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The Twilight Singers – A Stitch In Time EP

The Twilight Singers – A Stitch In Time EP
Mp3 @ 220 avg kbps / 34MB
Released October 10, 2006 (iTunes)/ December 4, 2006 (UK CD)/ January 23, 2007 (US CD)
Recorded Helsinki, New Orleans, Los Angeles
Genre Indie rock
Length 22:57
Label One Little Indian Records
Producer Greg Dulli

A Stitch in Time was the second EP released by The Twilight Singers and was first released on iTunes on October 10, 2006. Hard copies were later released in the UK on December 4, 2006 and in the US on January 23, 2007.

A Stitch in Time features guest appearances by the great Mark Lanegan and Joseph Arthur and includes some great covers including “Live with Me”, a Massive Attack cover, and “Flashback”, a Fat Freddys Drop cover.

When former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan joined The Twilight Singers for the August 06 leg of their European tour, Kerrang Magazine declared the London show at The Scala felt like “a wickedly illicit hit from a masterfully controlled substance.”

Here we see that very special chemistry first laid down on record with the release of this EP, on One Little Indian U.S. exclusively through iTunes.

Leading with the showstopping moment from their recent tour, the hypnotic cover of Massive Attack’s “Live With Me” the five track EP not only features the Twilight Singers alongside Lanegan, but guests Joseph Arthur and Rick McCollum from Greg Dulli’s former group, The Afghan Whigs.

SPIN Magazine named “Live With Me” Number 1 on their “Songs You Need To Download Now!” list in 2006.

“Live With Me” was one of two new tracks featured on Massive Attack’s 2006 greatest hits compilation “Collected”. Dulli has long been recognized for bringing eclectic influences to his live performances since his Afghan Whigs days when, as noted by Q Magazine recently, “their sound stirred comparisons of The Rolling Stones circa 1971 fused with Prince”.

Other tracks on the EP are “Sublime”, co-written by Dulli and Joseph Arthur, and featuring Arthur on guest vocals, “Flashback”, a cover of New Zealand’s finest high-tek soulsters, Fat Freddy’s Drop and features Mark Lanegan again on vocals, “They Ride”, co-written by Dulli and Rick McCollum, and “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” written by Dulli.

The EP release follows the heavy praise The Twilight Singers received for their latest album, “Powder Burns“, and offers a preview to the highly anticipated collaboration between Dulli and Lanegan, who later recorded an album under the moniker of The Gutter Twins.

Dulli and Lanegan have regularly contributed to each other’s projects since 2000. Lanegan was recently shortlisted for a Mercury Music Prize in the UK for his previous collaboration with Isobel Campbell, “Ballad Of The Broken Seas”.

Additionally,for the first time since parting company in 2001, former Whigs bandmates John Curley, Rick McCollum and Michael Horrigan recently joined forces again with Dulli to record new tracks for an upcoming Rhino retrospective Unbreakable, at Ardent Studios in Memphis,TN with longtime collaborator Jeff Powell.

It was during the last U.S. tour in support of the release of Powder Burns that the Twilight Singers were first joined by Mark Lanegan at an emotional show at One Eyed Jack’s in New Orleans. Both Dulli and Lanegan have strong ties to the city devastated the year before by Hurricane Katrina.


1. “Live with Me” (featuring Mark Lanegan) – 4:00
2. “Sublime” (featuring Joseph Arthur) – 4:11
3. “Flashback” (featuring Mark Lanegan) – 4:09
4. “They Ride” – 5:17
5. “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” – 5:20


* “Live with Me” written by Terry Callier, Robert Del Naja and Neil Davidge.
* “Sublime” written by Greg Dulli and Joseph Arthur.
* “Flashback” written by Faiumu/Maxwell/Kerr/Lindsay/Laing/Gordon/Tamaira.
* “They Ride” written by Greg Dulli and Rick McCollum.
* “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” written by Greg Dulli.

