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Suicide / Bruce Springsteen – Dream Baby Dream

Suicide would prove as influential as The Clash. Listening to their self-titled 1977 debut from the vantage point of late 2002, it’s all so obvious: the synthpop, techno, and industrial dance sounds of the ’80s and ’90s, and now the new New Wave of electroclash, all gesture back to that foundational album.

– Wilson Neate

A seminal track from Messrs. Alan Vega and Martin Rev, AKA the hugely influential Suicide!

With assistance from Ric Ocasek of The Cars and the inspirational figures of Englishman Michael Zilkha and Frenchman Michel Esteban (the brains behind ZE, New York’s then newest and hippest record label), the group released this famous track as the double A side single “Dream Baby Dream/Radiation” back in 1979.

The lyrics here won’t exactly win the Nobel literature prize, but the song is about much more than that and is a wonderful powerful piece nevertheless.

A song way ahead of its time, with a beautifully obsessive tone and lush, repetitive structure, Dream Baby Dream is now regarded as the classic Suicide record.

Suicide went on to be a huge influence on a slew of bands the likes of Joy Division, U2, New Order, Stereolab, Sisters of Mercy, Radiohead, The Cars and even Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen used an interesting pared down solo keyboard version of “Dream Baby Dream” to close the concerts on his 2005 Devils & Dust Tour. See below.

Some good Suicide links:

keep that flame burnin’
keep that flame burnin’

dream baby dream
dream baby dream
forever, and ever
forever, and ever

I see that smile on your face
yeah, makes you free
I see that smile

dream baby dream
dream baby dream
dream baby dream
dream baby dream
forever …

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SUICIDE – Live 1977-1978 (2008, 6CD-BOX)

SUICIDE – Live 1977-1978 (2008, 6CD-BOX)
High VBR, 511 Mb:

A magnificent find this!

This was a limited edition of 3000, x 6 CD set of high quality “audio verite” recordings of Suicide playing live in their heyday, September 1977 to August 1978 !

As you will hear, this proved to be a crucial year in Suicide’s development and their mission to stretch the label of Punk Rock to the very limit.

The release also included a 64 page booklet of Suicide & Red Star Records memorabilia from the personal archives of Howard Thompson, the A&R man that signed Suicide to UK Bronze Records.

Only the infamous “23 Minutes Over Brussels” had been released before !!

All mastered by Denis Blackham for optimum listening pleasure.


Disc: 1

1. CBGB Sept 29 1977: 96 Tears Intro/Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Jonny/Fr
2. CBGB Dec 3 1977, Set 2: Ghostrider/Jesus Vega/Frankie Teardrop/Put a Li

Disc: 2

1. Palladium NYC Jan 7: Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/Frankie Teardrop
2. Maxs Jan 13: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/96 Tears/Frankie
3. CBGB Feb 3: Harlem/Ghostrider/Keep Your Dreams/Dance/Frankie Teardrop

Disc: 3

1. Brussels June 16 1978: Frankie Teardrop
2. Paris Olympia June 18 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/Frankie
Charles Ball, Miriam Linna, Martin Rev, Marty Thau, Howard Thompson, Roy Trakin, , Alan Vega

Disc: 4

1. Hamburg Audiomax: Rocket USA/Cheree/Harlem
2. Berlin Kant Kino-Neue Welt June 30 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/H
3. Berlin Kant Kino-Neue Welt June 30 1978, Set 2: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/9

Disc: 5

1. London Musicmachine July 24 1978: Rocket USA/Dance/Harlem/Cheree/Mr Ray
2. Our Price Radio Ad
3. Erics Liverpool July 29 1978: Rocket USA/Cheree/Ghostrider/96 Tears
4. Erics, Pt. 2 July 29 1978: Cum Ahead/Frankie Teardrop

Disc: 6

1. Maxs August 25 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Mr Ray/Jonny/Harlem

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Mercury Rev – Back To Mine (2006) @320

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Mercury Rev – Back To Mine
Released in 2006
Mp3 @320kbps / 142 Mb / 2 RARs
A wonderfully eclectic and excellent compilation via the boys from Rev!

Yap, this 2006 compilation was handpicked by Alternative heroes Mercury Rev and features many songs that have influenced them as well as a few current favorites.

Amongst the array of great talent here are Suicide, David Bowie, Nico, Alex Chilton, Galaxie 500, Billie Holliday and John Cale. There are also some more obscure music – including an amazing Nicolai Dunger track.

I could live without the awful Terry Jacks track though! Thank fuck for delete buttons!

And, if that’s not enough, there’s a brand new Mercury Rev track, ‘Cecilia’s Lunar Expose’, recorded specifically for this collection!

Get downloading now mofos!!

As one might expect from a band as eclectic as Mercury Rev, their late-night mixtape compilation offers a selection of style and genres, incorporating legends (Billie Holiday, George Jones, Nico, Pharoah Sanders and Randy Newman) alongside more outré talents. What’s also no surprise, given the layered approach of their early albums, is the elegant congruence of many of the segues: the opening link from Bowie’s “A New Career in a New Town” to Johan Johannsson’s “Hotel Borg”, for instance, is all about shared intent and melodic echoes, while the move from John Cale’s “Days of Steam” to Andrew Bird’s “Opposite Day” involves the subtlest of shifts from viola to violin.

The most sustained progress, however, is from the band’s “Cecilia’s Lunar Exposé”, a slice of Saucerful Of Secrets-era Floydism, through the Neu!-style groove of Spacemen 3’s “Big City”, to the erotic trance-scape of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream”, a beautifully modulated arc for the more ambitious musical explorers, with childlike comforts furnished by “Seasons In the Sun” and “When You Wish Upon A Star”.

Highlights :’Days Of Steam’, ‘Big City’, ‘Dream Baby Dream’, ‘Cecilia’s Lunar Exposé’


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1. A New Career In A New Town – David Bowie
2. Hotel-Borg – Johan Johannsson
3. Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks
4. When Will You Come Home – Galaxie 500
5. I’m A Fool To Want You – Billie Holliday
6. Days Of Steam – John Cale
7. Opposite Day (Reprise) – Andrew Bird
8. The Grand Tour (Clean Version) – George Jones
9. If I Were A Little Star – Nicolai Dunger
10. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams – Nico
11. Cecilia’s Lunar Expose – Mercury Rev
12. Big City – Spacemen 3
13. Dream Baby Dream – Suicide
14. Let Me Get Close To You – Alex Chilton
15. Astral Traveling – Pharoah Sanders
16. Cast Anchor – Hanne Hukkleberg
17. Uncle Bob’s Midnight Blues – Randy Newman
18. When You Wish Upon A Star – Cliff Edwards

Here she be:




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