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Our holiday home from !

A CRYINair Mc Ryanair Fright !

This reminds me of every fright, sorry flight, I was forced to endure (i.e. when no REAL airlines were available) with the Mc Donalds of Airlines, the truly horrific and evil Ryanair!

Should be called CRYINair!

If you want to know what being in a shaking airborne pig coop feels like, fly Mc CRYINair! (they should use this as their marketing slogan!)

I’ve seen a scary undercover BBC documentary about how things really work there.

Amongst the key allegations of the documentary – with apparent ample evidence too! – included the inadequate training for cabin crew, the lack of safety checks, the lack of passport checking for boarders, the exhausting rotas for staff, the pushing of pilot flying hours to the very legal limit allowed, et fucking cetera! -.

Of course too, widely known is the notorious lack of customer service, the renowned tardiness, the crappy ancient planes, the cases of charges for the usage of wheelchairs, the eviction of blind passengers from a flight, the false advertising, the suing of the millionth customer when she claimed the advertised prize which was rightly due to her, et fucking cetera!

Worst of all though is the corporate philosophy of “fuck the customer”!

CRYINair, what a pack of cunts!

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