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The Loved Ones – "Sad Dark Eyes"

by sleepybutterfly

Darling, I want to kiss your burning mouth, your sad dark eyes and your ghostlike soul.

“Sad Dark Eyes” was a 1966 song by pioneering Australian rock band The Loved Ones.

A powerful blues-rock/pop song that has proven very influential.

Beautiful, strong lyrics here in this song! I can recall a couple of Nick Cave tracks where he rips off some of these great lyrics!

The Loved Ones were formed in Melbourne in 1965 by Gerry Humphreys, Ian Clyne and Kim Lynch in the wake of the British Invasion.

Although the band’s career lasted only two years, the group is now regarded as one of the most significant Australian bands of the sixties.

“Sad Dark Eyes” has been covered by Ed Kuepper, Die Haut with Mick Harvey, Die Haut with Nick Cave, and by Mick Harvey ‘solo’.

Die Haut first covered the song on their 1988 LP Headless Body In Topless Bar with Mick on vocals.

Die Haut recorded this live version on the LP Sweat – Live at Berlin Metropol, August 24, 1992, and Apeldoorn August 1992.

The Loved Ones were renowned as an exciting, if erratic, live act in a Stones/Animals mould, and quickly rose to prominence in the local club and dance scene.

The group’s visual impact was heightened by their striking mod stage attire and the band had a strong focal point thanks to the charismatic stage presence, saturnine good looks and growling, blues-influenced baritone voice of Humphreys, who is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest male pop-rock vocalists.

The Loved Ones’ were also one of the first Australian pop bands to use electric piano as part of their regular stage set-up and their distinctive keyboard-based sound set them apart from most of their contemporaries.

This song, Sad Dark Eyes, followed the successful singles, The Loved One and Everlovin Man. By this time, Clyne had left and been replaced on piano by Treva Richards.

The band had some further single successes, including Blueberry Hill, but broke up in November 1967.

Sadly, Humphreys died in December 2005 of a heart attack.

Sad Dark Eyes

I look at you in your sad dark eyes
And your gypsy face with your Spanish grace
With your words like rhymes and your voice like chimes

Darling, I want to kiss your burning mouth
Your sad dark eyes and your ghostlike soul
Darling baby say that you’ll be mine

Put your ring on my finger
And comb your long red hair
Put on your sad eyes
And tell me that you care
That you’ll be mine, you’ll be mine
Until the end of time

– Humphreys/Lovett/Richards/Lynch/Anderson/LPA

Big thanks to mcphert1 who compiled these nice shots and who says “this video slideshow is dedicated to Gerry Humphreys and the band.”

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