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TERRY CALLIER [8 Albums 1964-2008]

All thanks to Vinchrane for assembling this wonderful collection from a man who, at last, has in recent years garnered some of the accolades and success he so richly deserves!


For far too long, folk-jazz mystic Terry Callier was the exclusive province of a fierce but small cult following; a singer/songwriter whose cathartic, deeply spiritual music defied simple genre categorization, he went all but unknown for decades, finally beginning to earn the recognition long due him after his rediscovery during the early ’90s.

Born in Chicago’s North Side — also home to Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, and Ramsey Lewis — and raised in the area of the notorious Cabrini Green housing projects, Callier began studying the piano at the age of three, writing his first songs at the age of 11, and regularly singing in doo wop groups throughout his formative years. While attending college, he learned to play guitar, eventually setting up residency at a Chicago coffeehouse dubbed the Fickle Pickle and in time coming to the attention of Chess Records arranger Charles Stepney, who produced Callier’s debut single “Look at Me Now” in 1962.

In 1964, Callier met Prestige label producer Samuel Charters, and a year later they entered the studio to record his full-length bow The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier; upon completion of the session, however, Charters traveled to Mexico with the master tapes in tow, and the album went unreleased before finally appearing to little fanfare in 1968. Undaunted, Callier remained a fixture of the Windy City club scene, and in 1970 he and partner Larry Wade signed on with his boyhood friend Jerry Butler’s Chicago Songwriters Workshop.

There they composed material for local labels including Chess and Cadet, most notably authoring the Dells’ 1972 smash “The Love We Had Stays on My Mind.” The song’s success again teamed Callier with Stepney, now a producer at Cadet, and yielded 1973’s Occasional Rain, a beautiful fusion of folk and jazz textures which laid the groundwork for the sound further explored on the following year’s What Color Is Love?

Despite earning strong critical notices and building up a devoted fan base throughout much of urban America, Callier failed to break through commercially, and after 1975’s I Just Can’t Help Myself he was dropped by Cadet; in 1976, he also suffered another setback when Butler closed the Songwriters Workshop. Upon signing to Elektra’s Jazz Fusion imprint at the behest of label head Don Mizell, Callier resurfaced in 1978 with the lushly orchestrated Fire on Ice; with the follow-up, 1979’s Turn You to Love, he finally cracked the pop charts with the single “Sign of the Times,” best known as the longtime theme for legendary WBLS-FM disc jockey Frankie Crocker. He even appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

However, when Mizell exited Elektra, Callier was quickly dropped from his contract; after a few more years of diligent touring, he largely disappeared from music around during the early ’80s; a single parent, he instead accepted a job as a computer programmer, returning to college during the evenings to pursue a degree in sociology.

Despite essentially retiring from performing, Callier continued composing songs, and in 1991 he received a surprise telephone call from fan Eddie Pillar, the head of the U.K. label Acid Jazz. Pillar sought permission to re-release Callier’s little-known, self-funded single from 1983, “I Don’t Want to See Myself (Without You)”; seemingly overnight, the record became a massive success on the British club circuit, and the singer was soon flown to Britain for a pair of enormously well-received club dates. In the coming months, more gigs followed on both sides of the Atlantic, and in 1996, Callier even recorded a live LP, TC in DC.

In 1997, he teamed with British singer Beth Orton, another of his most vocal supporters, to record a pair of tracks for her superb EP Best Bit; the following year, Callier also released his Verve Forecast debut Timepeace, his first major-label effort in close to two decades. Lifetime followed in 1999, and two years later came Alive, recorded live at London’s Jazz Cafe. Callier returned in 2002 with Speak Your Peace and 2005 with Lookin’ Out.

