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Who am I to Disagree?

Everybody’s looking for something


Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

– Dave Stewart

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The Eurythmics – Eurythmics Boxed (8 CD Box Set)

The Eurythmics – Eurythmics Boxed (8 CD Box Set)
Mp3 @ 192 kbps / RS / Total length time: 9 hours and 16 minutes / Total file size: 834 Mb
# Original Release Date: November, 2005
Label: RCA Victor Europe

Password to all files: sanmarino
At their best, the Eurythmics were purveyors of perfect pop. Some classic singles and some great albums – particularly in the earlier years.

Here, all their greatness is assembled in one wonderful package!

This Limited Deluxe Edition 8-CD album boxset comprises the albums In The Garden, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Touch, Be Yourself, Revenge, Savage, We Two Are One and Peace, painstakingly digitally remastered from original master tapes with the supervision of Dave Stewart and featuring 43 bonus tracks including live, extended & acoustic versions, remixes and previously unreleased recordings, all in digipak picture sleeves presented in a beautifully designed deluxe boxset!

Many of the bonus tracks have originally appeared as B-sides and extra tracks on various single releases. A selection of unreleased cover versions, recorded by Eurythmics for the aborted “TV Planet” project, are also included.

After 26 months of cancelled release dates,the expanded/remastered Eurythmics CD series is finally here,and for those of you who want all 8 titles,the UK/Europe “Boxed” set is the cheapest way to get them.

The CD’s more than live up to expectations, with excellent sound, three-panel cardboard packaging (each with a side pocket for an attractive and informative booklet) and a very sturdy outer box.

The bonus tracks are a combination of non-L.P. b-sides,original 12″ dance remixes by the artists themselves,some unreleased songs & versions (including cover versions of tracks by Lou Reed, Thunderclap Newman, The Doors, The Beatles & French Chanteuse Francoise Hardy), and 2 later 1990’s re-mixes by independent remixers (they’re not bad).Unless you were an avid collector of the group’s UK 7″,12″& CD singles, all of the bonus material will be new to your collection.However,these discs(packed as they are with bonus tracks) only get about half of the group’s vinyl-only songs and versions onto CD.

By Philip A.Cohen
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This box set is FANTASTIC! I purchased it off Amazon.UK a few weeks back, despite the fact that I already own the entire Eurythmics catalog. The bonus tracks were certainly enticing, but considering the incredible musicianship of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox’s heavenly voice I was thrilled to see all the discs being remastered. It was worth every penny. The albums sound so fresh and electric all over again.

There are dozens of bonus tracks between the eight CDs, many are unreleased songs or hard to find rarities. Creem magazine once noted that “Grown Up Girls” was one of the most incredible b-sides ever recorded and they weren’t lying. This song can be found on “Be Yourself Tonight”. Other bonus highlights include cover versions of “Fame”, “Come Together”, “Last Night I Dreamnt Sombody Loved Me”, and “Satellite of Love”, and some cool original tunes like “Baby’s Gone Blue” and “4/4 In Leather”. There are also plenty of live tracks and remixes as well. In addition to the bonus tracks you get the standard albums all remastered and featuring extensive liner notes and incredible photos.

IN THE GARDEN – Great tracks include “Revenge” and “Caveman Head” as well as the moody “Never Gonna Cry Again”. This album was the sign of great things to come and has always been treasured in my record collection.

SWEET DREAMS – Complete bliss from start to finish. “Love is a Stranger” and the title track are the obvious hits, but “The Walk” and “This City Never Sleeps” are phenomenal. Some of Dave & Annie’s best stuff!

TOUCH – I love this album! It has a strong Kraftwerk feel that is both nihilistic and soulful at the same time. “No Fear No Hate No Pain No Broken Hearts” shows Annie Lennox’s vocals zooming back and forth from heavenly to ferocious in record time!

BE YOURSELF TONIGHT – Contains a very stripped down vibe compared to their first three records. Lots of homage is paid to the Motown sound and Annie’s voice is more soulful than ever. This LP showed Eurythmics to be much more than a standard new wave band as they branched out to embrace a heavier rock sound.

REVENGE – Great pop melodies can be heard all over this record. “Thorn in My Side” and “Miracle of Love” are perfect in every way.

