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Sade – Diamond Life (1984)

Sade - Diamond Life (Epic 481178-2)

Sade – Diamond Life
[Epic 481178-2]
October 25, 1990 | Original Release Date: 1984 | Epic | ASIN: B00000261G

Former model hotty Sade Adu made an immediate and huge impact with her 1984 debut album, Diamond Life. Her sound and approach were deliberately icy, her delivery and voice aloof, deadpan, and cold, and yet she became an instant sensation through such songs as “Smooth Operator” and “Your Love Is King,” where the slick production and quasi-jazz backing seemed to register with audiences thinking they were hearing a jazz vocalist.


1. Smooth Operator (Sade, Saint John) 4:57
2. Your Love Is King (Adu, Matthewman, Matthewman) 3:41
3. Hang on to Your Love (Adu, Matthewman) 5:55
4. Frankie’s First Affair (Adu, Matthewman) 4:39
5. When Am I Going to Make a Living (Adu, Matthewman) 3:27
6. Cherry Pie (Adu, Denman, Hale, Matthewman) 6:20
7. Sally (Adu, Denman, Hale, Matthewman) 5:23
8. I Will Be Your Friend (Adu, Matthewman) 4:45
9. Why Can’t We Live Together (Thomas) 5:28



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