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The Little Ones – Morning Tide (2008)

The Little Ones – Morning Tide (2008)
July 28, 2008

My mate fatfuckfreddy told me to check this out.

So I’m gonna check it out. Sometime.

I already love the hyperbolic blurb! Yap, apparently, this is bright, bold pop you can almost touch!

Much as I love bright, bold pop, I’d rather they gave me a bright, bold Nippon hotty I can touch!

Recorded by Dave Newton in LA, and mixed by James Ford [Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys], ‘Morning Tide’ is a sun-kissed, soaring record, a leap on from the mini-album ‘Sing Song’ that so captured critics hearts early in 2007.

Taking that blueprint, they’ve added another dimension with ‘Morning Tide’. Its like they’ve taken the DNA of ‘Sing Song’ and added something extra, reached further than before created something far more alive.

The music is alive. Its bright, bold pop you can almost touch.

Check em out here;


1. Morning Tide
2. Ordinary Song
3. Boracay
4. All Your Modern Boxes
5. Tangerine Visions
6. Gregorys Chant
7. Everybody’s Up To Something
8. Waltz
9. Rise & Shine
10. Like A Spoke On A Wheel
11. Farm Song

Here she be;

Big thanks to the original poster

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