SAVAGE – My personal favorite. “Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)” is the greatest music video every made as far as I’m concerned, but even without a video clip, this song is as fierce and in your face as it gets. Annie shows many sides of womanhood on this album, which conveys a deep personal edge throughout. Some songs are fun (“Wide Eyed Girl”, “Do You Want to Break Up”), cold (“Savage”, “I Need You”), manic (“Beethoven…”, “Put the Blame on Me”), and others are downright sexy (“Heaven”, “I Need a Man”) and all are contrasted beautifully by moving pop tunes like “You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart” and “Shame”. There is also a full length video album of SAVAGE that was released and it is not to be missed (please note that it is not included in this box set). Not only is Annie Lennox an incredible vocalist, but she is one hell of an actress!

WE TOO ARE ONE – The Eurythmics were hardly running out of steam when they recorded their last album of the era in 1989, but this one isn’t as much fun as the others. It still boasts some excellent songs like “King & Queen of America”, “My Baby’s Gonna Cry”, and, of course, the immaculate “Don’t Ask Me Why”. I was surprised to find myself singing right along to every song on the record even though it has been several years since I’ve listened to this. Great songs just stick in your head forever I guess.

PEACE – Ten years after their last studio album, Dave and Annie reunited to make this somber record that almost plays out like a concept album. Themes of inner peace and world peace dominate the record. It’s very mellow and very unlike all of their previous works. “Seventeen Again” is the standout track, but as always, the lyrics of all the songs are undeniably well written and performed.

The Eurythmics transcended being just a “video band” long ago, and this box set proves full well why they were so successful. There is a new compilation package “Ultimate Collection” that compliments this set and features two brand new recordings. Strangely “Sexcrime (1984)” is nowhere to be found on that CD or as a bonus track on any of the CDs in this box set. The Eurythmics recently performed on the American Music Awards (2005) and they out shined every act there as far as I’m concerned. It was great to see some heavy duty talent on TV for a change.

Whether you already own these CDs or not, this box set comes highly recommended and features one great song after another. Hopefully The Eurythmics saga will continue, but whether it does or not, this box set will prove to be a perfect archive of their perfect legacy.

The following albums are included in Eurythmics Boxed:

– In The Garden (1981)
– Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983)
– Touch (1983)
– Be Yourself Tonight (1985)
– Revenge (1986)
– Savage (1987)
– We Too Are One (1989)
– Peace (1999)

Password to all files: sanmarino

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Disc 1: In The Garden (1981)

1- English Summer
2- Belinda
3- Take Me to Your Heart
4- She’s Invisible Now
5- Your Time Will Come
6- Caveman Head
7- Never Gonna Cry Again
8- All the Young (People of Today)
9- Sing-Sing
10- Revenge
Bonus tracks:
11- Le Sinistre (B-side of the “Never Gonna Cry Again” 7″ and 12″ singles)
12- Heartbeat Heartbeat (B-side of the “Belinda” 7″ single)
13- Never Gonna Cry Again” (Live, 1981) (Taken From “This Is the House” 12” single)
14- 4/4 in Leather” (Live, 1981) (Taken From “This Is the House” 12” single)
15- Take Me to Your Heart” (Live, 1981) (Taken From “This Is the House” 12” single)

Disc 2: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983)

1- Love Is a Stranger
2- I’ve Got an Angel
3- Wrap It Up (Feat. Green of Scritti Politti)
4- I Could Give You (A Mirror)
5- The Walk
6- Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
7- Jennifer
8- This Is the House
9- Somebody Told Me
10- This City Never Sleeps
Bonus tracks:
11- Home Is Where the Heart Is (Taken from “This Is the House” 7” single)
12- Monkey Monkey (Taken from “Love Is a Stranger” 7” single)
13- Baby’s Gone Blue (Taken from “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” 12” single)
14- Sweet Dreams (Hot Remix) (Taken from “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 1991″ 12” single)
15- Love Is a Stranger (Coldcut Remix) (Taken from “Love Is a Stranger 1991″ 12” single)
16- Satellite of Love” (Lou Reed cover) (originally released on a free cassette with “Right by Your Side” singles, 1983)

Disc 3: Touch (1983)

