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The Saints – This Perfect Day

The Saints – This Perfect Day

One of our favourite punk /post punk bands and one of our favourite Ozzy band, the mighty Saints!

This comes from back in the early days, from a punk festival at The Hope and Anchor, during their first tour of the United Kingdom.

The audience, wanting their punk bands to look like a punk band, never really took to the Saints and the response on this record is lukewarm at best but the music is pure brilliance.


Do the Robot
Lost and Found
Lipstick on Your Collar
River Deep Mountain High
Memories Passed
Run Down
This Perfect Day
Messin’ With the Kid
Nights in Venice
I’m (Stranded)
Demolition Girl
One Way Street

Here she be:


Big thanks to the excellent madparade

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The Saints – (I’m) Stranded (Reissue + 8 Bonus Tracks)

The Saints – (I’m) Stranded (Reissue + 8 Bonus Tracks)

Our second favourite Aussie group of all time! Well. the Go-Betweens did come from Oz!

This meisterwerk was reissued as part of the ‘All Times Through Paradise’ box set. Remastered and with bonus tracks too!

This has to be one of the all time greatest punk albums.


1. (I’m) Stranded
2. One Way Street
3. Wild About You
4. Messin’ with the Kid
5. Erotic Neurotic
6. No Time
7. Kissin’ Cousins
8. Story of Love
9. Demolition Girl
10. Nights in Venice
11 – untitled [outtake from (i’m) stranded][Bonus Track]
12. This Perfect Day [Single Version][Bonus Track]
13. L-I-E-S [Bonus Track]
14. Do the Robot [Bonus Track]
15. Lipstick on Your Collar [Bonus Track]
16. One Way Street [Bonus Track]
17. Demolition Girl [Bonus Track]
18. River Deep Mountain High [Bonus Track]

Here are some saints

Thanks to the original poster

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The Saints – All Fools Day

The Saints – All Fools Day

I should’ve posted this on April 1st!

It’s another great work from our favourite Aussie Punk/Post-Punk Band, the wonderful Saints!

Just give me one last kiss
this jewel is a roughened friend of mine
I suppose we all have to go sometime
Christ abandoned in the wilderness
could have blessed himself
& been done with it
not you or me
we’re stuck here in this mindless eternity
On all fools day

This, the Saints 7th studio Album, released in 1986 was Chris Bailey’s commercial breakthrough.

Opening with the classic song about life on the road in a rock band, “Just Like Fire Would”, their highest chart success, this album also produced two other singles “See you in Paradise” and ” Temple of the Lord”, and put the Saints on the mainstream map – if only for an all too short time.

Chockfull of Chris’s typical religious references, caustic wordplay and world-weary observations, its a true fucking classic!


  1. “Just Like Fire Would”
  2. “First Time”
  3. “Hymn to Saint Jude”
  4. “See You In Paradise”
  5. “Love or Imagination”
  6. “Celtic Ballad”
  7. “Empty Page”
  8. “Big Hits (On the Underground)”
  9. “How to Avoid Disaster”
  10. “Blues on My Mind”
  11. “Temple of the Lord”
  12. “All Fools Day”
  13. “Some Things Never Change” **
  14. “Calling On You” **

** not on the original release

Here be fools;

Download Here

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