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The Far Out Corporation – FOC (Grant McLennan & Ian Haug)

The Far Out Corporation – FOC

Grant McLennan & Ian Haug

1998 /mp3 @ 224 kbps / RS

The Far Out Corporation was a side project set up by the great Grant McLennan of The Go-Betweens and a few pals, including Powderfinger guitarist Ian Haug.

This, unfortunately, was their only release.

BTW: Loads more great Grant and go Betweens stuff on Last Bastion HERE !!!

“I thought I’d conceptualise a pop group. It was a series of sound experiments, very art-oriented. It came from the purest of motives, and that’s the thing I’m most happy about, actually.”

– Grant McLennan on the forming of the FOC.

FOC also included Ross MacLennan (no relation to Grant) of Turtlebox on drums, and Adele Pickvance (who would later perform with the Go-Betweens) on bass.

McLennan can be credited with forming the FOC, having been asked to contribute to a small musical programme in Brisbane. His role in the band was mainly that of vocalist; a superbly executed task, as we see his rich, smooth and somehow lightly gravel strains reaching the far corners of a song before springing back to breathe out the next fairytale.

The background to the group’s genesis is that, in November 1997, Grant was asked by an “audio curator” to be involved in an “auditory exploration” which would be held over six nights. Grant’s concept was to “invent” the perfect pop group, which would perform on one of the six nights.

Grant got a few friends together (Adele Pickvance, Ian Haug and Ross MacLennan) and developed some computer animation. This animation and other pictures were printed out and the images were hung on the wall and the music was developed from the inspiration from the images. Grant then arranged and wrote lyrics to the songs.

Well, the night apparently went so well at the art space, that the group decided to do more than the one-off that was planned. They decided to do further collaboration and call themselves “F.O.C” which according to Grant could stand for “Far Out Corporation,” “Fear of Commitment,” “Face of Concern,” etc.

“It was quite interesting, because I’d never written like that before. We’d come in, and things would be projected on the walls. We were writing to what we were looking at, it was a totally different approach. We were starting with no idea, and looking at images. It was the opposite to making a film clip. There was urban stuff, images from travels overseas…mainly Super-8 black and white.”

– Ian Haug on the writing of the album

“It’s wonderful. I’ve been wanting to get back to playing with a more regular nucleus of people, and I’ve just found the grooviest and best somehow.”

– Grant McLennan on who he chose for the F.O.C.

Grant described the music as “melodic, groovy pop music” and said F.O.C was a “dense band.”

In 1998 the collective recorded a number of songs in Brisbane & Sydney and released their debut self-titled album produced by Tim Whitten on Polydor Records. The album took just over two weeks to complete; 8 days to record basic tracks, 4 days for vocals and extra bits and 5 days to mix.

This, unfortunately, was their only release.

Posthumously, as a tribute to Grant, Triple J put together a collection of songs by McLennan performed by various Australia musicians, one of whom was his FOC pal Ian Haug. This tribute was released in June 2007.


Don’t Blame The Beam
Sick Bed
Shadow Overload
If You Want Release
The Shower Song
Suicide At Home
Still Burn Down

Here she be;


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