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"Dirty old man" Woody Allen casts young Slumdog hotty Freida Pinto in new film

Never slow to come forward whenever nubile young lovelies are involved, professional “dirty old man” and part time film director Woody Allen has been quick to grab (metaphorically at least!) scorching slumdog sweety Freida Pinto!

Frisky Freida’s as hot as masala made from raw fire. However, when we caught her on the Leno show last week, she was really very annoying, twittering on about an array of inanities!

Why are we surprised?

However, she did give that smug, right-wing, Bush ass-rimmer, Dennis Miller a good snubbing on the show!

Nice work Frisky Freida!

Don’t worry, Woody is a horny Democrat!

Booby Starlet Scarlett Johansson is said to be unconcerned about the termination of her unofficial role as “Woody Muse“!

However, Scarlett the Starlet was seen giggling insanely coming out of a Voodoo Store yesterday with a doll of a tanned young chick and numerous giant sharp needles!!

Woody Allen casts ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star Freida Pinto for upcoming film
By Eloise Parker
February 24th 2009

Move over Scarlett Johansson! Woody Allen has a hot new leading lady.

The famed director has picked stunning “Slumdog Millionaire” star Freida Pinto to be in his next movie, Variety reports.

The Indian-born former model will join Naomi Watts in the as-yet-untitled film.

The film, which is scheduled to start shooting this summer, will co-star Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins.

Allen’s new flick will be 24-year-old Pinto’s first since her breakout performance in the multi Oscar-winning “Slumdog,” which won her a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Pinto had only done amateur theater before director Danny Boyle cast her for the role of Latika, but has since completed a three-month acting workshop with veteran theater guru Barry John and signed with Hollywood agency CAA.

Allen is currently putting the finishing touches to his next project, “Whatever Works,” due in theaters in June.

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Scarlett Johansson still Alluring

Scarlett tries out her new lips!

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn ….… Maybe a dam. But not a full damn! …… And why is there a fucking silent “n” at the end of damn, anyway? … I mean, I’d definitely do you. But only once though. And only so I could brag about it to my buddies”

– Rat Battler (to Scarlett O’Johansson)

We’re not sure about Scarlett Johansson! Fine, she’s got that amazing rack- a bouncy natural one (rare in silly coned Hollywood lala land!)! And those other curves! And the bee stung lips! But we don’t find her as amazingly stunning as 99% of the world seems to! Not in the same league as, say, Maria Ozawa (or countless other hotties!)

Again, same goes for her much lauded “talent”!

OK, she was good in the wonderful “Lost in Translation” (however, really, Bill Murray’s towering performance dragged her along), but we’ve seen a few more of her movies and have to say – erm, how to put this politely! – she’s not a very convincing actress.

As for that Tom Waits covers album thingy from last year, we shall keep schtum!

Anyway, everyone else thinks Scarlett is amazingly alluring! And Allure thinks she’s alluring! That’s why she’s on a recent cover of their magazine!

I’m so fucking stoned right now! … Is that you, Rat Battler?

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Boobiful Scarlett Johannson

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Well, if it isn’t Boobiful murderess Scarlett Johannson!

I mean murderer of Tom Waits songs, not people. Although she may well have done that also! How the fuck do I know?

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The ten sexiest women in the world … or galaxy

A list from FHM. Some of these are very dubious indeed! Some of em are very hot indeed!

See here videos of the ten sexiest women of 2008, according to American digital magazine FHM Online. Gorgeous and extremely sensual, these women stand out not only for their artistic talent but also for their beautiful features and sexy curves, which attract eyes everywhere.

* #10 Kate Beckinsale

* #9 Blake Lively

* #8 Tricia Helfer

* #7 Hilary Duff

* #6 Emmanuelle Chriqui

* #5 Scarlett Johansson

* #4 Elisha Cuthbert

* #3 Jessica Alba

* #2 Jessica Biel

* #1 Megan Fox

More about this list

Among actresses, models and singers, the most sensual women of 2008 stand out all over the world for their beauty, which is constantly shown on magazine covers, movies and TV shows.


FHM Online

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Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008)

Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008)

@ 320 kbps

I can think of one place Scarlett can lay her head!!

Here Scarlett, the starlet, tries her hand – or voice – at covers of some classic Tom Waits tracks!

Rather surreal, I know, but true!

Let me say that I acknowledge Scarlett has some talents. Yap, her boobies are really fine! Oh, and her ass too!

I’m not sure but I think she’s an actress of some sort!

Actually, she was good in the wonderful “Lost in Translation”, but perhaps thanks only to the amazing Bill Murray, who carried her through. In other outings, she just doesn’t convince.

I guess, since she appeared in the Dylan video a few years back, that now she needs to try her hand at the music game!

Does it work. Well, I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Then again, maybe I was just thinking of her tits!!

Recorded at Dockside Studio in Louisiana’s Cajun country, Johansson’s debut album features her distinctive interpretations of ten songs by legendary singer-songwriter Tom Waits.

It also introduces one original track, Song For Jo, which she co-wrote with David Andrew Sitek (TV on the Radio), who produced the album and lent his instrumental skills throughout.

The title track comes from Waits 1985 opus Rain Dogs, and Johansson s set also pulls cuts from Alice, Swordfishtrombones, Big Time, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, Real Gone, Small Change and Bone Machine.

David Bowie adds backing vocals on two tracks, Falling Down and Fannin Street, and the disc also features the talents of Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner and multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis from Celebration, among others.


1. Fawn
2. Town With No Cheer
3. Falling Down
4. Anywhere I Lay My Head
5. Fannin’ Street
6. Song for Jo
7. Green Grass
8. I Wish I Was in New Orleans
9. I Don’t Want to Grow Up
10. No One Knows I’m Gone
11. Who Are You?

Here be Scarlett, the starlet

@ 320 kbps
no pass

no pass

Thanks to the original poster

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