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Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Live At The Olympia Paris 1999

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Live At The Olympia Paris 1999

Great live recording of the man himself from a Paris show.

A whopping 22 tracks in all!


Disc 1

1-01 I Feel Allright.mp3
1-02 Don’T Love You No More.mp3
1-03 Pretty Girl’S Everywhere.mp3
1-04 I’m Lonely.mp3
1-05 Deceived.mp3
1-06 I Don’T Know.mp3
1-07 I Want To Know.mp3
1-08 I’ll Be There.mp3
1-09 Stand By Me.mp3

Disc 2

2-01 Bite It.mp3
2-02 Constipation Blues.mp3
2-03 What’d I Say.mp3
2-04 Alligator Wine.mp3
2-05 I Put A Spell On You.mp3
2-06 Itty Bitty One.mp3
2-07 Shout.mp3
2-08 Short.mp3
2-09 You Took Me.mp3
2-10 Please Don’t Leave Me.mp3
2-11 Goodnight Sweetheart.mp3
2-12 Frankly Speaking.mp3

Here she be:

DL both files

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Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Discography

I love this guy!

I first came across Jay ages ago via Jim Jarmusch when the great Jarmusch featured “I Put a Spell on You” on the soundtrack – and deep in the plot – of his wonderful movie Stranger Than Paradise in 1983. I kept rewinding the video and listening to the magic madness of this amazing track.

I had to rush out and buy one of the LPs on which this wondrous track appeared.

Later, I caught Jay again when Jarmusch had Hawkins himself star as a hotel night clerk in Mystery Train.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was the most outrageous performer extant during rock’s dawn. Prone to emerging out of coffins onstage, with a flaming skull named Henry his constant companion, Screamin’ Jay was an insanely theatrical figure long before it was even remotely acceptable.

Hawkins’ life story is almost as bizarre as his onstage shtick.

Originally inspired by the booming baritone of Paul Robeson, Hawkins was unable to break through as an opera singer. His boxing prowess was every bit as lethal as his vocal cords; many of his most hilarious tales revolve around Jay beating the hell out of a musical rival!

Hawkins caught his first musical break in 1951 as pianist/valet to veteran jazz guitarist Tiny Grimes. He debuted on wax for Gotham the following year with “Why Did You Waste My Time,” backed by Grimes and his Rockin’ Highlanders (they donned kilts and tam o’ shanters on stage). Singles for Timely (“Baptize Me in Wine”) and Mercury’s Wing subsidiary (1955’s otherworldly “[She Put the] Wamee [On Me],” a harbinger of things to come) preceded Hawkins’ immortal 1956 rendering of “I Put a Spell on You” for Columbia’s Okeh imprint. originally envisioned the tune as a refined ballad. After he and his New York session aces (notably guitarist Mickey Baker and saxist Sam “The Man” Taylor) had imbibed to the point of no return, Hawkins screamed, grunted, and gurgled his way through the tune with utter drunken abandon. A resultant success despite the protests of uptight suits-in-power, “I Put a Spell on You” became Screamin’ Jay’s biggest seller (“Little Demon,” its rocking flip, is a minor classic itself).

Hawkins cut several amazing 1957-58 follow-ups in the same crazed vein — “Hong Kong,” a surreal “Yellow Coat,” the Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller-penned “Alligator Wine” — but none of them clicked the way “Spell” had. Deejay Alan Freed convinced Screamin’ Jay that popping out of a coffin might be a show-stopping gimmick by handing him a $300 bonus (long after Freed’s demise, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was still benefiting from his crass brainstorm).

Hawkins’ next truly inspired waxing came in 1969 when he was contracted to Philips Records (where he made two albums). His gross “Constipation Blues” wouldn’t garner much airplay, but remained an integral part of his legacy for quite awhile.

The cinema was a beneficiary of Screamin’ Jay’s larger-than-life persona in later years. His featured roles in Mystery Train and A Rage in Harlem made Hawkins a familiar visage to youngsters who never even heard “I Put a Spell on You.” He died February 12, 2000 following surgery to treat an aneurysm; Hawkins was 70.

Catch the screamer here in these great vids!

Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Serge Gainsbourg – Constipation Blues

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Old Man River

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins performs the classic Old Man River on “Night Music”

Here be the Screamer

PW : vVv

All thanks vinchrane

The Night And Day of

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
(1965) @VBR

01. night and day
02. in my dream
03. i wanna know
04. your kind of love
05. change your ways
06. serving time
07. alright, O.K. you win
08. please forgive me
09. move me
10. i’m so glad
11. my marion
12. all night

Portrait Of A Man
(1972) @VBR

01.Little Demon: Hawkins, Nahan 2:26
02.I Put a Spell on You: Hawkins 2:27
03.Baptize Me in Wine: Hawkins 2:35
04.Not Anymore: Hawkins 3:03
05.I Hear Voices: Hawkins 2:55
06.Just Don’t Care: Hawkins 2:26
07.Ashes: Phillips 2:31
08.There’s Something Wrong With You: Hawkins, Nahan 2:28
09.Strange: Hawkins 2:07
10.The Whammy: Hawkins 2:34
11.All Night: Hawkins 2:09
12.Poor Folks: Hawkins 3:03
13.Your Kind of Love: Hawkins 2:21
14.Mountain Jive: Hawkins 2:16
15.Voodoo: Bellack, Levine 2:43
16.You Put the Spell on Me: Hawkins 4:00
17.Portrait of a Man: Carr, Hawkins 4:16
18.Ol’ Man River: Hammerstein, Kern 6:11
19.Heart Attack and Vine: Waits 4:25
20.I Don’t Know: Mabon 3:11
21.Don’t Deceive Me: Willis 3:44
22.Whistling Past the Graveyard: Waits 3
23.Armpit No: Hawkins 3:43
24.I Put a Spell on You: Hawkins 3:07
25.Scream the Blues: Duffey, Jung 3:30

