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The National – The Virginia [EP] (2008)

The National – The Virginia [EP] (2008)

Another great release from one of our favourite groups!

This one’s from a DVD /CD package featuring an exclusive documentary on The National by French director Vincent Moon and a 12 song EP of material from the band.

From the package comes this bonus CD, The Virginia EP, which features B-sides, demos, a Session track and live cuts (including “Fake Empire”, which recently won Song Of The Year at NYC’s 2008 Plug Awards, and a sumptuous cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Mansion On The Hill”).

Vincent Moon (aka Mathieu Saura), is renowned for his web-based ‘Take Away Shows’ at La Blogotheque and his video work with R.E.M. & Arcade Fire.

A Skin, A Night is a highly unusual documentary replete with behind-the-scenes footage of The National on tour and in the studio.


1. You’ve Done It Again, Virginia – (Previously Unreleased)
2. Santa Clara – (Uk B-Side)
3. Blank Slate – (Uk B-Side)
4. Tall Saint – (Demo)
5. Without Permission – (Unreleased Cover)
6. Forever After Days – (Demo)
7. Rest Of Years – (Demo)
8. Slow Show – (Demo)
9. Lucky You – (Daytrotter Session)
10. Mansion On The Hill – (Live)
11. Fake Empire – (Live)
12. About Today – (Live)

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