Biography by Jason Ankeny

Read more here;

The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier (1964)

320 kbps:

Occasional Rain
(1972) @VBR

01.Segue #1 – Go Ahead On: Callier :41
02.Ordinary Joe: Callier, Wade 4:15
03.Golden Circle: Callier 3:37
04.Segue #5 – Go Head On: Callier :49
05.Trance on Sedgewick Street: Callier 6:21
06.Do You Finally Need a Friend: Callier, Jones, Wade 5:45
07.Segue #4 – Go Head On: Callier :47
08.Sweet Edie-D: Callier 5:03
09.Occasional Rain: Callier 4:05
10.Segue #2 – Go Head On: Callier :53
11.Blues for Marcus: Callier 4:03
12.Lean on Me: Callier 6:31
13.Last Segue – Go Head On: Callier :39


What Color Is Love
(1973) @320

01.Dancing Girl: Callier 9:03
02.What Color Is Love: Callier 4:06
03.You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman: Braxton, Callier 7:21
04.Just as Long as We’re in Love: Callier, Wade 3:42
05.Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun): Callier 4:21
06.I’d Rather Be With You: Butler, Callier, Wade 6:40
07.You Don’t Care: Callier, Wade 5:29


Turn You To Love
(1979) @128

01.Sign of the Times: Callier, Wade 5:01
02.Pyramids of Love: Wade 3:46
03.Turn You to Love: Callier, Wade 3:50
04.Do It Again: Becker, Fagen 4:57
05.Ordinary Joe: Callier 4:56
06.Occasional Rain: Callier 3:50
07.Still Water (Love): Robinson, Wilson 3:49
08.You and Me (Will Always Be in Love): Burke, Callier, Wade 4:22
09.A Mother’s Love: Callier, Wade 3:44


First Light-Chicago 1969/71
(1998) @VBR

01.Ordinary Joe: Callier 6:16
02.Alley-Wind Song: Callier 7:46
03.If I Could Make You Mine: Callier 3:12
04.Naomi: Callier 7:18
05.Can’t Catch the Trane: Callier 3:47
06.Trick All Your Time Away: Callier 6:52
07.Golden Circle #317: Callier 4:09
08.Blues for Marcus: Callier 4:24
09.Lean on Me: Callier 3:34
10.900 Miles: Traditional 7:47
11.Gravy Waltz: Allen, Brown 3:18
12.Occasional Rain: Callier 5:21


(1998) @320

01.Ride Suite Ride (Intro): Callier 2:49
02.Lazarus Man: Callier 8:26
03.Keep Your Head High: Callier 4:53
04.AKA New York: Callier 4:48
05.Trailer to the Race: Callier 3:20
06.C’Est la Vie: Callier 5:14
07.Java Sparrow: Callier 5:12
08.Coyote Moon: Callier 4:50
09.People Get Ready/Brotherly Love: Callier 6:49
10.Love Theme from “Spartacus”: North 4:29
11.No More Blues: Callier 5:43
12.Time Peace/No One Has to Tell You/Build a World of Love: Callier 8:55


Alive At Jazz Cafe
[London 2000]
(2001) @256

01.Ordinary Joe: Callier 7:46
02.Step into the Light: Callier 7:54
03.Lazarus Man: Callier 8:25
04.Lament for the Late Ad: Callier 9:47
05.African Violet: Callier 9:28
06.You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman: Callier 6:53
07.What Color Is Love: Callier 5:12
08.Dancing Girl: Callier 11:23
09.People Get Ready: Callier 1:08
10.I Don’t Want to See Myself (Without You): Callier, Hochberg, McGee, Wade 9:02


Welcome Home [Live]
(2008) @VBR

01. When The Music Is Gone 9:08
02. And I Love Her 3:47
03. John Coltrane Story 1 2:57
04. When My Lady Danced 8:27
05. Fix The Blame 10:29
06. Band Introduction 1:39
07. C’est La Vie 6:59
08. What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me) 10:47
09. John Coltrane Story 2 3:23
10. Timepiece 8:20
11. Nobody But Yourself To Blame 8:35
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Password for files: vVv

Check the official Terry Callier Site :

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