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Gustav Mahler Symphony No.9 – Berliner Philharmoniker with Sir Simon Rattle

Gustav Mahler Symphony No.9 -Berliner Philharmoniker – Conducted by Sir Simon Rattle

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Publisher:EMI Classics | March 2008 | Rapidshare

A great live performance of Gustav Mahler’s magnificent 9th Symphony with the Berliner Philharmoniker, as conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Symphony No. 9 in D major was written in 1909 and 1910, and was the last symphony that Mahler completed.

The infidelity of his wife Alma had recently been revealed to Mahler and this personal crisis led to what some consider to be the most intense of all his symphonies.

Mahler was at this time a champion of the emerging avant-garde movement, most notably Arnold Schoenberg, and that this placed him in a difficult situation as the standard-bearer of the past whilst being acutely aware of the future of music, especially tonality, opening up before him.

The first movement of this symphony depicts this struggle between tonal stability and instability.



1. Andante comodo
2. Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers. Etwas tappisch und sehr derb


3. Rondo – Burleske. Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig
4. Adagio. Sehr langsam und noch zuruckhaltend

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