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Our holiday home from !

A Shhmooke and a Pancake!

Would you like a Shhmooke and a Pancake?

Flapjack and a shigarette?
Shigar And a waffle?
Pipe and a Grape?
Bong and a Blints?

Steve Mc Laren seems to have been watching too much Austin Powers lately!

Seems like he’s maybe been partaking too much of the Bong and a Blints too!

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Steve McClaren is Masshiff Dutch – Brolly Wally becomes Dutch in 6 weeks!

“I say I think we are not just what you call, Unterdocks … but masshiff Unterdocks …

Brolly Wally Steve McClaren has spent a few weeks managing FC Twente in Holland and already he is fully Dutch!

Or perhaps as he might say himself, … I say I think I am not just what you call, Dutch … but masshiff Dutch !”

Now, Steve’s a former manager of England. Therefore, by definition he’s a useless moron!

But check him out now in this recent Dutch interview!

“… I thought maybe one of them we would draw …”!!
Fucking hell! He sounded dumb enough when he used to try to speak in his proper accent, let alone this gibberish-filled, confused Anglo-Dutch hybrid speak!!

“Everything issh there for a surprise.”

I know I should feel sorry for this guy given the level of media hounding and harassment that goes on against him by the scum British media (who, despite 4 decades of evidence to the contrary, still believe England have a good football team!) And I know he did a marvellous job with Manchester United as Assistant Manager when we won the Treble in 1999. … BUT!!. … But he really does bring a lot of these shitstorms upon himself!

“Already my phone has not stopped from English media ..”

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