1- Here Comes the Rain Again
2- Regrets
3- Right By Your Side
4- Cool Blue
5- Who’s That Girl?
6- The First Cut
7- Aqua
8- No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)
9- Paint a Rumour
Bonus tracks:
10- You Take Some Lentils… And You Take Some Rice (Taken from “Who’s That Girl?” 7” single)
11- ABC (Freeform) (Taken from “Who’s That Girl?” 12” single)
12- Plus Something Else (Taken from “Right By Your Side” 12” single)
13- Paint a Rumour (Long Version) (Taken from “Here Comes The Rain Again” 12” single)
14- Who’s That Girl? (Live) (Taken from “Miracle Of Love” 12” single)
15- Here Comes the Rain Again (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
16- Fame (David Bowie cover) (Previously Unreleased)

(you need both links for the full disc)

Disc 4: Be Yourself Tonight (1985)

1- Would I Lie to You?
2- There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart) (Feat. Stevie Wonder)
3- I Love You Like a Ball and Chain
4- Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves
5- Conditioned Soul
6- Adrian
7- It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)
8- Here Comes That Sinking Feeling
9- Better to Have Lost in Love (Than Never to Have Loved at All)
Bonus tracks:
10- Grown Up Girls ( Taken from “There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)” 7” single)
11- Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles (Taken from “It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)” 12” single)
12- Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves (ET Mix) (Taken from “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” 12” single)
13- Would I Lie to You? (ET Mix) (Taken from “Would I Lie to You?” 12” single)
14- Conditioned Soul (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
15- Hello I Love You (The Doors cover) (Previously Unreleased)

(you need both links for the full disc)

Disc 5: Revenge (1986)

1- Missionary Man
2- Thorn in My Side
3- When Tomorrow Comes
4- The Last Time
5- The Miracle of Love
6- Let’s Go
7- Take Your Pain Away
8- A Little of You
9- In This Town
10- I Remember You
11- When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Remix) (Unlisted Bonus Track)
Bonus tracks:
12- When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Version) (Taken from “When Tomorrow Comes” 12” single)
13- Thorn in My Side (Extended Version) (Taken from “Thorn in My Side” 12” single)
14- Missionary Man (Extended Version) (Taken from “Missionary Man” 12” single)
15- When Tomorrow Comes” (Live Acoustic Version, Rome 27 Oct 89) (Previously released on bonus acoustic medley CD with Live 1983-89 album)
16- Revenge 2 (Taken from the original soundtrack to the film Rooftops; reworked version of the song “Revenge” from the 1981 ‘In the Garden’ album.)
17- My Guy (Previously Unreleased)

(you need both links for the full disc)

Disc 6: Savage (1987)

1- Beethoven (I Love to Listen to)
2- I’ve Got Lover (Back in Japan)
3- Do You Want to Break Up?
4- You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart
5- Shame
6- Savage
7- I Need a Man
8- Put the Blame on Me
9- Heaven
10- Wide Eyed Girl
11- I Need You
12- Brand New Day
Bonus tracks:
13- Beethoven” (Extended Philharmonic Version) (Taken from the “Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)” 12” single)
14- Shame” (Dance Mix) (Taken from the “Shame” 12” single)
15- I Need A Man” (Macho Mix) (Taken from the “I Need A Man” 12” single)
16- I Need You (Live) (Previously Unreleased)
17- Come Together (The Beatles cover) (Previously Unreleased)

(you need both links to have full disc)

Disc 7: We Too Are One (1989)

1- We Two Are One
2- The King and Queen of America
3- (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry
4- Don’t Ask Me Why
5- Angel
6- Revival
7- You Hurt Me (And I Hate You)
8- Sylvia
9- How Long?
10- When the Day Goes Down
Bonus tracks:
11- Precious (Taken from the “Revival” 7” single)
12- See No Evil (Taken from the “The King and Queen Of America” 7” single)
13- The King and Queen of America (Dance Remix) (Taken from the “The King and Queen of America” 12” single)
14- Angel (Choir Version) (Taken from the “Angel” 7” single)
15- Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” (The Smiths cover) (previously unreleased)

Disc 8: Peace (1999)

1- 17 Again
2- I Saved the World Today
3- Power to the Meek
4- Beautiful Child
5- Anything But Strong
6- Peace Is Just a Word
7- I’ve Tried Everything
8- I Want It All
9- My True Love
10- Forever
11- Lifted
Bonus tracks:
12- Beautiful Child (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
13- 17 Again (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
14- I Saved the World Today (Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
15- Something in the Air (Thunderclap Newman cover) (Previously Unreleased)

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