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V.A. – Living Bridge (2008)

V.A. – Living Bridge (2008)
A wonderful selection of top Indie musicto cheer you up in these dark days of the Republican Convention!

A great selection of new, and not so new, bands.

With so much music being released each week, and with so many music critics intent on being the first to declare the Next Big Thing, looking for a decent indie sampler is nigh impossible.

Sure, you could buy Vice Records’ This Is NEXT, a fifteen-song sampler released last summer that oxymoronically boasts “Indie’s Biggest Hits.” But while This is NEXT might familiarize you with artists like the Shins, Cat Power, the Hold Steady and Of Montreal, it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to be caught downloading (having a company tell you what music to listen to kind of defeats the purpose).

Or you could pick up a few ultra-hip movie soundtracks like last year’s Spiderman 3 which contains tunes by the Walkmen, Black Mountain, Rogue Wave and the Flaming Lips. But quite often these soundtracks are little more than studio outtake roundups containing tunes the artists themselves deemed unworthy of inclusion on their ‘real’ albums.

Not a good entry point for the curious.

But Brooklyn-based Rare Book Room Studios has quite possibly overridden these problems with Living Bridge. Released in February, this two-disc compilation boasts a bevy of indie music darlings (Black Dice, the Silver Jews, Deerhunter, Blood on the Wall, Avey Tare of Animal Collective), all of whom recorded songs specifically for this compilation. There’s not a whack track here.

The big selling point of Living Bridge is that the songs have been sequenced and mixed so that they run together, creating a seamless listening experience – a rarity in this age of 99-cent downloads.

But the really cool thing is, rather than looking back on ‘Indie’s Biggest Hits,’ it stands to surprise the listener with work by future greats. Highlights for this listener include TK Webb’s channeling of Bruce Springsteen on The Devil’s a Dork, Samara Lubelski’s ethereal Ego Blossoms, Sam Jayne’s churning rocker Darker Still and a song called Hats vs. Headbands by Tomorrow’s Friend – a band I would not be surprised to find out is the Strokes as fronted by Yoko Ono.

And staying ahead of the curve is really what indie is all about.


CD 1

01. Avey Tare – I’m Your Eagle Kisser
02. Telepathe – I Can’t Stand It
03. Palms – Der Keoning
04. Black Dice – Pigpen
05. Tara Jane O’Neil – Sunday Song
06. Samara Lubelski – Ego Blossoms
07. Blood on the Wall – Lightning Song
08. Silver Jews – Self Ignition
09. Charles Gansa – Charlene
10. The Naysayer – The Shell
11. TK Webb – The Devil’s a Dork (The Sea Told Me)
12. Lia Ices – Reason in Remain

CD 2

01. Theo Angell – Byegone
02. Rings (formerly First Nation) – RIPEace
03. Deerhunter – After Class
04. Enon – Ashish
05. Fischerspooner – Amuse Bouche
06. John Wolfington – Grace
07. La Lus – Contendo
08. Doldrums – Not a Slave
09. Silent City – Prussian Leather
10. Sam Jayne and the Simpson Sound System – Darker Still
11. Tomorrow’s Friend – Hats vs. Headbands
12. Kapow – Flying Kites/The Pop International
13. The Jewish – Fantasy Stalker

Here she be;

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Both Sides Now – The Spirit of Americana – VA (2002)

Both Sides Now: The Spirit of Americana – VA (2002)
Mp3 @ 160 kbps / 2 files – 89.5 MB & 86.0 MB / RS

Both Sides Now – Best Of Americana was a 2002 UK-exclusive release, compiled by Uncut magazine’s Nigel Williamson.

The collection aims to offer a comprehensive summary of Americana as it currently stands with 37 tracks from such an array of amazing artists like Bob Dylan, Flaming Lips, Lambchop, Mercury Rev, Jim O’Rourke, Thea Gilmore, Radar Brothers, Be Good Tanyas, Silver Jews, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions & many more.

Funny, I wouldn’t associate many of these with Americana! But so fucking what! It’s great music!

Yap – although they did cast their Americana net a little too widely, there are still plenty of gems on this compilation.

Those seeking a purer form of Americana could do worse than check out the Flyinshoes podcast which comes from Nottingham, in the middle of the UK, rather strangely! I always knew Britland was the 51st US State!!

Some of these rather good podcasts can be had here;

Both Sides Now collects two discs’ worth of contemporary artists who work loosely under the genre label Americana, although it is difficult to imagine some of the these acts actually falling into that drawer, like the Flaming Lips, for example, whose “Do You Realize” is included here.

That said, this is a pretty cool anthology with a lot of highlights, starting with the first track, Bob Dylan’s “High Water (For Charley Patton).” The woefully underappreciated Rodney Crowell contributes “Ballad of a Teenage Queen,” while Steve Earle brings his courageous (and controversial) “Ballad of John Walker,” and the two songs seem to sort of bookend the American experience. BR5-49 does a loving cover of Gram Parsons’ “Hickory Wind.” The Flaming Lips’ erstwhile cousin Mercury Rev, another band that works “in the spirit of Americana” rather than in Americana itself, is represented here by the pretty “Little Rhymes.” A fine introduction to some interesting artists who seem to never show up on MTV ( or on CMT, either, for that matter).

