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Hirano Yoshihisa & Taniuchi Hideki – Death Note OST I

Hirano Yoshihisa & Taniuchi Hideki – Death Note OST I
Artist – Hirano Yoshihisa & Taniuchi Hideki
Album – Death Note OST I, II and III
Year – 2006-2007
Genre – Instrumental Experimental Post-rock (A mix of everything!)

A wonderful score by Yoshihisa Hirano & Taniuchi Hideki for the acclaimed Death Note. This is the score for the first movie in the series.

Yoshihisa Hirano (平野義久) is a Japanese composer, born in 1971. He is known for his very orchestral feeling when it comes to his musical style used for anime scores.

In the past he has created musical scores for Midori Days, Air Master, Strawberry Panic, Ouran High School Host Club; his most recent work was done for the hit movie Death Note.

タニウチヒデキ, Taniuchi Hideki,
born on November 15th in Hokkaido, is a Japanese musician and composer, best known for his work on composing soundtracks to anime series.

Aside from his work as composer, Taniuchi also plays guitar in the Japanese Rockband Shocking Lemon.

In recent years, his popularity was increased due to his works for various anime series, such as Otogizōshi, Akagi, Kaiji and not least due to the worldwide hit DEATH NOTE.

For the latter, Taniuchi composed the 3 OSTs in collaboration with 平野義久 (Yoshihisa Hirano).


01 Death note
02 Jiken
03 Light’s Theme
04 L’s Theme
05 Kinchou
06 Senritsu
07 Kodoku
08 Tomonari
09 Kitai
10 Tokusou Kira han
11 L’s Theme B
12 Shunjun
13 Tsuiseki
14 L no Nakama
15 Tokusou
16 Shinigami kai
17 Taikutsu
18 Rem
19 Death note Theme
20 Kyrie
21 Domine Kira
22 Teloelogy of death
23 Low of Solipsism
24 Requiem
25 Immanence
26 Dirge
27 Light Lights up light
28 Alert
29 the WORLD (Tv Size)
30 Alumina (Tv size)

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