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The Silent League – Of Stars and Other Somebodies (2007)

The Silent League – Of Stars and Other Somebodies (2007)
Mp3 @320 Kbps / 38:21 / 86.40 MB

Let me start with a blurt! Yes folks, I goyta say that this is a wonderful record. I fucking love it!

The Silent League are an 8-piece band who are fronted by former Mercury Rev keyboardist, Justin Russo.

According to their PR, they’ve worked with Arcade Fire, Bishop Allen and Beirut and are currently collaborating with Feist, TV On The Radio and Mum.

These kind of name checks give a real sense of the level of creativity this band harness. ‘Of Stars And Other Somebodies’ shows off a band who making some fine alternative-pop music with lush production thanks to Charlie Francis’s (REM, Wilco) warm tones and brass accompaniments.


Canary In The Coalmine
Victim Of Aeroplanes
Kings And Queens
Before You Started
Let It Roll
Character Assassination
Tolka Not The Liffey
Out Of Reach
Second Canary Test
Prayer For The Nihilist
Dry Hallway

Here she be;

[320 Kbps, 38:21, 90 MB]



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