“I can’t believe he’s lost to the game. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went to ply his trade abroad for a little while.

“But I can’t get my head around anything other than Roy Keane being back at Manchester United in some capacity sooner rather than later.”

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Man Utd v Arsenal – The good ole days!

Man, we miss those classic Man Utd v Arsenal matches! Full of enthusiasm, excitement, rawness … and hatred and violence!

And warriors like Roy Keane in his samurai prime!

They’re all just a bunch of wimps nowadays!

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Keano bows out at Sunderland

So, Keano bows out at Sunderland. We can’t say we’re too surprised. Things seem to have spiralled out of control for Roy in the past few weeks, after an excellent start to the season when it looked like Sunderland this year had a squad of some quality and depth.

Then came a horror stretch of six defeats in seven matches and four in succession at the Stadium of Light which saw the club’s early confidence quickly dissipate.

Some of his signings are very questionable characters indeed – the likes of Pascal Chimbonda, Djibril Cissé and El-Hadji Diouf – and Keane’s discplinarian approach has not worked with these unpredictable and unreliable mavericks.

Keane’s reluctance to extend his contract that expires at the end of the season had also led increased the instability. The suits, the players and potential signings always need the assurance of an apparently stable future.

Keano’s uncharacteristic recent comments full of self doubt and doubt about the club also more than hinted at a parting of the ways.

We need to recall though the wonderful job Keane did at Sunderland, taking them out of a tailspin to win the Championship and then cope adequately with a limited squad in last season’s Premiership.

He will always remain a real leged at Manchester United for his leadership and peerless performance level.

The Premiership has not seen the back of Roy in terms of management either! Caulkin says the Irishman’s inability to adapt his authoritarian approach has brought about his Wearside exit. The Times’ man in the North East talks to Ben Smith

What are the main reasons behind Keane’s departure?

I think there are a number of factors behind this. Of course the run of games, six defeats in the past seven games, that has taken them into the relegation zone, is a major reason. But more than that, it was about whether Keane was still getting his message across to his players, and from what has happened this morning it is clear it was felt he wasn’t able to do that.

Was this Keane’s decision?

No I don’t think we can say that just yet. The past few days have been spent taking stock. We know he had been thinking about whether he was the man to take the club forward, but equally the club had asked him whether he could adapt his style of management to work with the players he now has at his disposal.

Working with a personality as unpredictable as Keane’s is not straightforward and although he was asked to curb his authoritarian approach in an attempt to get the best out of the players, especially the foreign imports, it seems he wasn’t able to do that. So for now we can’t say this decision was purely down to him.

Where does Keane go from here?

He is one of football’s most volatile characters and although he was being spoken about as a future Manchester United manager just a few months ago that may change now. It is difficult to see how he will ever be given a better chance as a manager than he was at Sunderland. Keane has only ever had the support of his board, he has been given everything he asked for and been allowed to build the club in his own image without interference.

But it seems hard to believe that anyone would now be prepared to give such a level of control anywhere else.

Who could replace Keane at Sunderland?

Sunderland spoke to Sam Allardyce before they appointed Keane, and with him being out of work and a former Sunderland player he will be the bookmakers’ favourite. It is too early to start speculating, but Allardyce is an obvious candidate.

Does this development mark Sunderland out as realistic relegation candidates?

Well, they will be expected to lose against Manchester United on Saturday. But after that they have pivotal matches against West Bromwich Albion, Hull City and Blackburn Rovers. What is stacked in their favour is the quality and experience of the players they have at their disposal.

If a manager can come in and get the best out of this squad I am confident they have enough to steer themselves away from trouble.

Roy Keane has parted company with Sunderland (Getty Images)

by Ben Smith

Roy Keane has resigned as manager of Sunderland after crisis talks on Wearside this morning.

The board accepted the Irishman’s decision to leave Sunderland with immediate effect and Ricky Sbragia, the club’s first-team coach, will take over team affairs on an interim basis, assisted by reserve-team coach Neil Bailey and Dwight Yorke.

Keane had come under increasing pressure after a run of six defeats in their past seven matches. The club have lost four in succession at the Stadium of Light and have taken root in the Premier League relegation zone.

Niall Quinn, the Sunderland chairman, wished Keane well after his departure.

“I would like to pay thanks to Roy Keane for all the hard work he has put in, progressing this club, lifting its status and growing its worldwide profile,” he said.

“Roy deserves huge respect for his contribution and the manner in which he guided the club from the depths of the Championship back to the Premier League. His winning mentality and single-mindedness were just what this club needed when Drumaville took over shortly before his arrival.

“Roy’s decision to stand aside and allow someone else to take charge of the next chapter sums up his desire to always do what is best for the club. Even in his departure he has been more concerned for the welfare of the players and his staff than himself.

“He had put a lot of effort in here, brought more than just his presence here – he brought a way of thinking into this place. He was instrumental in developing a winning mentality – that was the toughest thing of all for him to come and do when we were at the foot of the Championship.

“He brought standards to this club which are amazing. But to do that, it’s intense. He is such a respected figure around the world that the media is intense, the fan pressure is intense.

“I tried for two years to keep as much pressure off him as possible, but obviously the Premier League is the Premier League and I guess it came to the point where Roy thought he had reached the end of that journey.

