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The Last Nightingale (Henry Cow + Robert Wyatt) 1984

The Last Nightingale (Henry Cow + Robert Wyatt) 1984

A rare and wonderful find this!

A special 12″ release by various members of Henry Cow and guests from back in 84.

It was originally released in 1984 – the midst of Thatcher hell! – and all monies raised from the record were given toThe Miners Strike Fund (supporting the ill-fated famous miners strike in the UK in 1984).


1. Moments Of Delight (Cutler/Hodgkinson)
2. In The Dark Year (Cutler/Cooper)
3. Back In The Playground Blues (Mitchell)
4. Bitter Storm Revisited (Frith)
5. In The Beach At Cambridge (Mitchell)


Lindsay Cooper – piano, electric piano, bassoon, sopranino sax
Chris Cutler – drums
Bill Gilonis – guitar (1,2), bass (1,2)
Tim Hodgkinson – piano, electric piano, Moog, baritone sax, alto sax
Fred Frith – guitar (4)
John Greaves – bass (4)
Robert Wyatt – vocal (1,2)
Adrian Mitchell – recitation (3,5)

Here she be;



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