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VA – JJJ Live At The Wireless Vol 1 (1983)

VA – JJJ Live At The Wireless Vol 1 (1983)

An interesting and rare collection featuring two of our favourite Ozzie groups, The Go-Betweens and The Triffids!

Live At The Wireless was a crazy idea cooked up from JJJ’s music people that has snowballed into the phenomenon that the Live At The Wireless compilations are today.

This the very first “Live At The Wireless” managed to combine more technical and logistical problems in one hour of broadcast time than the station had ever encountered in eight years of recording.

Over six weeks in July and August 1983 ,JJJ transmitted, Live-to-air performances of eighteen local groups – three at a time from three different locations.

The bands in this series were a small but significant sample of Australian music at the time encompassing the exhausting variety of styles, influences and directions, managing to cram eleven of these artists onto this album.


01 Pleas – Private Lives
02 (Bits Of) Wood – The Particles
03 Samurai Stomp – Samurai Trash
04 Hammer The Hammer – The Go-Betweens
05 My Baby Thinks She’s A Train – The Triffids
06 Random Men – Second Language
07 Bring The Hammer Down – Do-Re-Mi
08 Lay Him Down – Dropbears
09 You’ve Changed – Soggy Porridge
10 Dig It Up – Hoodoo Gurus
11 Ritual – Idiom Flesh

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JJJ Live

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The Triffids – Love in Bright Landscapes + 3 Bonus Tracks

The Triffids – Love in Bright Landscapes (+ 3 Bonus Tracks)
Released 1986
Recorded various
Genre Rock / Folk rock
Label White Hot Records/Mushroom Records
Producer The Triffids
After the recent Chills power pop, some more amazing antipodean music from our second favourite Aussie act (after the truly peerless Go-Betweens, of course)!
Love In Bright Landscapes is an anthology of The Triffids’ songs from their album, EP and single releases in the period 1983 – 1985, during which time the group were resident in Perth, Sydney and London. Three additional songs from the same sources were also included on the later CD release of the album – and we got em!

All the songs were written by David McComb (with the exception of “Raining Pleasure which was co-written by James Paterson, and “You Don’t Miss Your Water” which was written by William Bell). All songs were arranged and produced by The Triffids.

The album was first released in 1986 by White Hot Records, a subsidiary of Mushroom Records.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Aussie band the Triffids were formed in Perth in 1980 by the late great singer/songwriter David McComb, his guitarist/violinist brother Robert, and drummer Alsy MacDonald.

Although influenced by the likes of the Velvet Underground, McComb’s songs also drew heavily on the stark desolation of his rural upbringing, incorporating elements of country and blues to paint haunting portraits of isolation and longing.

A little like the late great Grant Mc Lennan, in that regard … I’m thinking about “Cattle and Cane” etc.

Various members passed through the lineup during the Triffids’ early years, although the core trio remained intact throughout.

Read all about the t’riffic Triffids here! ..


01. You Don’t Miss Your Water (Till Your Well Runs Dry)
02. Red Pony
03. Raining Pleasure
04. Hell Of A Summer
05. Jesus Calling
06. Bright Lights Big City
07. Rosevel
08. Property Is Condemned
09. My Baby Thinks She’s A Train
10. Monkey On My Back
11. Embedded
12. Old Ghostrider
13. Monkey On My Back


* David McComb – vocals, guitar
* ‘Evil’ Graham Lee – pedal steel guitar
* Martyn Casey – bass guitar
* Jill Birt – vocals, keyboards
* Robert McComb – violin, guitar
* Alsy MacDonald – drums

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