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Let’s Not Fight This Christmas -by Chris Difford and the Decorations

Just a quick piece, trying to get the word out about “Let’s Not Fight This Christmas” by the great songwriter Chris Difford – from the sublime Squeeze, et al! – and the Decorations.
It’s released for download on December 8th, following a week-long launch on BBC1’s The One Show (every night at 7pm from December 1st) and all proceeds from the single will go to Children In Need, a BBC projct dedicated to assisting a variety of charities working with children in the UK.

It’s a great cause and we hope you all find yourselves singing along to the song over the mulled wine and turkey and amphetamines!

Chris Difford and the Decorations are making a concerted effort to put a new, original Christmas song (about Christmas no less!) in the charts this year, and appreciate all help and support in advance.

Chris Difford

I have, along with Kevin Malpass been working on a Christmas single in conjunction with the BBC’s One Show.

Next week between 7 and 7.30 pm Monday to Friday you will see the story of our song. Please join us on our journey as we try to make this single a hit. It will be a download only track and the details of this will follow shortly.

I always dreamt of being on Top Of the Pops at Christmas, I’m sure it wont happen, but we can have fun trying. And, make some money for Children in Need.

Pass this on to as many people as you can so that when the download comes we can all suck it down from the internet and make this Christmas a bit of fun.

If we do get on the tele around turkey time, you can all come round to my house for a mince pie!

Thanks for taking part in advance….. Cd x

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Squeeze – The Complete Squeeze BBC Sessions (2008, 2CD)

Squeeze – The Complete Squeeze BBC Sessions (2008, 2CD)
Mp3 / 190 kbps VBR:
A wonderful selection of Post-Punk, Power Pop from the wonderful songwriting partnership of Difford and Tilbrook in Squeeze.

These tracks are compiled from the numerous sessions they recorded for the BBC over the years.

There aren’t many bands that have weathered as well as Squeeze. They’ve notched up 17 studio albums and over 20 hit singles and were on the road for 25 years, retired and then reformed last year to do it all again.

The songwriting partnership of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook was one of the most fruitful in UK Pop history, they wrote over 1000 songs together and were considered the finest songwriters of their generation, ‘the Lennon & McCartney of the ’80s’.

This double CD features 17 years of BBC studio recordings which have thrown up some classic moments; acoustic versions of some of their biggest hits and live to air recordings, giggles and all.

‘We always work best when we keep things simple’, said Chris Difford in 1993, ‘we know that in the end, it really does come down to the singer and the song’.


disc 1
o 1. Cat On A Wall [John Peel session 17/8/1977]
o 2. Model [John Peel session 17/8/1977]
o 3. All Fed Up [John Peel session 17/8/1977]
o 4. Sex Master [John Peel session 17/8/1977]
o 5. Bang Bang [John Peel session 03/05/1978]
o 6. Ain’t It Sad [John Peel session 03/05/1978]
o 7. I Must Go [John Peel session 03/05/1978]
o 8. Knack [John Peel session 03/05/1978]
o 9. Onto The Dance Floor [Kid Jenson 18/03/1982]
o 10. Elephant Girl [Kid Jenson 18/03/1982]
o 11. I Can’t Hold On [Kid Jenson 18/03/1982]
o 12. Apple Tree [Kid Jenson 18/03/1982]
o 13. She Doesn’t Have To Shave [Saturday Sequence 19/10/1989]
o 14. Footprints In The Frost [Saturday Sequence 19/10/1989]
o 15. Is That Love [Saturday Sequence 19/10/1989]
o 16. Melody Motel [Saturday Sequence 19/10/1989]

disc 2
o 1. Take Me I’m Yours [live BBC session 4/6/1992]
o 2. Up The Junction [live BBC session 4/6/1992]
o 3. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)/Labelled With Love [live BBC session 4/6/1992]
o 4. Tempted [live BBC session 4/6/1992]
o 5. Third Rail [Nicky Campbell 14/7/1993]
o 6. Cold Shoulder [Nicky Campbell 14/7/1993]
o 7. Loving You Tonight [Nicky Campbell 14/7/1993]
o 8. Some Fantastic Place [Nicky Campbell 14/7/1993]
o 9. Third Rail [Emma Freud 4/3/1994]
o 10. Hourglass [Emma Freud 4/3/1994]
o 11. Tempted [Emma Freud 4/3/1994]
o 12. Tempted [Simon Mayo 13/12/1994]
o 13. Some Fantastic Place [Simon Mayo 13/12/1994]

Here she be;



no pass

Big thanks to iraklis and the original poster

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