“Reluctantly, I accepted that. It was not the easiest thing to do, but I think it was the best thing to do in the circumstances at that point.”

Quinn admitted that he had attempted to persuade Keane to remain at the club but realised he was fighting a losing battle.

“Roy, as he says himself, is his harshest critic. He just felt he had completed his journey here, and he just felt he didn’t want to get it unstuck any further and find ourselves in deeper, darker territory.

“That’s the measure of the guy. It’s funny, in situations like this, I am sure nine times out of ten, the chairman is saying how the manager was trying to keep his job. It was the other way round.

“It’s a disappointing day in many respects, but of course, we fully respect his decision.
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“And of course, once he made his decision, I said to him, ‘I know you too well, Roy, to try to overturn it now’ once he went over that line.”

Keane had been been due to attend a press conference at 1pm today but the manager and club had already reached breaking point after a morning of talks.

In a brief statement, Keane thanked his staff for their support.

“I would like to thank my staff, players, Niall Quinn and in particular the fans for their support during my time at Sunderland, and I would like to wish the club every success in the future,” he said.

Disquiet had grown on Wearside over the past few weeks as results went the wrong way and Keane refused to sign an extension to the contract that was due to run out at the end of the season. Speculation heightened as Keane publicly questioned his ability to arrest his side’s decline.

“I ask myself every single day if I am the right man for Sunderland,” Keane said after his team’s 4-1 defeat to Bolton on Saturday.

“I asked myself this morning and I said that I was. Tomorrow morning if the answer’s no we will have to look at it.

“I have to be honest in my assessment. It’s not about what’s best for Roy Keane. It’s Sunderland Football Club. I might wake up on Monday morning and think I’m the right man. On Tuesday it might be different.”

Last month, local radio reports said that Keane was on the verge of being sacked and Bookmakers suspended betting on the possibility of the Irishman either being axed or walking out.

Keane, 37, was appointed manager in August 2006 and was given unprecedented financial backing by the club’s board. He led Sunderland into the Premier League in his first season in charge and finished 15th in his maiden Premier League campaign.

Keane spent more than £80 million bringing in the likes of Djibril Cisse, Anton Ferdinand, El-Hadji Diouf, Pascal Chimbonda and Steed Malbranque, but his new additions – questioned by many – have failed to gel and he leaves with the club in 18th position.

Keano Factfile

1971: Born Cork, August 10.

1990: Signed by Brian Clough for Nottingham Forest from Cobh Ramblers for £10,000.

1991: Makes Republic of Ireland debut in 1-1 draw with Chile in Dublin.

1993: Joins Manchester United for then British transfer record £3.75million after 154 matches and 33 goals for Forest.

1994: Marks first season with United by helping club complete their first League and FA Cup double.

1996: March – Sent off on his 30th appearance for the Republic of Ireland against Russia in Mick McCarthy’s first match as manager.

May – Helps United clinch historic second double with 1-0 FA Cup final win over Liverpool. Fails to report for McCarthy’s testimonial and Republic training after going on holiday to Italy, is denied Republic captaincy and left out for six matches by the national boss.

1997: August – Named United captain following Eric Cantona’s departure.

September – Injures his knee trying to foul Leeds’ Alf Inge Haaland at Elland Road. Misses rest of the season with cruciate ligament damage.

1999: Sent off against Arsenal in FA Cup semi-final replay for two bookable offences. Also booked in Champions League semi-final second leg against Juventus ruling him out of final against Bayern Munich.

2000: May – Named PFA and Football Writers’ Association player of the year before lifting another Premier League title.

August – Sent off in Charity Shield at Wembley for two bookings, the second for a cynical challenge from behind on Chelsea’s Gustavo Poyet.

November – Criticises lack of atmosphere at Old Trafford accusing corporate spectators of being unable “to spell football never mind understand it” and only being interested in prawn sandwiches.

2001: Sent off after horrific pre-meditated lunge at Haaland in United’s derby encounter with Manchester City.

2002: May – Keane is sent home from the World Cup after a row with Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy.

August – Admits in his autobiography that his red-card tackle on Haaland was deliberate.

September – Sent off for elbowing Jason McAteer during Manchester United’s 1-1 draw at Sunderland.

October – Banned for five matches and fined £150,000 over Haaland incident.

2003: February – Despite the efforts of new Ireland manager Brian Kerr to tempt him back into the Republic’s set-up, Keane announces his intention to retire from international football.

May – Makes first appearance for Ireland since McCarthy bust-up in friendly with Romania.

2005: February – Involved in tunnel row with Patrick Vieira before United’s 4-2 win against Arsenal.

October – Announces his international retirement for a second time.

November – Leaves Manchester United by mutual consent.

December – Signs for Celtic in an 18-month deal.

2006: June – Announces his retirement from football.

August – Confirmed as new manager of Sunderland.

2007: April – Earns automatic promotion to the Premier League for Sunderland. Team clinches Championship title the following week.

2008: May – Sunderland finish three points clear of relegation zone.

September – Says he will not “tolerate people abusing me” after fans react angrily to an unconvincing Carling Cup win over Northampton.

December 4 – Leaves Sunderland after crisis talks on Wearside.


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