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Tape Discography

Tape were formed in 2000 by brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling together with Tomas Hallonsten.

Their first recording Opera came out in 2002, the second – Milieu in 2003, both released on Häpna.

Tape completed short tours in Europe, the US and Japan, during this period.

In August 2005, Staalplaat released a live CD of Tape in their “Mort Aux Vaches” series.

Andreas Berthling has made records with electronic music under his own name on labels such as
Staalplaat, Fällt, Anechoic and Mitek. He plays with the groups Frontroom Ensemble and Feed and is also active as sound engineer.

Tomas Hallonsten´s sheer musicality and ability to play several instruments has led him to perform and record with a lot of different Swedish artists.

Outside of Tape, Johan Berthling works mostly as a double bassplayer with musicians like Sten Sandell, Raymond Strid and Mats Gustafsson. He has worked with Swedish artists such as Nicolai Dunger, Stina Nordenstam, Goran Kajfes among others.

Tape Discography:

Opera [2002]

Häpna H.9, CD (sold out)
10 tracks, 48 minutes
Release date: November 2002…

Milieu [2003]

Häpna H.14, CD (sold out)
8 tracks, 33 minutes
Release date: December 2003…

Operette (Opera Remixes) [2004]

Various Artists: Operette
(remixes and reworkings of Tape’s OPERA)

01. David Grubbs – Radio Baroque
02. Fonica – crossing longitude
03. Hazard – Noises From a Hill
04. Rechord – taperechorder
05. Oren Ambarchi – Summa Afrique
06. Pita – HBR 64507 mix
07. Minamo – perse
08. Josh Abrams – perfume
09. Anderegg – Bee Song
10. Stephan Mathieu – a bell made of bones…

Mort Aux Vaches [2005]

Recorded at VPRO Studio by Berry Kamer for “Zeldzaam.Dwars” & `De Avonden`, Amsterdam 6th sep. 2004.

Rideau [2005]

Häpna H.25, CD
5 tracks, 46 minutes
Release date: October 24, 2005
produced by Marcus Schmickler of Pluramon!

Tape + Minamo – Birds Of A Feather [2007]

All compositions by Tape and minamo

Andreas Berthling
Johan Berthling
Tomas Hallonsten

Keiichi Sugimoto
Tetsuro Yasunaga
Yuichiro Iwashita
Namiko Sasamoto

Instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, computer, keyboard, percussion, shruti box, kalimba, alto saxophone, grand piano, synthesizer, bells, harmonium, glockenspiel, E-flat horn

Produced by Tape and minamo
Recorded at Wang Guang RecLabs, March 8, 2006
Mixed by Christopher Roth an Tape at Dubious, Stockholm, April 2007
Mastered by Sören von Malmborg at Cosmos Masteing, Stockholm
Photos by Miho Kakuta
Artwork by Keiichi Sugimoto
Includes liner notes in Japanese by Tetsuro Yasunaga

Released in August 2007

Tape appearances on Compilations:

Whispers From The Forests, Screams From The Mountains: New Suggestions For The Swedish Flora And Fauna [2007]

Small Melodies [2005]

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Tape – Luminarium (2008)

Tape – Luminarium (May 2008)

“Dreaming the same dreams, not knowing of each other. Invoking old times at new places, side by side, not knowing of each other. Longing for yearning; light of dawn and midday sun. A world which lets itself be sensed, not known; the first light of your rosy-fingered youth; birches and concrete, touch and go.

The new album by Swedish group Tape is a luminarium of sound where past and present merge at the speed of light.”

Tape is the trio of Andreas Berthling, Johan Berthling and Tomas Hallonsten from Stockholm, Sweden. This is their fourth album and it was recorded in their Summa studio in Stockholm.

More details on the band here:


1. Beams,
2. Moth Wings,
3. Fingers,
4. Reperto,
5. Mystery Mutiny,
6. Dripstone,
7. Altamira,
8. Parade,
9. Illuminations,
10. Beams Out

Here be Tape;
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