Screamin’ The Blues
(1979) @VBR

01.Not Anymore: Hawkins 3:06
02.Please Try to Understand: Hawkins 3:21
03.Baptize Me in Wine: Hawkins 2:38
04.This Is All: Hawkins, Kirkland 2:53
05.(She Put the) Wamee (On Me): Hawkins, Kirkland 3:04
06.Well I Tried: Hawkins, Kirkland 2:36
07.You’re All of My Life to Me: Hawkins 2:36
08.I Hear Voices: Hawkins 2:41
09.Talk About Me: Hawkins, Kirkland 2:34
10.Just Don’t Care: Hawkins 2:30
11.The Whammy: Hawkins 2:37
12.Poor Folks: Hawkins 3:04
13.Your Kind of Love: Hawkins 2:23
14.All Night: Hawkins 2:12
15.Monkberry Moon Delight: McCartney, McCartney 3:21
16.Sweet Ginny: Hawkins 3:07

Frenzy (1982)
Rip-Vinyl @320

01.I Put a Spell on You: Hawkins, Slotkin 2:26
02.Little Demon: Hawkins, Hawkins, Nahan 2:23
03.Alligator Wine: Leiber, Stoller 3:04
04.Frenzy: Hess, Hill, Stevenson 2:11
05.I Love Paris: Porter 2:24
06.Hong Kong: Hawkins, Nahan 2:20
07.Person to Person: McRae, Singleton 2:09
08.There’s Something Wrong With You: Hawkins, Nahan 2:21
09.Orange Coloured Sky: DeLugg, Stein 2:52
10.Temptation: Brown, Freed 2:38
11.Yellow Coat: Hawkins, Nahan 2:23
12.If You Are But a Dream: Bonx, Fulton, Jaffe 2:52
13.You Made Me Love You: McCarthy, Monaco 2:00
14.Deep Purple: DeRose, Parish 2:33

At Home With Jay In The Wee Wee Hours
[live At Jack The Ribber’s 09.27 & 28, 1984]
(1988) Rip-Vinyl @320

01.Lawd, Lawd, Lawd
02.Hong Kong
04.Cherry Pie
05.In Her Room
06.Constipation Blues
07.I Need Your Love
08.Feast Of The Mau Mau
09.Let It Roll
10.Make The Blues Rock/Bite It
11.I Put A Spell On You (A Curse Of The 80’s)

Black Music For White People
(1991) @VBR

01.Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby? Austin, Jordan 2:54
02.I Feel Alright: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 3:30
03.I Put a Spell on You [Dance Version]: Hawkins 3:33
04.I Hear You Knockin’: Bartholomew, King 3:11
05.Heart Attack and Vine: Waits 4:22
06.Ignant and Shit: Hawkins 6:00
07.Swamp Gas: Hawkins, Keneally 4:37
08.Voodoo Priestess: Duffey 3:49
09.Ice Cream Man: Waits 3:22
10.I Want Your Body: Hawkins 4:07
11.Ol’ Man River: Hammerstein, Kern 5:56
12.Stroking: 5:18

I Put A Spell On You [Charly Rcds]
(1999) @VBR

01.Portrait of a Man: Carr, Hawkins 4:17
02.Itty Bitty Pretty One: Byrd 2:30
03.Don’t Deceive Me: Willis 3:46
04.What’s Gonna Happen on the 8th Day: Barkan, Sour 5:05
05.Ashes: Hawkins 2:52
06.We Love: Hawkins 2:5
07.It’s Only Make Believe: Nance, Twitty 3:21
08.Please Don’t Leave Me: Domino 3:54
09.I Put a Spell on You: Hawkins 3:33
10.I Don’t Know: Mabon 3:35
11.Guess Who? Belvin, Belvin 4:26
12.What Good Is It, Pt. 1: Reynolds 2:15
13.What Good Is It, Pt. 2: Hawkins 4:33
14.Same Damn Thing: Hawkins 5:53

Live At The Olympia [Paris 1998]
(1999) @VBR


1.01.I Feel Alright: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 6:35
1.02.Don’t Love You No More: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 8:38
1.03.Pretty Girls Everywhere: Church, Williams 7:37
1.04.I’m Lonely: Hawkins 3:58
1.05.Deceived: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 5:08
1.06.I Don’t Know: Mabon 7:05
1.07.I Wanna Know: Hawkins 8:09
1.08.I’ll Be There: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 3:35
1.09.Stand by Me: King, Leiber, Stoller 6:04


2.10.Bite It: Hawkins 6:33
2.11.Constipation Blues: Hawkins 6:26
2.12.What’d I Say: Charles 7:15
2.13.Alligator Wine: Leiber, Stoller 5:55
2.14.I Put a Spell on You: Hawkins 4:38
2.15.Itty Bitty Pretty One: Day 8:32
2.16.Shout: Isley, Isley, Isley 4:12
2.17.Short: Hawkins :40
2.18.You Took Me: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 5:28
2.19.Please Don’t Leave Me: Domino 7:44
2.20.Goodnight Sweetheart: Campbell, Connelly, Noble 3:36
2.21.Frankly Speaking [*] Ash, Hawkins 4:28

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and The Fuzztones Live
(Midnight Records) – live 1984

Rare vinyl EP of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, with The Fuzztones, the New York City-based psychedelic/garage rock combo, recorded live at NYC’s Irving Plaza on December 19th 1985.

01 Alligator Wine
02 I Put A Spell On You
03 It’s That Time Again
04 Constipation Blues

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