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Terrace Of Memories – Terrace Of Memories

Terrace Of Memories – Terrace Of Memories

Terrace Of Memories are Sam Rosenthal, Vidna Obmana, and Susan Jennings.

This, their one and only album, was released in 1992.

The music calls to mind Vidna Obmana’slate ’80s works with somewhat richer texturing and Susan Jennings’ ethereal vocalizations added. The opening track, “These Ancient Halls” has a dark ambient quality which definitely wasn’t present on any of Vidna Obmana’s early solo works.

One of the customer reviews on says;

The fact that this CD is not more well known is a mystery to me. Vidna Obmana and Sam Rosenthal have captured the essence of what ambient is all about: creating a dreamlike, surreal universe, and then wrapping us up in it with a hypnotic soundscape that is completely fascinating — not ever too repetitive or boring. Some of the tracks are cold and dark, others create a blissful, slowly spinning environment for us to get lost in. If only these guys had gotten together for a follow up…


  1. These Ancient Halls – 7:38
  2. Dark Mist, Rain – 5:48
  3. Terrace of Memories – 6:48
  4. From Within The Cold (A Fragment) – 4:58
  5. Of Silent Crossings – 17:17

Here she be;


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