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The Jimmy Cake – Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead (2002)

The Jimmy Cake – Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead (2002)

Forget the dumb name! This is heady music from possibly Dublin’s largest rock band with 9 members! If they had 2 more, they’d have a full soccer team!

There’s a smorgasbord of influences at play here, ranging from avant-noise to classic pop, which results in a very unique sound, combining structural and harmonic complexities with tranced out riffs and tunes to die for.

In the last seven years, The Jimmy Cake have become one of the most captivating acts to emerge from Ireland. With a large line up and a unique combination of instruments, The Jimmy Cake are a rarity by their very existence. But it is their ability to straddle delicate melody and ferocious power that has won them a dedicated and passionate following!

As Marie A. said back in the day, let them hear cake!


The Opposite Of Addiction (9:56)
Quartz Cat Waltz (2:03)
Death Fall Priest (4:16)
The Width Of The Black (8:07)
Eye Of The Cowboy (4:13)
Wir Schlafen Auf Dem Boden (9:17)
Ricky Sound (4:11)
Limestone Tiger (6:38)

Let ’em hear cake !

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