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Johnny Thunders with The Golden Horde – Live Dublin April 1990

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Johnny Thunders LIVE
with The Golden Horde and Jamie Heath
at The New Inn, Dublin
28 April 1990

Here’s a show which features Johnny Thunders with Irish punk band “The Golden Horde”.

Johnny is pretty pissed this night on this, his third night in Ireland since he hasn’t been paid by the promoter for the previous 2 shows!! He said he wanted to cancel but played anyway “for the kids”.

I was actually at one of those gigs in the New Inn. Man, what a fucking dump – it should have been called “the Oldest inn in the world”!

Johnny was fairly fucked up alright during that Dublin trip. Strung out and drunk. A shadow of his former self. Within twelve months he would, very sadly, be found dead in New Orleans, under very mysterious circumstances.

Nevertheless, it was great to have seen the great man!

We did like the Horde too and saw them play live numerous times back in those days. Cartoon Ramones and rich kids, perhaps, but they always put on a great show!


1. Louie Louie
2. In Cold Blood
3. Sad Vacation
4. Walk My Dog
5. Pipeline
6. As Tears Go By
7. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory

Here’s Johnny!

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