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Serena Williams abusing surfboards!

Uber-curvy tennis star Serena Williams is having an ace time surfing with her new boo! (is that still the proper term these “street” multi-millionaires use?!)

Baby shooo got back! And then some!

The guy is Common (real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn …. yes really!!), who, when not lounging around Maui with the muscular tennis champion, makes some sort of hip hop music.

It seems like they’re the latest hot couple, after they were spotted flirting outrageously at a party some months back.

Now they’re surfing in Hawaii.

Don’t worry … Serena has a specially reinforced surf-board!

The timing isn’t bad for Williams as she had to bow out of the WTA tournament in Moscow because of knee problems. Else she was perhaps afraid of being hammered by one of those goddarn rooskies on home soil!

Common’s extremely keen on his giant queen of the waves!

Recently he was asked about his ideal lady: “I like strong women,” he said (instead of saying “I like giant booty babes who are multi-millionaires and who have biceps the size of melons” (BTW, is there really steroid testing in tennis?) )

Well, “strong” is one word for Serena! Or maybe he likes being pussy-whipped! Or maybe he’s talking about some weird S&M stuff! Who the fuck knows! Or cares!!


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