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Roy Keane – Tony Cascarino & Stan Collymore give their cent’s worth!

Controversy-stoking chancer Tony Cascarino gives his one cent’s worth on the latest chapter in the unending Keane saga!

In typically melodramatic fashion, he comes up with the ridiculous conclusion “this is the end for him“!

Anyone who knows anything about Keane, and indeed about the esteem in which he is held (totally opposite to Cas!) throughout the world of football – across the world – would realise how dumb that statement is!

As an aside, we’re amazed that Cascarino crazily has some reputation as a writer, when his Times column is ghost-written, as was his autobiography (written by former cyclist Paul Kimmage – who is a very decent writer)! We’re actually not sure Cas could even write his autograph himself!

The more intelligent and less reactive Stan Collymore is far more sensible saying I feel that the story isn’t finished with Roy Keane.”

This resignation will be considered a significant personal defeat by Keane – and we all know defeat is something that never sits well on his proud shoulders. This setback will only fire him up even more and drive him on to make a return
very very soon.

He will learn a lot from this, his first managerial stint! Yes, remember this is his first managerial appointment! And remember Roy did do an amazing job taking Sunderland from bottom of the Championship to runaway Championship winners – and then on to a satisfactory Premiership campaign and Premiership survival last year. Realise too that even now, after a truly horrific string of results, Sunderland are only 2 wins away from the top half of the Premiership table!!

Many of those players that Keano spent a fortune on lately, need to have a close look at themselves. Polar opposite to how perfectionist and born winner Keane was as a player, Roy’s greatest difficulty has been trying to deal with lazy losers and pussies like these! However, it is critical that Roy does learn how to deal with these over-rated, over-pampered multi-millionaires before success at the top level as manager will come his way, as there are increasingly more of these types in the modern game.

Tony Cascarino believes former Republic of Ireland team-mate Roy Keane has taken the easy way out and will never manage again after resigning as Sunderland boss.

Former Manchester United captain Keane quit as Black Cats manager on Thursday, with reserve-team boss Ricky Sbragia in temporary charge after chairman Niall Quinn failed to talk Keane out of quitting.

And Cascarino told talkSport: “He’s taken the easy option.

“He’s not rolled up his sleeves and even with as much courage as Roy Keane says he’s got, this is the end for him.

“He’ll not manage again. No-one will give him the opportunity to manage a football club because they won’t trust him. That’s the bottom line.

“Up until the last few weeks where it’s gone pear-shaped and he’s not had the results, I thought he’d done a good job.

“But they are only two wins away from mid-table.

“You’re going to have bad results in your management career as you do in your playing career. But you don’t just walk away.”

Cascarino also doubts Keane ever united the dressing room, citing what he believes is the former Manchester United’s lack of communication.

“What amazes me about Roy, and I’ve shared many dressing rooms and played lots of matches with him, is that he would be very insular about the way he felt and very rarely said things like he says via the media, and that’s very strange for someone who says they are very honest.

“He never said things in the dressing room, very little came from Roy, he didn’t have friendships, he didn’t care and ultimately his dealing with people has been his downfall.

“Knowing Roy, he’s never had a dressing room.

“He’s never had anybody on his side because he wouldn’t get that close to people.

“He would have them at arm’s length all the time and if you look at his signings, he’s churned players over at an incredible rate.”

But speaking on the same station, Stan Collymore said: “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him at Manchester United in the next five or six years in some capacity.

“I think that when Roy Keane took over at Sunderland he had a game plan to get them in the Premier League and he got them there earlier than expected.

“There are two ways of looking at it [Keane’s resignation]. He’s either thinking he wants to preserve his legacy at Sunderland or he genuinely feels he has taken the club as far as they can go.”

Asked by Alvin Martin if he felt Keane could manage United after walking out on a struggling Sunderland, Collymore said: “Manchester United and its directors, the David Gills of this world, would know Roy better than most people in the game.

“They know what his qualities are and maybe in a year or two years’ time when Sir Alex finishes, his legacy as a player and the goodwill he would get from the United supporters and the United board would not be lost on them.

“I feel that the story isn’t finished with Roy Keane.

“I can’t believe he’s lost to the game. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went to ply his trade abroad for a little while.

“But I can’t get my head around anything other than Roy Keane being back at Manchester United in some capacity sooner rather than later.”

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