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‘Oasis aren’t rock ‘n’ roll’ shocker!

What a shocker! The pot calls the kettle black!

We actually don’t understand that cliche actually means! If we’d ever seen a talking pot and a talking kettle, perhaps then we might grant it some credence!

Correction! If we’d ever seen a talking pot and a talking kettle – having not just consumed a full bottle of Jack Daniels! – perhaps then we might grant it some credence!

Anyway, what the fuck were we talking about!

Oh yeah! Useless one trick pony grandads Status Quo are making some attack on useless one trick pony Britpoppers Oasis!

So fucking what!

Why the fuck are we even posting this?

Why is that black kettle talking to us? And what is it saying?

from yahooNews

Status Quo rocker Francis Rossi has launched a blistering attack on Oasis – insisting the Wonderwall hitmakers are “not rock ‘n’ roll”

The veteran star is particularly annoyed by the Liam Gallagher-fronted band’s lack of movement on stage.

He says, “We’re from a generation of acts that are very physical, we put physicality into it.

“But some of the younger bands don’t want to put that physical commitment in, either because it’s not cool at the moment or whatever.

“What always comes to mind is Oasis. They call themselves a rock band and they stand there looking at the floor. Bored s**tless, they look. I’m not saying they’re a bad band, but that to me isn’t rock n’ roll.

And Rossi admits he had previously been critical of singer Gallagher’s attitude, although he has since changed his mind.

He says, “(I used to think), ‘That fella is still trying to pretend he’s 20 and he’s angry and really annoyed with his brother apparently. And he has got a really grumpy face and he has to stand there with the f**king hump’.

“Now, I don’t believe that any more. I may have believed it some years ago but not still.”

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