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Koroshiya Ichi (殺し屋1) / Ichi the killer

Ichi collection
Koroshiya Ichi (殺し屋1) / Ichi the killer

Manga (English scanlated), OVA (original video animation) and Movie!!

This world famous piece originated from a manga series and exploded into a successful animation and movie .

Koroshiya Ichi (殺し屋1)/Ichi the killer is a manga originally created by HIDEO Yamamoto (山本英夫). It very soon became a very popular series in Japan.

The manga originally appeared 1998-2001 on “Weekly Young Sunday” from Shogakukan.

It was later made into a sensational movie version by director TAKASHI Miike in 2001.

An OVA (original video animation) version was directed by SHINJI Ishidaira in 2002.

This posting includes the complete collection of manga (English scanlated), the OVA & the Movie!!

Manga img


Title:Koroshiya ichi/殺し屋1 (English scanlated)
Author: HIDEO Yamamoto
Scanlator(s): Hawks
Format: JPG

OVA img
OVA (original video animation)
AVI | DivX 1007 Kbps | 23.976 fps | 640×352 | MP3 128Kbps | 331 Mb

Titile: Koroshiya Ichi the Animation: Episode 0/殺し屋1 THE ANIMATION EPISODE 0
Director: SHINJI Ishidaira
Language: Japanese, English subtitle(by Hawks)
Length: 45min.

Downlad: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Movie img

Koroshiya Ichi/Ichi the killer
AVI | XviD 1516Kbps | 25fps | 640×352 | AC3 – 448Kbps | 1.35 Gb | 2 CD

Titile: Ichi the Killer (Uncut Version) /殺し屋1
Year: 2001
Director: TAKASHI Miike
Length: 2hr3min
Language: Japanese+English/French/Italian subtitle

Kakihara: TADANOBU Asano
Ichi: NAO Omori
Kaneko: Sabu
Jijii: SHINYA Tsukamoto
Karen: PAULYN Sun .
Suzuki: SUSUMU Terajima
Jiro/Saburo: SUZUKI Matsuo
Takayama: SHUN Sugata

Big thanks to kakihara


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