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Sun Kil Moon’s epic ‘Lost Verses’

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Song: “Lost Verses”

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Writer: Mark Kozelek
CD: April
Genre: Folk-Rock

I’ve risen up from the dead

With the burning leaves of autumn
If only for one last chance
That all of whom have been defeated
To put on my father’s wool coat
To smell my mother’s fragrances and perfumes
To find my young brothers and sisters
To never leave or let them go.

Here’s the epic Kozelek track from this year’s wonderful April , the album opener, “Lost Verses,” covered in a piece from NPR below.

It’s a beautiful, sprawling song of pure poetry cloaked in a blanket of typical Kozelek musical duende.


To at least one generation of mopes, Mark Kozelek is a patron saint: As leader of Red House Painters, he made some of the most exquisitely sad, slow-burning music of the ’90s.

In the years since that band’s demise, Kozelek has mostly moved sideways, recording several albums in which he proved his skill at finding the brooding underbelly of AC/DC (the solo What’s Next to the Moon) and Modest Mouse (Tiny Cities), the latter of which he tackled with the help of his Red House Painters-esque band, Sun Kil Moon.

Fortunately, Sun Kil Moon remains remarkably adept at crafting somber, epic ballads like the gorgeous “Lost Verses,” which opens the new April. Affecting and engrossing in spite of — or perhaps because of — its nearly 10-minute running time, “Lost Verses” would have fit seamlessly on Red House Painters’ self-titled 1994 masterpiece (the one with the rollercoaster on the cover).

Skimming across some of Kozelek’s favorite themes — the changing seasons, evocative scenery, the pursuit of warmth and comfort — “Lost Verses” sounds like an abridged guide to what makes him tick as a songwriter. (There it is: the only time this song and the word “abridged” will ever appear in a sentence together.) As such, it’s both a fine introduction for the uninitiated and a stirring progress report on a career that hasn’t stopped generating grand highlights.

Listen HERE:

‘Lost Verses’ by Sun Kil Moon

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Sun Kil Moon- April (2008)

Sun Kil Moon- April (2008)

One of our most anticipated albums of 2008 is here at last!! We’re a tad excited!

Yes, April has come in March – and Christmas has come at Easter!

Here’s April, the third studio album from Sun Kil Moon and set to be released in the US on April 1, 2008 through Caldo Verde Records.

April was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco and Well Recording in Seattle during a seven month stretch from spring to late summer in 2007.

The great Will Oldham as well as Ben Gibbard and Eric Pollard lend their backing vocals throughout the album.

We love the album cover shot – typically stark and enigmatic!

Initial copies of the album come with a bonus disc of 4 alternate recordings. The 4 bonus tracks will be released separately as a vinyl EP, to be titled Tonight the Sky, later in the year also.


1. Lost Verses
2. The Light
3. Lucky Man
4. Unlit Hallway
5. Heron Blue
6. Moorestown
7. Harper Road
8. Tonight the Sky
9. Like the River
10. Tonight in Bilbao
11. Blue Orchids


* Mark Kozelek – vocals, guitar

* Anthony Koutsos – drums

* Geoff Stanfield – bass

* Michi Aceret – viola

* David Revelli – percussion

* Will Oldham – vocals

* Ben Gibbard – vocals

* Eric Pollard – vocals

Here be the bantamweight boxers;

Sorry I had to remove the link cos of the love letter from some lawyer below

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These tasters are asked to be deleted in 24 hours.

Now, real fans will invariably later buy the original work rather than listening to some low quality mp3 at low bit rate.

Potential fans may never have considered buying a Kozolek record but might be willing to listen to a taster. Then, when they have realised how good the work is, they too are likely to buy the original work.

Potential fans” are a new market that this mode of transmission creates – a market for the original work and a market for attendance at the artist’s concerts.

Concerts have now become a larger earner for artists than ever before. Traditional modes of revenue streams from record sales etc are undergoing significant irreversible change.

It had been the record companies creaming off the vast percentage of the profits and, via cartel agreements, charging astronomical prices for CDs.

Like many, I myself have spent bucketloads of cash on music CDs etc, very little, if any, of which made its way to the artist.

I consider myself having been exploited by the record companies into paying astronomical prices, because of my fandom for music generally and for specific artists.

Bottom line …. We love Kozolek‘s work. We are real fans. We make no money from this. We are but prophets spreading the word!!

Bottom line #2 …. The market paradigm has irreversibly changed. A key factor in this has been the greed of the Record Companies and their exploitation of the fandom of music lovers like myself.

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We simply provide links to pre-existent content available on the World Wide Freedom Web and thus content which is freely available to all internet users under US Legislation.

To Whom It May Concern:

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Please provide us with your written assurances via return email that you will immediately comply with the foregoing.

All positions, rights, remedies and defenses are hereby expressly reserved by and on behalf of our clients and Redeye Distribution.


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Mark Kozelek – Little Drummer Boy Live

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Format: Limited Edition, Live
Label: Caldo Verde
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4.4 out of 5 stars 9 customer reviews

This was the great Mark Kozelek’s follow up to Sun Kil Moon’s Tiny Cities being a limited edition live two-disc set that features live versions of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon favorites.

