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Two great music Collections from boxsetgo

Two great music Collections from the wonderful boxsetgo

He has an eclectic knowledgeable taste! A bit like me! Check his site out if you have eclectic knowledgeable taste!

Here we get some great obscure bands we loved back in the day – and still love!

Here we get wonderful Irish acts we liked back in the day – Brian, and , amongst others!

And great Brit cult acts we loved such as , the Blue Aeroplanes, The House Of Love, etc.

And some Scottys too … The Trash Can Sinatras, Teenage Fanclub etc!

These are from November 2007. All text and content from

Seasonal Affected Disorder – Give Me A Smile Mix

Well it now appears that winter is well and truly upon us. I enjoy winter but I find that the change in the seasons can disorientate me a little. A friend of mine told me that it may be Seasonal Affective Disorder which made me laugh as it really just sounds like bollocks. However, just in case there is any truth to it I have been listening to the “Give Me A Smile Mix” – served twice daily with Echinacea and Prozac and the results have been staggering. 12 great pop songs here – lots of chiming guitars and quick drums. If you need cheered up look no further!

All songs on this mix had to be very melodic and generally upbeat to beat the winter blues – BTW I make no apology for Travis or The Thrills – granted I am not a big fan of either the songs here are superb!

Another mix next week…

01. Welcome Back – The Trash Can Sinatras
02. She Takes You Away – Brian
03. All I Want – The Lightning Seeds
04. Funny How – Airhead
05. Did I Say – Teenage Fanclub
06. Harbour Police – The Railway Children
07. In Your Life – Day One
08. Tiny Spark – Brendan Benson
09. Superman – REM
10. The World Is Turning On – The Pooh Sticks
11. Say It Ain’t So –the Thrills
12. Coming Around – Travis

Knocking On The Door Of Fortune Mix

I had another mix uploaded for this week but I changed my mind yesterday when I listened to this one. This one features some guitar bands from the 80s-90s that played outstanding melodic rock music. The Veldt opens it up with the fantastic “CCCP” – found this in a bargain bin years ago and needless to say I have been shopping out them ever since. Eat give us “Shame” which was probably their strongest single from the earliest 90’s. Other notables from this collection include Diesel Park West, The Chameleons, The Starlings, House Of Love, The Bridewell Taxis, Blow-Up, The Blue Aeroplanes, Into Paradise, The Bevis Frond and Scotland’s finest Goodbye Mr Mackenzie…yes I am aware that I have now mentioned every band on the mix – that is because they are all worth mentioning.

1. CCCP – The Veldt
2. Shame – EAT
3. Like Princes Do – Diesel Park West
4. The Fan And The Bellows – The Chameleons
5. Thames Eternal – The Starlings
6. Can’t Stand It – The House Of Love
7. Face In A Crowd – The Bridewell Taxis
8. Somersault Sunrise – Blow-Up
9. The Applicant – The Blue Aeroplanes
10. Don’t Let Me Down – Into Paradise
11. He’d Be A Diamond – Bevis Frond
12. Love Child [Extended] – Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

All thanks to boxsetgo

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The Railway Children – Reunion Wilderness [1987]

The Railway Children – Reunion Wilderness [1987]
Mp3 @ 192kbps

Nice LP from a UK indie band I useta like a lot back in the eighties. This was their rather good debut released on Manchester’s Factory Label.

When younger, I also liked the 1970 movie – after which they are named – also! Mmmmm … Jenny Agutter!!

In 1984, Gary Newby, Brian Bateman, Guy Keegan, and Stephen Hull formed The Railway Children. Factory Records recorded this, their debut album, Reunion Wilderness in 1987, which topped the UK independent chart along with their second single ‘Brighter’.

They left Factory shortly after and were signed to Virgin Records.

The next year, the band released their second album, Recurrence, to little commercial success. In 1990, they released Native Place, an album that incorporated some elements of the current club music trends in England at the time. “Every Beat of the Heart” became a Top 40 hit in the UK with a peak at #24, and the song became a #1 hit on the newly-founded Modern Rock Tracks chart in the U.S.

In 1992, EMI took over Virgin Records, and the band left the label. Two years later, the original line-up broke up, leaving Newby to continue alone. Newby has since released two albums as The Railway Children: “Dream Arcade” (1997 Ether Records) and Gentle Sound (2002 Ether Records) as well as a “Rarities” album in 2007 available only by download from his official site:

AS for the other members – Keegan later had a spell in the Wigan based folk-rock band, The Tansads while Gary Newby now resides in Japan, writing/arranging music and lyrics for several major Japanese artists including Anna Tsuchiya and Every Little Thing.

When the members were still teenagers, the group began releasing singles on Factory Records. Recalling the intricate guitar pop of the Smiths, their singles evoked the ringing hooks of `60s British pop and the post-punk pop attitude of the `80s. The band released their debut album, Reunion Wilderness, in 1987; the album led to a contract with Virgin Records – this is the re-mastered reissue of that album with two bonus trax.


A swooning, melancholy guitar pop band of the first order… who were meant to be Factory Records answer to the Smiths… they weren’t, but they were The Railway Children and that is nothing to live down. Every doomed small town poet who looked great in a raincoat… starts here. (Brighter)


Best Discovery…The Railway Children. A tremendous late-80s/early 90s Factory act, with enough Smiths influence to make you miss the real Johnny Marr less. I highly recommend their debut “Reunion Wilderness”, especially if you can track down the 2001 re-release.



01 – Another Town
02 – First Notebook
03 – Railroad Side
04 – Careful
05 – Brighter
06 – Big Hands of Freedom
07 – Listen On
08 – Gentle Sound
09 – Content

Here she be;…..w.rar.html

Thanks Paulo X

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