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A stunning find this, from the great isupplythecountrywithbutter

A very rare, out of print collection of great Peel tracks from more great bands than you could shake Sarah Palin at!

I mean it’s even got the wonderful cult Irish group Microdisney for fucks sake!

And it’s got one of my favourite songs of all time, The Only Ones’ sublime punk pop classic Another Girl Another Planet!

I officially am in love with this amazing album!

isupplythecountrywithbutter says;

Absolutely and ridiculously great collection of nearly every important Post-Punk band you can think of, live at Maida Vale studios. Yep, all of these recordings were radio sessions for the late, great DJ, John Peel. To name just a few of the artists featured, how about Buzzcocks, The Skids, The Ruts, The Birthday Party, Young Marble Giants, The Redskins, Associates, The Chameleons and many, many more. As you already know, John Peel wanted each artist to feel comfortable and to experiment. Bands tended to stretch out a bit, relax and have fun. These sessions prove this to be the case. 25 tracks, all of them Fan-Fucking-Tastic.


I ripped this from the original and very out-of-print CD at 192.


The Stranglers – Something Better Change
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Love In A Void
The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
The Slits – Shoplifting
Buzzcocks – Fast Cars
Rich Kids – Rich Kids
Skids – Of One Skin
Adam And The Ants – It Doesn’t Matter
The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
The Fall – Mess Of My
The Damned – Stretcher Case
King – Anti Pope
Echo And The Bunnymen – Read It In Books
The Ruts – Sus
Young Marble Giants – Brand New Life
The Nightingales – Start From Scratch
The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can
Associates – A Matter Of Gender
The Chameleons – The Fan And The Bellows
The Very Things – Wall Of Fir
The Wild Swans – Enchanted
Microdisney – Sun
The Redskins – Kick Over The Statues
Billy Bragg – A New England

Here be real music!

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All thanks to isupplythecountrywithbutter

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DIY Teenage Kicks – UK Pop I (1976-79)

DIY Teenage Kicks – UK Pop I (1976-79)
Punk Pop/ Mp3 @ 320

Some amazing timeless gems in this collection of Punk Pop classics.

Having two of my favourite songs of all time – the sublime Another Girl, Another Planet and Teenage Kicks -is a good start! Add in more great stuff from the likes of Squeeze, Nick Lowe, XTC, etc etc, and you’ve got a mighty fucking fine collection!

Punk helped restore a nervy, stripped-down sensibility to rock that was quickly filtered through a number of more pop-oriented bands that were labeled as new wave.

Not surprisingly, many of these new wavers were holdovers from pub rock, whose unpretentious, anti-star attitude foreshadowed punk rock.

These pub rockers were devoted to the three-minute pop single, but they also had a biting wit and kinetic energy that separated them from conventional pop/rock bands, and the best of this first wave of new wavers are collected on the dynamic D.I.Y.: Teenage Kicks: UK Pop (1976-79).

Beginning with Nick Lowe’s explosive “So It Goes,” the collection runs through a series of classic singles from Eddie & the Hot Rods (“Do Anything You Wanna Do”), Wreckless Eric (“Whole Wide World”), the Motors (“Dancing the Night Away”), Tom Robinson Band (“2-4-6-8 Motorway”), Squeeze (“Take Me, I’m Yours”), the Only Ones (“Another Girl, Another Planet”), XTC (“This Is Pop?”), the Rezillos (“Top of the Pops”), and the Undertones (“Teenage Kicks”), throwing in a number of forgotten gems along the way.

Although the collection doesn’t feature Elvis Costello due to licensing restrictions, he isn’t missed – in fact, the collection plays better without him, since focusing on overlooked artists demonstrates what an amazing era new wave was for smart, catchy guitar pop. Few various-artist collections capture their subject as well, or as infectiously, as Teenage Kicks does.

~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide


1. So It Goes – Nick Lowe
2. Do Anything You Wanna Do – Eddie And The Hot Rods
3. Mary Provost – Nick Lowe
4. Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric
5. Dancing The Night Away – The Motors
6. 2-4-6-8 Motorway – Tom Robinson Band
7. Television Generation – Kursaal Flyers
8. Take Me, I’m Yours – Squeeze
9. Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones
10. This Is Pop? – XTC
11. Brickfield Nights – The Boys
12. Airport – The Motors
13. Jilted John – Jitled John
14. Top Of The Pops – The Rezillos
15. Ghosts Of Princes In Towers – Rich Kids
16. Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
17. Look Back In Love (Not In Anger) – Yachts
18. A Girl I Know (Precis Of A Friend) – The Pleasers
19. Into The Valley – Skids

Here be perfect punk pop;

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