Little Drummer Boy Live was recorded during Kozelek`s European and North American performances over 2006. The double-CD encompasses Kozelek`s entire career, including selections from his early days in Red House Painters (“Katy Song,” “Bubble), Old Roman-era (“Void,” “Cruiser”), and Sun Kil Moon (“Salvador Sanchez,” “Duk Koo Kim”) as well as very personalised covers of Modest Mouse, Cars, and AC/DC, and two previously unreleased tracks. Guitarist Phil Carney (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) joined Mark during several of these performances and appears on much of the album.

On his first-ever live album, Kozelek really pulls it off. Limited to 10,000 budget-priced copies, with two unreleased tunes on board, it’s obviously targeted to fans, though it’s a judicious, career-spanning effort that careens through the debauched, sometime-genius’s work with the Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon, and on his own. record’s so good it might belong to that weird variant of live album which supplants a greatest-hits type collection as the perfect introduction to an artist.

Kozelek is renowned for his innovative reinterpretations of what might be thought to be unusual songs (e.g. John Denver, for fuck sake!), often Lazarus-like resurrecting songs which in their original form were dead ducks. In this set, the sparse, emotional cover versions often sound better than the originals, thanks in part to his longtime collaborator, guitarist Phil Carney. Kozelek not only covers the Christmas favorite the album’s named after but also includes typically superb reworkings of songs by AC/DC, Modest Mouse, and the Cars.

All in all, another excellent outing from Kozelek. We fucking love it!


01. Trucker’s Atlas
02. Salvador Sanchez
03. Cruiser
04. Katy Song
05. Little Drummer Boy
06. All Mixed Up
07. Moorestown
08. Unlit Hallway
09. Duk Koo Kim
10. Four Fingered Fisherman
11. Lily and Parrots
12. Carry Me Ohio
13. Bubble
14. Mistress

01. Michigan
02. Void
03. Down Colorful Hill
04. Rock ‘n Roll Singer
05. Glenn Tipton
06. Tiny Cities

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Here be the painter boy:

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Sun Kil Moon – Tiny Cities (2005) Kil Moon – Tiny Cities

Alternative Pop/Rock – 2005

Yes, I am a long-standing Red House Painters/Mark Kozelek fan – from the first album onward. Yeah, sad is the new happy!

And yes, I am particularly fond of Mark’s covers. His reinterpretations of other artists are often amazing.

But this album is unreal. Under the moniker Sun Kil Moon, which apparently derives from the name of a Korean boxer, Kozelek and cohorts explore and transform the world of Modest Mouse songs.

I know little about Modest Mouse, nor had I heard any of these songs prior to this album. It makes no difference because even though I enjoy Mark’s covers for what they are, these songs worked on an entirely different level, since they were new to me, and since too they harken back to the early and best RHP material.

And having recently dug up the MM originals, I’m even more amazed by this man’s ability to interpret the work of others.

Melancholy as Mark can be, much of this album is quite uplifting. Now if Mark only got the commercial attention of which he is so deserving, all would be right with the world!

Isaac Brock–the singer, guitarist and leader behind the enormously popular alt-pop act Modest Mouse–would be few people’s first choice for a covers album. But that is part of the genius behind this surprisingly excellent album.

Sun Kil Moon leader Mark Kozelek’s own recorded cover choices in the past–Kiss, Simon and Garfunkel, AC/DC, and most successfully John Denver–hew far closer to the traditional indie approach to covers: a semi-ironic, studied transformation of a tune into something it wasn’t before.

With Sun Kil Moon’s breezy take on Brock’s compositions, there is no irony, just a true love for the weird pop genius that Modest Mouse has in spades. Songs are slowed down a lot and stretched out, and frequently you don’t recognize the tune until the chorus kicks in, but it totally works even if you’ve never heard the originals. Labors of love are rarely as enjoyable for all involved. Huzzah.

-Mike McGonigal

Product Description

Mark Kozelek has released six studio albums as frontman for Red House Painters along with three solo records; however, it is with Mark’s new band Sun Kil Moon that he has received some of his greatest commercial and critical success.

With Sun Kil Moon, Pitchfork says, Mark is “putting to use a variety of wondrous subtle sonic touches that mark unbelievable artistic growth, unraveling unexplored harmonic territory while staying faithful to his trademark brand of languid folk-rock introspection.” Two years ago, Mark saw Modest Mouse and sensed something original and explosive. The unorthodox songwriting of singer Isaac Brock intrigued him with its fractured, intuitive lyric style and cathartic, rapid-fire vocal delivery.

Sun Kil Moon added songs like “Dramamine” to their set list and began work on what would become Tiny Cities, a full-length album of Modest Mouse covers released on Mark’s label Caldo Verde. As with his past covers of AC/DC, KISS, Simon and Garfunkel, and John Denver, Mark’s aim was to bring attention to the words and sentiments–to reinterpret freely but to respect the spirit.

On Tiny Cities, Mark slows down Issac Brock’s words to let them breathe without sacrificing their idiosyncratic power. The results bear the singular, hypnotic style that could only come from Mark Kozelek.



1. Exit Does Not Exist 1:24

2. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes 3:13

3. Neverending Math Equation 2:53

4. Space Travel Is Boring 3:42

5. Dramamine 2:44

6. Jesus Christ Was An Only Child 1:59

7. Four Fingered Fisherman 2:41

8. Grey Ice Water 2:33

9. Convenient Parking 1:56

10. Trucker’s Atlas 2:49

11. Ocean Breathes Salty 4:36 be Korean boxers:

Sun Kil Moon – Tiny Cities [2005] [DEX ]


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