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At Last! South Park Takes on the Jonas Bros!

From Smokingsection

It took us a while, but we just realized why the Jonas Brothers exist!

Why? So they could be torn to pieces by Matt and Trey from South Park!
In last night’s episode, the debut of season thirteen, Kenny was stoked that he was dating a fifth grade whore, eager to get his first BJ. But when the girl met the Jonas Brothers, they coerced her into wearing a promise ring, and made her vow to abstain from sex. So Kenny never got his BJ.
The episode also tore the Disney franchise to shreds. Mickey Mouse (AKA Mr. Mouse) appeared as a sex-crazed Svengali and backhanded promoter of purity rings.
It was genius!
Check out the clip above or click here to watch the full episode.

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Bono makes More Crap – South Park S11E09 – (HQ Video)

Watch King of crap Boner as he visits the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zürich!

The South Park boys sure love Boner!

“More Crap” is episode 1109 (#162) of Comedy Central’s South Park and was originally telecast on October 10, 2007. It parodies The King of Kong, a documentary about an underdog who is attempting to beat Billy Mitchell’s infamous Donkey Kong record. Bono’s personality in the episode is much like Mitchell’s, including how he is allowed to play by different rules than other world score competitors.

The episode is one of very few where neither Cartman, Kyle, Kenny or any of the other children appear, except for Stan who has a minor role. The plot revolves primarily around Randy Marsh and the other adults in South Park.

When Stan’s father, Randy Marsh, makes a turd of record-breaking weight after some weeks on a P.F. Chang’s China Bistro diet, the previous record-holder, U2’s Bono, declares that he has re-claimed his record, citing a photograph. Marsh’s friends convince him to try to break the record again, while his wife Sharon, like every other woman in the world, just doesn’t understand it and considers all the matter as a really stupid thing.

While he prepares eating only at P.F. Chang’s again, Stan visits Bono and tries to convince him to let his father have the record. Bono hysterically declares that he will never settle for being “number 2” and sends him out, but his butler takes Stan and tells him the truth: Bono doesn’t hold the record, he is the record.

They explain further when they arrive at the record keepers’ office (the European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zürich), where Marsh and the record keepers are waiting. Bono tries to stop them, but a record keeper comes forward: he is Bono’s father, and it was he who took “the world’s largest crap” making what would grow up to be Bono. He offers Bono his nipple, which he explains is what made Bono grow.

Randy Marsh then squeezes out a turd whose size dwarfs him and Bono. He receives his award, an Emmy trophy pulled right from what had appeared to be the station overlay announcing South Park’s recently-won Emmy Award.

TV Squad gave the episode an overwhelmingly positive review, stating that “it’s low taste but it’s South Park low taste, which makes it funny,” and that “they [Trey Parker and Matt Stone] are on a roll. Possibly a toilet paper roll.”

IGN had mixed feelings about the episode, calling it “amusing, but not terribly so”, giving it a rating of 7.4. The episode currently has a score of 8.0 on, as voted for by viewers.

P. F. Chang’s spokesperson, Laura Cherry, responded positively to the episode, saying that “It’s the third or fourth time we’ve appeared in many of their episodes”. She also stated that the creators themselves enjoy eating there.

Here be Boner

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