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Tennis Pro – Are You There God? It’s Me, Tennis Pro [2008]

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Tennis Pro – Are You There God? It’s Me, Tennis Pro [2008]
On Lame VBR(H) | 2008 | Garage/Indie/Punk
“Girl, take your small shorts and pack ‘em”

Don’t worry. This is not some series of duets by those crazy Williams sisters, Venus and Anus!

Man, I fucking hate tennis! But I like this!

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Tennis Pro” (self-released) is the third offering in five years from Seattle indie power-pop trio Tennis Pro. The collection of tongue-in-cheek melodic and anarchic pop songs include a denigration of indie-rock pretentiousness (College Math), an overwrought ballad about the neighbor who tends her yard all day (Kimberly), a rebuke of all things Spring Break (“Girl, take your small shorts and pack ‘em”), a teenage fantasy about getting an uptight girl stoned (Shelly Gets High), and a diatribe against Canada (“Don’t need to learn French to know/ I’m eating Cheerios”).

Recorded at local studio The House of Breaking Glass (Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Portugal the Man) and mixed by Greg Williamson (Sunny Day Real Estate). Tennis Pro is: Sean Lowry (drums), David Drury (guitar/vocals), and Phillip Peterson (bass/vocals). Produced by Phil Peterson.


(01) Shopping Day
(02) ASVAB
(03) College Math
(04) Shelly Gets High
(05) Salmon La Sac
(06) Art School Pony
(07) With Kindness
(08) Kimberly
(09) Small Shorts
(10) Devil a
(11) Hummingbird Tattoo
(12) Prom 2007

Here she be:

Are You There God It’s Me, Tennis Pro
Big thanks to Miss Demeanour

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