– Steve Leggett
Well, here’s a useful catch-all, catch-up compilation in time for slipping into your Americana Christmas stocking. Sub-sub-titled The Best of Americana 2002! It rather stretches a point to include the Flaming Lips’ pop-glorious Do You Realise? and Warren Zevon’s You’re A Whole Different Person, but otherwise this embraces all shades of the genre, from sparse mountain music to gutsy guitar rocking, from the Be Good Tanyas, Arlenes and Silver Jews to Jason Ringenberg, Jay Farrar and Grant Lee Phillips.

Rather than the review descending into an extended list, suffice to point you in the direction of Raul Malo & Shelby Lynn’s revamp of It Takes Two To Tango, Rodney Crowell’s Johnny Cash tribute album version of Ballad of a Teenage Queen, the inclusion of little known but worth discovering names Dan Bern, Wiskey Biscuit, Departure Lounge, and Cicero Buck, After All This Time from Darden’s Smith’s criminally underpublicised comeback album, and the fragile beauty of Hope Sandoval’s Suzanne.

But whether your taste leans more to Dylan (High Water) or Lambchop (I Can Hardly Spell My Name) with its balance of reliable old timers and emergent heirs to the throne (Mary Gauthier step right up), even with the notable omissions of Ryan Adams, The Guthries and Eileen Rose, this is ridiculously good value for money, even though it’ll probably cost you a fortune tracking down the albums by the artists you’ll just be discovering within. And I managed to get through the whole review without once drooling over the fact it also contains Thea Gilmore’s not-entirely-Americana-but-who-cares cover of I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine from her forthcoming new album. Oh darn!

– Mike Davies


CD 1 – 78:18

01 Bob Dylan – High Water (For Charley Patton) 04:05
02 Raul Malo & Shelby Lynne – It Takes Two to Tango 03:35
03 Lambchop – I Can Hardly Spell My Name 03:22
04 The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize 03:34
05 Jim O’Rourke – All Downhill From Here 05:00
06 Jeff Finlin – I Am the King 04:12
07 Warren Zevon – You’re a Whole Different Person When You’re Scared 05:14
08 Jay Farrar – Barstow 03:54
09 Radar Brothers – Rock of the Lake 04:59
10 Dan Bern – New American Language 05:13
11 Jason Ringenberg – Bible and a Gun 04:37
12 The Be Good Tanyas – Don’t You Fall 03:40
13 Silver Jews – Horseleg Swastikas 03:23
14 Caitlin Cary – Shallow Heart, Shallow Water 04:36
15 Hayden – I Should Have Been Watching You 01:43
16 The Vessels – Don’t Waste Your Time 03:07
17 Chris Mills – Silver Line 02:56
18 BR5-49 – Hickory Wind 04:18
19 Stewboss – I Hope I Miss You 03:39
20 Rodney Crowell – Ballad of a Teenage Queen 03:11

CD 2 – 75:19

01 Josh Rouse – Feeling No Pain 04:20
02 Steve Earle – Ballad of John Walker 03:41
03 Wiskey Biscuit – Santa Ana River Delta Blues 05:51
04 Mercury Rev – Little Rhymes 05:12
05 Thea Gilmore – I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine 04:35
06 Chuck Prophet – Summertime Thing 05:11
07 Grand Drive – Track 40’s Gone 04:45
08 Grant Lee Phillips – Like a Lover 04:32
09 Departure Lounge – King Kong Frown 02:58
10 St. Thomas – Oh I Have Left the Ground 03:28
11 Cicero Buck – Delicate Shade of Grey 03:35
12 Will Kimbrough – Hey Big Sister 05:11
13 Mary Gauthier – Our Lady of the Shooting Stars 03:30
14 Dolly Varden – Overwhelming 05:21
15 The Arlenes – Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone 05:27
16 Darden Smith – After All This Time 02:54
17 Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions – Suzanne 04:48

Here they be y’all!

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Will Oldham and Silver Jew David Berman at the Liss Ard Festival, Skibbereen, Ireland – 29.08.99

Here’s the great Will Oldham and the amazing Silver Jew David Berman playing some of their songs as well as covering some songs of other artists, talking and reading poetry!

All at the literary/music festival at Liss Ard, Skibbereen, on the west coast of County Cork on 29 August 1999.


1. Now II
2. Arise, Therefore
3. If There Tas a Book About This Hallway
4. Crying in the Chapel
5. Joke
6. A Leprechaun Gave Me a Blowjob
7 Missing in Action
8. Talking and Jokes
9. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
10. War in Apartment 1812
11. Jokes
12. Madeleine- Mary
13. Talking
14. Nervous Ashers & Apocalypse
15. Armadillo Song of London Homesick Blues
16. Talking
17. Folsom Prison Blues in Spanish
18. Sweet Child O’ Mine
19. Thunder Road
20. Talking
21. Come In
22. The Rocker
23. New Orleans
24. Smith & Jones Forever
25. Turn the Page
26. Talking
27. Horses

Here be the dastardly duo

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