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Our holiday home from !

Sofia Vergara,!! Oh Momma!!

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Oh Momma!!

What stunning … erm …. curtains!

I can’t take my eyes off em!

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Sofia Vergara loves her White Bikini

Here’s Sofia Vergara in a nice white Bikini!

Hot, curvy, juicy, booby! But who is she?

Glad you asked. Cos, as well as oogling her, I’ve just googled her! (The things I do in the pursuit of ridiculously useless information!)

The answer is this. She’s some sort of Colombian model and actress!

She’s starred in classic unforgettable movies such as “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Chasing Papi”. They sound like Latin porno movies, if ever I heard one!

I note with concern that she was born in July, 1972! What? That makes her approximately 36 years old!

Now, MILFs ain’t my thing! But I think I can make an exception for the booby star of my two favorite Latin pornos!

She has a site here;

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